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Complaints & Reviews

scamming to get government funds

I gave the recruiter all of my information, I have an accident and two tickets on my driving record. They knew this up front. I was asked for a copy of the accident and I sent it to them. They sent me a bus ticket to California and from the start they seemed to be unprofessional. They didn't start the disqualification process until they got you to fill out all of the paper work and that's where the cutting starts. Some people were let go for numbers of reasons, that should have been looked at before they had them travel half way across the US. I went through the whole school process because I hadn't driven a tractor trailer in ten years. The day that I was suppose to start getting paid they tell me I need to call my recruiter who tells me they need a copy of the tickets because they don't say how fast I was going on my driving record. Mind you I'm from Texas and I'm in California so They get me another bus ticket to come get the copies. I send them in and then they say that the tickets are fine but the accident disqualifies me because I was at fault. Here's where it gets funny, The accident falls off my record in December and I can come back but I'll have to pay for the course out of my pocket and the loan for the school that I attended for the past three weeks would be deducted at that time because I would then be an England employee. Now They are the cheapest when it comes to School and that's largely due to Government Funding. They get Funds from the Government and have everyone sign the paperwork, then they start to disqualify you and they won't give you back the paperwork that has your name, ssn, and other information on it so that they can turn it in for a payday from the Government for Creating Jobs. That why if you complete the program they want the money up front if you are desperate enough to want to come back and wouldn't say desperate enough but you think you are getting such a great deal because they are only charging you about 1500.00 to got through the truck driving school at that point when you would have to pay more with other companies, but they have already received a big payday from the Government.

  • Ra
    Rafael1023 Jul 09, 2010

    I work for this company and i Agree we old this Complaint i work 11months and i never have a good pay check.

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  • Mr
    mrvegas Nov 26, 2010

    probaly caus you are a fat lazy driver who dont want to work hard. stopping at every truck stop and eating. you over weight lazy fat @$&*

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  • Mr
    mrvegas Nov 26, 2010

    Lazy driver

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job scam

The company and the school is a scam and a lot of people have been ripped off from them. They get you down...


I was an I/C for C.r. England from March of 07 until Oct of 07. I leased right aftr training. I only had two late loads my entire time with them and that was right after signing my lease. Understandable new to driving alone...right. Well in Sep of 04 I requested home time from my DM to be there when my son was born. He said I had to go to the terminal in salt lake first to face the professional development board and I would probably be terminated for late loads. Well I said no I was going home. My lease was a walk away lease. I called them and told them where they could pick up their truck. Even spoke to the repo driver. Next thing I get is a bill for the remainder of my lease term. Which is funny because before I leased that truck it was abandoned and the previous driver was issued a bill for the full lease term which he paid so england owned the tractor. Well they can kiss my [protected]@$!

  • Br
    bryan245303 Feb 18, 2010

    While I was in texas for orientation I came across information that the texas DOT was paid off by england to ensure a 100% pass rate on students.

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Rip off

C.R. England is THE biggest RIPOFF out there. They are thives and will take everything that you have and then some. They start by telling all these things how they will make your business succesful and all they really are worried about is getting your money. They want you to train their employees so if there is any damage you have to pay to get it fixed. They have just turned into a puppy mill. They want you to go to their school just to get your money and then they will put you in the hole so bad that you cant even see daylight if you let them. Just ask the over 600 drivers who turned their trucks in. England has become the lowest of the low. Out on the road they are known as the Morman Mob and it is the truth. They are nothing but CUT THROATS.

Stay away at all costs

My husband recently graduated from CR England's trucking school (a total duration of of 3 months). During school, they refused to talk about pay, stating "you aren't an employee yet, so don't waste your time with questions like that". The first odd thing we came across was a cash reward for anybody "turning in" anybody talking badly about the company (trainers and other drivers affiliated with the company). It brought to mind, the nazi's, who would tell people to turn in anyone going against them. My husband had a severe abscess in his jaw (which can be deadly) and called corporate to get medical treatment with his supposed "benefits". His calls were never returned, left to be OTR having to take large doses of ibuprofen from the severe pain. Once my husband graduated the OTR phase of the training, they, all of a sudden, had a 2 month wait list to be a company employee, were eliminating employee drivers altogether in December and were cutting pay by 2 cents a mile (it really adds up when you are driving many thousands a week). They claimed that he could lease a truck through them for a 6 month "trial period". They end up making the big bucks by ripping off their, already struggling independent contractors by charging full price for the truck during a 3 year lease, then giving you the chance to buy it (for full price) afterwards. They also make you purchase your insurance through them which is just one more way of getting your money into their pocket. I begged my husband not to sign, but he was already in that boat well before. He ended up driving second seat with his phase 2 trainer, who decided not to train anymore to give my husband second seat (even though he would get a pay cut from England). In the past two weeks, they have received less than half of their miles driven while trainer and student. My husband found out that England had bumped his already slave wages from 14 cents a mile to 13 cents a mile stating that it is subject to change without notice(for a 70 hour work week it evened out to be about $5 an hour)and they decided that his partner was going to pay 100% of his paycheck (instead of a portion of it). His partner, who leases a truck from them, came out with a grand total of $250, not having money to pay his bills or get Christmas presents.

