Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Programdentistry


When I first applied to the grants program I wasn't really sure on what to expect, I was refer by a fried who had gone through the program and she had a good experience so I figure it wouldn't hurt to try it out.I was call by one of the staff from the program and they immediately book an appointment with one of the offices in Brooklyn.
I have to say that I wasnt expecting too much and I was already very nervous because my teeth were not in the best shape but I was pleasantly surprise by the staff at the dental office and the doctor was very professional. He explained to me what options I could do and they told me right there how much everything was going to be and how much the grant can cover.
It is true that its only a partial grant but at the end of the day is really up to you whether you like to accept it or not.Overall I had a good experience and although I didnt get all the work done I was able to do a big part and I feel a lot more comfortable with my smile.

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