Couchsurfing Internationalrandom account suspending

M Aug 18, 2018

I have been a member of Couchsurfing for over 4 years. However lately CS seems to be suspending members without any explanation. Today my account got suspended. I have not hosted anyone for at least 6 or 8 months and all my correspondence regarding requests or messages is always decent and polite. My profile does not contain anything special let alone something that goes agains CS terms of services.

Perhaps the suspension was not too random...? Not too long ago one of my dear friends and a couchsurf pioneer from Brussels, Belgium was also suspended. As CS did not reply to his e-mails I decided to team up with a few die-hard CS-members to ask CS support to look into his case. Needles to say we did not get any satisfactory answer back from CS. Instead of that I got suspended too as from today?! Really?

I have seen CS develop from an awesome platform of volonteers to a commercial business that no longer has an eye for their loyal users. Time to register to other simular platforms! CS has grown into an over-commercial organization where people have turned into just being numbers.

Marc - Brussels & Amsterdam

random account suspending

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