YOU WILL REGRET SEEKING WORK WITH THIS COMPANY. Don't let their sly marketing and "be your own boss" inspiratonal posters and smoke and mirrors of a religious family business charm you. They take advantage of people down on their luck and take them for everything they can.

  • Ke
    Kevin Fort Feb 12, 2010

    I too leased with C R England and also had a terrible experience. I was a lease driver from Aug 2009 until Jan 2010 and became a trainer in Sept. I was just about starved to death. My apprentice was making more money than I was. Between the truck payment of 487.00 a week and the variable mileage payment of .14 cents per mile I either had no income or was in the negative. They tell you in orientation that you can make 100, 000.00 a year as a Phase 1 Trainer and that is certainly not the case. We typically had anywhere from 4 to 5 days to deliver loads of 1400 to 1600 miles. The recievers never would take the load early so we had to sit and wait. My lowest paycheck was 1.69. C R England will lie to you to get you in there and try and talk you into leasing a truck. The DM's and load planners do not care about their drivers at all. I waited 22hrs for an empty trailer after making numerous phone calls and qualcomm messages with no response. Stay away from this company at all cost. It looks good from the outside but once you get in there it's a totally different story. This company almost cost me my home and that is something I can never forgive them for. They are outright liers that dont care about anything except making money. One final note, I made C R England over $56, 000.00 from Aug 2009 to Jan 2010 and after all the expenses I came out with about $4500.00 of that. They should be sued for the Variable Mileage Payment among other things.

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  • So
    s.o.a May 14, 2010

    I just spent a few days with a few C.R. drivers in Gary IN. I was going to school for another company and the [censor] I was told about C.R. almost made me change my mind about trucking altogether. One of there drivers was staying at the hotel there and when he got started talking about C.R. it was a sad country song! Telling his story of the last 3 years with them this grown man broke down and cried. Not just i front of me but many. I do think he may park that truck in there home office one like he said he would do if they didn't make things right!

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  • Mi
    Mister E Jul 30, 2010

    hometime after 2 months period, no money comeback home, lose weight 15 lbs,

    bunch bill not paying. 8 weeks average pay $75, plz to everybody who wants

    taking a job at cr england...stay away!! i just turn in my truck at their yard in miraloma, ca today 07/13/2010. these 'pirates'company will abused u as animal. everytime i stopped at truck stop or shipper and spot another cr

    england driver that i talked to 'it will be same story'. how could these 'mormon'of utah dressed so nice at church giving a 'pledge'talking love to another. but when monday-friday their greedy habit, blood sucker likes ''vampire''

    -1 Votes
  • Dd
    DD Dunnegan Dec 06, 2010

    Wow. I just got off the phone with a recruiter this morning and it sounded way to good to be true, so I checked this site out and whoa Nelly; it's too good to be true. I feel so sorry for you, and will steer clear of C.R. England.

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  • Ha
    HappywithCRE Aug 14, 2011

    The above is false. I am an IC w/ CR England and I get miles and I make good money. I accept the loads sent me, I don't pick and chose the long miles over the short miles. I pick up on time, I deliver on time, I am a Phase 1 trainer and I make very good money. You get out of this job what you put into it, and the lazy folks that want the job to work for them instead of them working for the job are going to post the BS above.

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  • Ga
    Garry Meyer Nov 09, 2011

    I hear and see a lot of this all the time. A lot of drivers that want their own business is the same as with any business. It takes money to make money. When their business fails they blame the corporation's. Be it CR. England, Werner, and so on. They wanted a CDL to drive and it takes 6 months of on the road experience to get one. These companies agree to train, teach, house, and provide meals while in school. Then they get placed in a truck that gives them the experience they must have to get that CDL. If these new drivers want to own their own truck then they get up to a $100, 000.00 worth of equipment. Most want to work for the company with guarantees. That is not happening. The competition is just so large that the companies can only hire so many people. As with all businesses. It's expensive, there are no guarantees you will win the struggles of life. If there were everyone would be doing this. And for the ones that have failed. Instead of blaming everyone except yourself is just like this complaint that I am responding too. This article is very clear using your own words. Its CR England's fault. Your poor health, medications, plus caused your buisness to crash. Sounds like you were so busy blaming everything on others that your failures including your poor health conditions, you had no plan to help with your family while you were gone, I'll stop here. A little advise. Frustrated drivers are the cause of so many accidents that it even takes lives. It is very clear you were over your head. Good luck in your future.

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  • Tr
    trucking wife Mar 17, 2012

    You can stick up for CRengland if you want to, but I have been keeping track of my husband's pay stubs and they are taking money from him in places that don't belong to them. They are a low down, dirty rotten, no good company that uses their drivers and lies to their faces. DO NOT get your training or break into the world of trucking with these people. They will expect you to live on nothing while they syphon away almost every dollar that is made.

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School Scam

My experience at the CR England CDL School was like something right out of the “Grapes of Wrath”...

Lease and CDL Mill

My experience at the CR England CDL School was like something right out of the “Grapes of Wrath” movie. Times are hard; and all of the people I met at the school (from all over the country) were clearly desperate. CR England is a big corrupt company with an operation in a small probably corrupted Texas town, exploiting the poorest and most desperate people; people who are just looking for honest work.

A few years back I was injured in an auto accident and was limited on my ability to walk. I thought that perhaps I could still drive for a living so I went to school at my local community college and got my CDL. However, I soon found that driving jobs are very hard to get into. After reviewing CR England’s professional looking web site, I applied for a job with their company. The web site said that you had the option of being a truck leasing operator or a second seat driver. Because I knew I needed some over the road experience and I applied to be a second seat driver. Soon after submitting my application a recruiter named Tony left a message on my voice mail saying my application had been approved and cheerfully said “WELCOME TO CR ENGLAND MY FRIEND”. When I called him back, he said that I just needed to come to Texas and go through a one week refresher course that would cost $50.00. Then, after a drug test I would be put to work as a “second seat driver”. He said that they would provide a bus ticket to Texas and a hotel room for me while I took the course. I was so happy; I really believed I had a job.

Upon arriving in Duncanville Texas, I learned that the “hotel” was used primarily by CR England and JB Hunt for their “training” program. The hotel was more like a boarding stable; very dirty (no towels/sheets) with 4 guys to one room. It is located in a VERY bad area (I witnessed a hold up first night), and people asking for money as you walked down the street; so you did not want to walk anywhere. The only restaurant in the hotel was VERY expensive and the food was horrible.

The next morning when I got to the school I was told I had to pay $100.00 instead of $50.00 for an “administration fee” immediately. I tried to explain to someone that I had just taken a CDL and I did not need to take their full course, only the refresher; but they made me pay the $100.00 and shuffled me aside as they began an interrogation program. The interrogators (reported to be some of the local police) were rude and abrasive and VERY intimidating. There assured us that they could tell if we were lying about anything by our body language and threaten to put us out on the street if they even PERCEIVED you were lying to them. During the interrogations they asked inappropriate, personal questions. The people who left were told they could not have their money back. Note: I had already passed a background test before I went to Texas.

After the interrogations, we were given forms to fill out that we did not get time to read; we were told that they were just compliance and schooling contracts and that if we did not sign them we would be made to leave immediately (everything was rush, rush). I again told them that I had just been through a CDL class (I paid $3, 000.00 for) and did not need to take their course, but was told I still needed to sign ALL the forms anyway. We barley got time to sign the papers when suddenly we were pounced upon by CRE high pressure salesmen who were pushing everyone to sign contracts to lease their trucks. They were very vague about the terms and did not seem to want to answer questions. I wanted to look over the contracts but was also told I could not take the contracts with me to read them later.

That night we were sent home with a HUGE test that we were told we had to have done by the next day. Four of us started on them immediately and worked on them until 1:00 AM but had to quit uncompleted because we had to be up the next morn at 4:00 am to get on the bus for school. Hungry sleep deprived, intimidated and pressured…classic break down techniques use in brain washing.

That morning as I was waiting to get on the bus, I noticed a guy with his bags packed and asked him why he was leaving. He said that he had completed the CDL program and was told that CR England would be sending a truck for him to be a second seat driver (HE DID NOT SIGN A TRUCK LEASE), but that after a week the truck never came for him. He said he had waited another week and called CR England over and over but they would not return his calls. Finally, after the third week of waiting, they told him that he was not even in their system and he needed to leave the hotel. He said this place is a total scam, get out while you can.

I quickly called a friend and asked her to do an I-net search on CR England under SCAM and sure enough she got MANY, MANY hits. She told me what people were saying…that it is a SCAM and to get out of there ASAP. It cost me $300.00 to get out of their, but thankfully I had the money to do so. I have heard that many who would not sign a lease, were just thrown out of the boarding stable onto the street in a very bad area with no place to go and no way to get back home. It has been reported that those who would NOT sign a lease were suddenly found to have a dirty drug test, often AFTER they had completed the course…four weeks later. However, the drug tests are done the first day and the results are available immediately; so CR England at least got their CDL MILL tuition and interest out of them. CRE has no intention of hiring very many as second seat drivers. They really just want you to sign a lease.

Thankfully I did not sign a lease for I have come to find that the contracts bind you to a VERY LONG AND COSTLY FINANCIAL OBLIGATION. Their truck lease program is a trap. For space sake I won’t elaborate but Google CR England lease Scam and read the forums and MANY complaints. You will hear from the drivers who have been SEVERLY ripped off in numerous and unbelievable ways through their leasing program. Many have even been forced into bankruptcy by CR England. Bottom Line: DON”T DO IT!!!

CR England’s CDL MILL is just one of many SCAMS that they have fine tuned to con people. One poster put it very well “They know exactly what they are doing, and just how to attempt to blackmail you into servitude. They mind screw with people all day long. It's pathetic that this is the only way that they can keep people for any length of time…”
Now, after reading so many other complaints, I know that they just conned me down there for the CDL tuition and to see if they could get me to sign a truck lease.

CRE exploits the most desperate people…people who are just looking for honest work.

Now watch as the CR England damage control responders leap into action as they reply to my complaint…they often pose as former satisfied students and passionately dispute the claims; or they accuse the complainer of being bitter due to having had a dirty drug test, or that they were too wimpy, lazy, etc…

  • Al
    Alan england Feb 07, 2011

    Yah man im leasing and currently 600.00 in the hole.
    I got.put.on a.rebate.program.and.i have to pay 1800 per week in fuel. After expenses I dont break even. I have asked to goto fuel cap England said I cannot for 2 months at.that.time I will be way over 5000 negative. Maybe theyll see the mess and cancel my lease and repo the truck. I have a family of 5 and we arw living on 1350 per month. The only reason I am.here is because I signed a 6 mnth lease and I need to gain ezperience.
    It seems every week they have a new deduction. They.condition you to live on nothing I dont want to quite to.ride.out this.exp.thing. We are.going to be evicted and our car is.going to.be repoed. Literally my next step will be moving my family into the truck if.england doesnt like it cancel my lease and.release me.

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Lies and more lies

CR England qualifies as the lowest of the low when it comes to promising one thing and then delivering another. My fiance left on a grayhound bus to arrive at the driving school in August. After riding on a bus for more than 18 hours he was housed in 3 different hotels/motels that weren't fit for human occupation. Not only were the rooms infested with roaches and bedbugs these places were frequented by hookers and drug dealers. After training for 3 weeks (training consisted of learning how to back up and park a tractor trailer) he was now ready to "hit the road" with a "trainer". The "trainer" has only been with the company for 9 months and I'm not really sure that he is qualified to "train" anyone with that length of service. (after all, how much can he know after just 9 months of driving?) Then there are the lies about being a "Family oriented business" and having "hometime" after being out for 2 weeks. My fiance has only been home long enough to take care of some papers he received from the court regarding jury duty. And then only after he told the company that they would have to accompany him to court when the "show cause" was issued from the Circuit Court. He also was supposed to be back to Burns Harbor for the second phase of his training over 2 weeks ago. He needs to complete this before he can receive a pay raise. His "trainer" has repeatedly routed them around this area so as to keep him in the truck (he makes more money that way and also so he doesn't have to occupy the truck with someone he may not want to). I wondered when my fiance became involved in this company why they had the turnover rate that they had and now I can see why. I really don't see how any company can promote such lies to the people they employ and not have a reputation for being the liars they are. Use caution when dealing with this company and look forward to not having your family member home with you for any length of time because hometime doesn't exist but sitting in parking lots waiting for loads to deliver is.

driver rip off

i have always been a house builder (carpenter) in central florida until the bad economy, i look for a new line of work, i get a loan go to driving school in mid florida tech and get my C.D.L. class A. on April 2008. i get hire by C.R. england with a promise that i could make some money and reach my goals, first i go to training for almost 3 months and they talk me into leasing a truck they show me in paper that with 3400 miles a week i could make 800.00 or better a week, they talk a good game but is all a big lie to use and destroy the new drivers. after a year O.T.R. work, been in the road for a month or two at a time i have only made 8500, and out of that i had to pay 170.00 a week for child support, that comes out of my check, pay for a cell phone that i need for D.M. to call me, and 18.50 a week for them to keep my paper work for the taxes. if it was not for my father and mother helping me with money i would have starved in the road.they never gave me the miles together in one week to pay for the lease the insurance and make ends meet, and when they gave the miles it was always to destroy me with no time to make the delivery on time or no time left on the 70 hour clock from 2000 miles from the week before and 2000 miles from the current week.and in August 2009 they call all the drivers that we had a month to sign a new contract so they could lift the fuel cap, pay less for empty miles, and drivers will have to start paying for permits in short less money for the drivers, i refused to sign the contract and they terminated my contract, at first i said good, but now that i been trying to get another driving job it has been imposibel with the lies they put on my dac. report, so please any driver that have gone thru the same problem and can help me to get a job with a company that appreciates their drivers or give me some advice how i can get back to work i sure appreciated.thank you. [protected]@aol.com pd:also all the companys that use C.R.England to transport merchandise for them should look at what these company is doing to the peopel that consume your merchandise that is one of the reasons that the economy is like it is because we have companys like C.R.England that do not mind crushing the workers or the ones that consume the merchandise to stuff more money in their pocket. thank you. Rafael Martin

Modern Day Loan Sharks

As a former trainer and recruiter I have a few tips to anyone planning on going to work for C.R. England. As someone with a college background in Business I can clearly explain why a lot of people get upset about working for such an employer. First off you need to have a good understanding of what you are doing when you become an independent driver. You are now a business owner and need to protect yourself at all costs. Know the differences between a Sole Proprietorship and an LLC. This saves you a lot of legal worries. England would prefer you to be a SP because in the long run it makes for an easy way to go after you for any money. I can sit here all day and tell people ways that England screwed me but England Prays upon people who really need the work. Next, read the fine print. Finally, for the Post that came from the driver who says he is making money I can show a 20:1 ratio of drivers who would challenge that. I still talk 2 a few of my former students who are trying to get some miles under them so they can get out. I am one of a small group that knew what to expect and prepared for it. Feel free to reply to my message and I may be able to save you from what I call, “legalized pimping.” I liquidated my business and kept my credit rating in tact. By the way for anyone challenging this post I liked to drive that is why I did it, furthermore, I quit and went back home to pursue my MBA. But I still drive for fun (when time allows).

  • Ju
    Juliemom Jul 29, 2009

    Is posting a comment the way to reply? What about husband and wife teams? my husband just finished phase 1 and is thinking of leasing...he's pretty enthusiastic...he and his trainer drove 23, 000 miles and the truck was out of service for 5 days. We have spent most of our lives in business...self employed...Thanks

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  • So
    socaldriver1987 Aug 15, 2009

    Don't do it. You'll be sorry!!!

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  • Id
    Idiot Proof Oct 24, 2009

    My husband took this “training thing” with CR England on 08/08/2009 because after being laid off for 5 1/2 months and over 2000 resumes sent out and not one phone call for even an interview, he decided to try this out with the hopes that this is going to be our savior from the financial dooms we have been experiencing. So he took the greyhound bus to Salt Lake City UT and it's been just a living nightmare from then. In almost 3 months I have gotten to see my husband a total of 4 days. My husband left me in the middle of farm country with no valid license, no vehicle and no money to go pursue this dream of making all this money with CR England. Well at almost 90 days into this and almost done with phase 2 of his training and wanting to go solo lease afterwards he has put us in more dept then we were when he started. In all this time for phase 1 and phase 2 training he was suppose to make $430.00 a week for phase 1 which after they take their $55.00 out right at the first week of PHASE 1 TRAINING turns out to be around $200.00 if your lucky because you have to take a cash advance to eat with, so your already in the hole for $155.00 or so, depends on how little you eat as to how much your advance is. Then your in phase 2 for “28 days which is another lie”for what is suppose to be around $450.00-$600.00 a week, yeah right, for 2 weeks my husband took home a $15.00 pay check but CR England still took out their $55.00 for the "school & training" If it's training why are you deducting $55.00 a week before your trained?...Go Figure. I have told my husband time and time again that this is just a big waste of time and money and it is costing us not only in money but problems in our marriage because of the lies that CR England tells. From a truck drivers wife...CR England...YOU SUCK!

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  • Wi
    williamaerial Mar 02, 2010

    damn, i was thinking about checking cr england out but after reading all this negative feedback i think i'll pass. does anyone know any good trucking schools one can start out at

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Highway Robbery

Well I drove as an owner operator for just over two years with England. I did make over 106.000 for each of the two years I busted my ###, however after everything gets deducted I was lucky to make 33, 000 but here's the kicker that is before taxes are paid. They do in no means care about you as an individual you are simply another number in their bloated fleet. They are experts in dispersing the money trail, what I mean is they have your money spent before you make it. Their are a few good people working for England but they must follow the bosses agenda, which is England makes out at all cost & the driver-s well they come a dime a dozen as long as we keep their schools filled. So beware new driver who may be enticed with a bright new shiny truck being offered to you, in comes with a severe price. Your dignity, your time, your family time and your money. AFTER I BUSTED MY ###H ENGLAND FOR OVER TWO YEARS MAKING THEM GOOD MONEY. THEY SEND ME A NOTICE THAT I OWE THEM OVER $8000 FOR STUFF THEY MAKE UP AFTER THE TRUCK IS RETURNED TO THEM. SO DRIVER BEWARE AND MAYBE GO WITH A SMALLER COMPANY THAT KNOWS YOU BY NAME & TREATS YOU WITH RESPECT.

Highway Robbery

  • An
    anon Jun 15, 2009

    My husband drove for Suttles. I know you guys work really hard and don't get paid nearly what you should.

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fraud and scam

I drove for CR England as a lease operator for almost 2 yrs. I had a 2007 century. when i leased it only had...

Awful experience

I worked for CRE for more than a year, I never have had an accident or ticket with them or any other Co in 30+ years of driving. They are liars and cheats. Anything they tell you 'is a good deal for you' is not, it is to their advantage only. Co drivers get a per diem option, CRE takes 1.5 cents per mile out of your pay and makes it tax free and then only gives you back .5cents. They claim this is a handling fee, that works out to about three thousand dollars to them.

You can have a tax prep do it for $150.00. They tell you there is a 1 cent per mile safety bonus you get quarterly. They deduct 1 cent if you fail to take a monthly safety or get in an accident. When you call them for your bonus they tell you the truth, they only deduct for non safety not reward for safety.

LEASE OPERATORS BEWARE they pay 90 cents less 14 variable millage thats 76 cents less maint, insurance, fuel you will not make any money as a single driver and will make an insulting amount if you run teams and run very hard. They over charge you for repairs at their shops, and add a percentage to the so called tire program.

Forget going home, I went to work for them in Sept and the first time I got home was MAY!! They tried to deny that time till I went to Fatigue management and the only human in the Co came to my rescue.

There is a safety manager named Larry Luke who needs a stern silent lesson in respect for others. I am sure some day someone will give it to him. It is people like him and a lot of others that they need ARMED GUARDS to get into the corporate offices.

I am sure Chester England would roll over in his grave if he knew what his family has turned into and done with his legacy. I would rather work at WalMart that for CR ENGLAND, they are a discrace to the trucking industry and big business everywhere.

  • Di
    Digit Man Feb 07, 2010

    I've been in and out of trucking over a period of 50 years. This is a new world of trucking. The complaints all of you are giving now can be applied to about 99.9% of trucking as a HOLE. The working world will never change unless the majority gets together. They haven't in my 50 years of trucking and I'm guessing they never will.

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  • Di
    Digit Man Feb 07, 2010

    Wal Mart is the same way. You'll find it everwhere you go.

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  • Wh
    whitevette michelle May 18, 2010

    i tell you what, i signed the lease i got a 2007 pete it was white and i loved the truck my jake needed to be fixed as they never did that, alot of problems my SON and I were together on the truck and i was running solo. we were living off of that 100draw they have every week, we were STARVING on that truck and my dm marcus was a piece of work to. most of the drivers told me and warned me even my trainer quit few months after i was out there. amy got tired of it to so her and reese took off they were both trainers out there. It really still eats at me i got off the truck in oct of 2008 but i still miss my truck, was thinking of going with central at least they get a check...any comments feel free to e mail me at [email protected] you guys all have a good day out there michelle ps long story short i NEVER got paid anything out there was running from 1900 to 3100 week killing myself with my son for NOTHING and they say i still owe them money..h...NO.

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  • Br
    brownsong Jul 11, 2010

    I was going to send my 23 year old son to CRE training thinking he would be making a bunch of money and be set, but you all have made me change my mind. I'll just send him to class B CDL school and he can drive a dump truck or cement truck or something. And be home at night. Thank God for the internet or my son would have had to endure all that you all went through. Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences and I am sorry you had to go through what you did.

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I was treated like a dog at the texas school and then assaulted by my trainer as well. I am current seeking women that have gone through the pain of assault and rape by trainer from C R England. We must band together if this is to stop. There is strength in numbers.

  • Th
    Thomas Mar 03, 2009

    I was treated like a dog at the texas school and then assaulted by my trainer as well. I am current seeking women that have gone through the pain of assault and rape by trainer from C R England. We must band together if this is to stop. There is strength in numbers.

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  • Sh
    shiner Jun 29, 2009

    Im sorry to hear about your situation I have been there and know what it feels like, not with CR England but I did get scewed by them because of there money hungry appitite and lies. They are sh**t and not worth losing your livelyhood over. I hope that any other women that has had simular circumstances join and come together to fight these bast**ds. Give them a taste of their own medicine. You go girl.

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  • Te
    Teapot Sep 19, 2009

    I had the rudest people at CR England come up to me and just say the most crude things to me. I know trucker men have a bad rap about being dirty old men sometimes, but a large percentage of England drivers seemed to fit that description to a tee. DIRTY MEN with no manners or decency. I wish I had a story to help you out, but verbal abuse from other drivers probably won't cut it. I had a lease driver trainer get drunk and proposition me one time, but after i politely told him there was no chance in hell, grabbed my mace and went back to sleep on the bunk, he left me alone. Good luck

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  • Fa
    factual Oct 10, 2009

    why didnt you get his driver code or truck number and call human resources and lodge a formal complaint??? england takes these very seriously just ask my last codriver when they told him to quit crapping on the floor. in the truck..

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  • Fa
    factual May 26, 2010

    hey utah has no statue of limitation on alleging rape charges.. even against a former employer dont let him get away with it its a crime...

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  • Cr
    cris85 May 30, 2012

    im guessing this is a common problem but im actually a guy and had to go with a phase 1 driver for a month like most trainees do and had a similar situation. im 26, slim, white guy, clean cut, and do happen to be bisexual but im me which is mostly strait acting but not in the closet to get a better understanding of who i am. so me i had brought a laptop that had water damage and the keyboard and wifi card didnt work on it so my trainer said he was a computer wiz so i let him take a look at it one night when i took my shift and not even an hour later he came up front, sat in the passenger seat and started asking and complimenting me on my photos and telling me he blew one of his friends when he was younger and liked it. from then on it got worse till i finally had to tell him off because i dont like my bottom getting pinched while i sleep by some nasty old fart who i dont know, dont like, and could barely stand.

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Terrible experience

Hello fello professional drivers. If you are planning on attending CR England's Orientation, DON'T. Everything is geared towards Lease teams. They do not pay orientation or even feed you. If you want there is one chef there that will serve you a double cheeseburger for 5.00, after you wait in line for 45 minutes or more with the other 160 drivers.

He is the only chef there serving you. There are no restaurants around so your screwed there. After your done with orientation get prepared to be really pissed off. They will tell you that it will take almost 3 weeks to get you a truck and send you back home via the lovely greyhound. Then you have to call them everyday to see where you are at on their 'list'. You have to ask yourself just one question. Why are there so many people in orientation?

The answers are common sense. Don't let them lie to you, they are very good at it. I am now looking at other companies and do not plan on leasing anything from them. You are a disposable number to them and you feel that from day one.

  • Bt
    bto13e Nov 01, 2009

    Anyone who wasn't turned off by England after experiencing the Sunday orientation has to have an IQ under 80. The 3 hour wait from the bus station to the dingy hotel should have been your first indication. Then when you finally get to the hotel you find out that its not time to rest because you have to go to their facility even though it clearly said on your invitation that this wasn't going to occur until Monday. Then at the facility you have to be grilled by an off duty cop, get your blood pressure checked with a rigged machine by a doctor who is really only a chiropractor, and pee in a cup. This doesn't sound like much but the left handed vibe I got from every England rep I had to deal with was enough for me to go AWOL when I finally got back to the dingy Home Town Lodge at 4:30 PM. I got my bags from the "baggage" room and walked out the back door around the hotel to the Best Western down the street. The next day I took a plane back home. Before I went to the Burns Harbor facility I read many complaints like the ones on this website, but I still wanted to see what England had to offer. I have never had a more uncomfortable experience in all my life. It is all a big "put-on". Don't sign anything unless you have your attorney present.

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  • Th
    thank you all Apr 03, 2010

    i was gonna go to get my cdl a with cr england but after i read all those complaint... ohh papa, no way . i rather do any job and stay close to my family and come back home every night .GOD BLESS EVERYONE who was screwd by this company. thank to all of you you just saved my...my best wishes.

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wining-# wanna-be drivers

I keep reading the negative side of a bunch of dumb-# wanna-be truck drivers, I have 20 years otr experience...

scam and lies

I called these idiots up because I was desperate for a driving job due to a termination from a previous company because of an accident. they say the accidents was no problem and they'll work with me and to come to orientation. hopped on the greyhound in the middle of tropical storm Hanna to Indiana that week end and then the trouble begins.

I get there Sunday night at 9 pm in Gary to wait for the shuttle to the motel (me and 28 other guys that was going for orientation). we get picked up (2 hours later) and the shuttle driver tells us that we have to be downstairs at 5:30am to catch the bus or it's a 40 dollar cab ride to the terminal. I didn't even stay in the motel they told me I was going to stay in. had to go to the Motel 6 next door. with only 6 hours of sleep I almost missed the bus but caught it anyway.

Got to the terminal and the place was packed with people. the classroom had close to 100 people. the whole day they were pushing people to lease a truck like a pushy salesman. skipping ahead I was told that I had to take a refresher course and it will cost me 50 dlls to start and I had to sign a loan thing for training. so I did. The food was expensive and the staff was lousy and rude.

The next day I was called to personnel and told that I was being sent home due to a bad drug test saying they found cocaine in my system. I protested saying I don't even smoke cigarettes how is that possible? they said 'how should I know drug user'. I yelled in rage because of this lack of info and they threatened to called the cops on me due to my outburst. So I yelled give me my 50 dlls back since I'm not going to train. they said no it's non refundable. after hearing that I wanted to rip that place apart because that was all I had left.

I was treated like sh** the 2 days I was there and I don't want to imagine what it would be like if I drove for these MFers. I advise anyone to stay as far away from this company. To them you're not a driver, you're more like cattle waiting to be slaughtered for the meat to make money off of.

  • Sc
    scgirl1214 Mar 18, 2009

    i keep seeing them on job websites. i was curious, it seems like theirs more f**king scams every day!! thanks for the info- great to know the truth :)

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  • Un
    Unseenspirit Jun 13, 2009

    Drug Tests don't lie...Sounds to me like your just pissed off that you got busted. What does not smoking cigarettes have to do with not doing coke? Suck it up homeboy, don't be pissed that you were discovered for the loser you are!

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  • Fa
    factual Dec 24, 2009

    drug tests DO LIE. with 3 inconclusive and blood tests were spot less it was contributed to contaminated collecting supplies. if you are NOT watching and the company does not want to SUCK IT UP for making a mistake and hiring you they will use this as a POOR excuse to get rid of you. here is how it works.
    you give a sample it comes back clean. all is good so far! BUT safety saw something they didn't like on your dac or state records.. now they decided the risk is too great and you do not meet the underwriters guidelines. even though england is self insured SOMEBODY has to guarantee the funds usually a third party insurance provider. so now you just lie and say your drug test came back dirty since the donor will never check or ask to see results he/she has to split. you have a right to see the results and challenge them! remember you are VOLUNTARILY giving consent to be searched by participation.! if the collector asks you to do something before the samples are sealed you have the right to refuse signatures and be retested. (NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE SAMPLES) i NEVER sign anything until the plastic shipping bag is sealed thus i have been asked to leave TWICE!! now as for calling somebody a loser that does NOT say much about YOU (UNSEENSPIRIT) either!!

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  • Mr
    mrhowardb Jan 05, 2010

    WOW. Thanks for the heads up man. Damn. I'll bet that's just how it went down too. I have been considering driving a truck in this bad economy because I can't find work in my field and thanks for the education, good looking out.

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fraud and scam

I was a lease driver for C R England, been with the company two months. As soon as my application come...

Still getting screwed

This is the second time I have leased. Like many other people here, I was lured not only by our current...

They will rob you blind

CR England is nothing but fraud. They will rob you blind you will not have a pay check and after a couple of...

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