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I purchased a computer that had Corel's Word Perfect 12 installed, and I could not get it to work. I checked their website and tried all their suggested "fixes" without success. I could not find their email address on the website, so I called their "customer service" toll-free number.

I was told by Corel they could not help me because their software was "pre-installed" at the factory. They told me I should call the computer manufacturer, Dell, (they already knew the manufacturer's name, even though I had not told them) and suggested that if I needed to read documents in WP format immediately, I could download their new "Lightning" product immediately for free, which I did.

Needless to say, their Ligntning product did not work either, and Dell refused to assist with getting Corel's product to work on their computer.

I then called Corel back and asked for a supervisor. Not a single supervisor has been available for over two weeks, and none has the time to call me back, and their CSRs will not talk me through the process of uninstalling their WP12 and Lightning products since the uninstall feature either does not work or is not present.

I purchased Microsoft Office today, but because the useless Corel products occupy the space necessary to download the Microsoft Office product, it will not load onto my computer.

Corel will NEVER be used on any computer I EVER own, and all Corel products at my office will be removed from all computers and replaced with ABC (Anything But Corel).

By the way, none of my written complaints addressed to the Corel Manager on their website were answered either. No surprise to me.


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    Lou Blazquez Nov 05, 2018
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    I have been very suspicious of the horrible customer service from Corel, until I realized something. I believe they are using an Artificial Intelligence program to deal with customers. It explains their ignoring questions, issues, the repetitive "by the way" phrases, and quirky non human grammar errors. Some of the questions they ask are too stupid to be even a non English speaking person. Any thoughts out there?


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  • Ke
    Kelli Harrison Jan 03, 2018
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    I have been a Corel user for 12 years and I have never received good or even substandard service. It's always a chore to get any technical help, let alone talk to a tech. Communication with tech support is always via email and you can expect days playing email tag. I have sent several complaints to their customer service and left message for a sup to call with no one ever calling me back. This time was the last straw and I reported them to Better Business Bureau although I'm not expecting miracles. I wish I had another software I could use that has a user friendly interface (when it's working) but I have yet to find one. Good luck to anyone who purchases any product and BUYER BEWARE!

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  • Th
    Thomas Woolet Mar 10, 2017
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    this company totally ###ed up roxio

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  • Tr
    Trilluminati Aug 11, 2015

    Corel A software company bought out the product Avid Studios 3 years ago, A product that cost me $150. They immediately quit supporting it. Instead of update support that I paid for with my original i get nothing. Literally weeks after I bought this product, it was bought by Corel and dumped. I paid for support by purchasing this product.
    Good luck getting real support, They will tell you about a 'new' Inferior upgrade/product they will offer you at a reduced rate because they no longer 'support' your current programs. Bait and switch. Illegal.

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  • Zi
    Ziti Nov 16, 2011

    My niece sent me a picture and she had to have corel. Now I am stuck with it, and cannot get corel off of my computer. There are no answers. I hate it. I suggested to her quit sending me pictures because of her stupid corel. These were family pictures of years gone by. Noone has the answer to how to remove it. I suggest to all of my friends leave Corel alone it is a curse.

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  • Ga
    GaryR46953 Aug 31, 2011

    Guess I'll just have to put up with a beg to register screen that goes nowhere. Actually, The product was registered as it was being installed.
    That is why I got auto updates within hours of installing it.
    Yes, I totally agree, there is no support. I'm glad i didn't pay any more for the product than I did. I can't help but note that at this time there is an advert for it at the top of this page. Talk about your irony. LOL

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  • Da
    davk6 May 06, 2011

    Corel's support post sale is very difficult to obtain. I had to reinstall a product that I bought from Corel and when I entered the serial number for the product, I was informed that the number was invalid. I posted a case using my registered email and password with Corel asking for a permanent key for the software on [protected]. As of 5-5-2011 I have recieved no response regarding the case I submitted on their web site. I would think long and hard before buying a Corel product because I now have a product that is completely useless because they have not responded to my case.

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  • Du
    Dulover Nov 03, 2010
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    Not only did they give the wrong information about the product, when I returned it, they didn't credit my account. When I contacted them, they said they lost my credit information and I had to call a number to give it to them. This was not so easy either. It took over a month for my account to be credited and they refused to answer my e-mails. This forced me to pay for something so I would be on time with my credit payment. DO NOT ORDER FROM COREL! If you must use one of their products.

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  • Dm
    DMacwired Sep 09, 2010

    My fears have been verified by what I have read here today. Corel was a name I understood to be reputable, but not anymore. My personal experience is a bitter one but I blame myself for not being more careful.
    I bought Painter 11 on line for what I thought was a good price, after receiving the software I see the price has been reduced by $100 - and then discovered the software could have purchased it on line from a retailer for an additional $50 less. So, stupid me... but I will never consider Corel again and look forward to reading about their business failing.
    Bad business model breeds ill feelings and contempt, who's stupid now?

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  • J0
    j0hnny_dvs Apr 26, 2010

    I totally understand your frustration, I, being a graphic designer have also sent stuff to print only to find out there were printing errors, my fault or not.

    Anyways, Yes it was most likely a glitch or bug in WP X3 which caused the cover page to shift to another page, but it should have been your responsibility to go through each page with a fine tooth comb after the conversion to PDF. Not all PDF conversions go smoothly, as you have discovered.

    A costly lesson learned.

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  • Ho
    HoJo2 Apr 26, 2010

    How can a complete inside cover page of my book suddenly appear on top of page 157? It has cost me a great deal of money as it didn't show up in the pdf file I generated. That pdf file printed correctly when I printed a proof copy, but when sent to my printer, it appeared in their pdf file and ruined 250 copies of my book. Then when I examined my pdf file, the overprint is there. When I first looked at the wpd file it was OK, but then when I looked at it a second time, part of the cover page showed up on page 157.

    When I went to the top of the page and deleted the hard page break, the cover page no longer showed up.

    Their response was, "buy the latest version." They offered no help, suggested no way for me to find help, suggested I post to their customer's forum which was impossible to locate. Their confusing web pages kept taking me around in circles. My guess is the way they deal with real problems, the ones not listed in their extremely limited "knowledge base, " is to lead you on a wild goose chase until you tire and quit. There is no way one can ask them a question. This is the third question I have asked them a question the couldn't or wouldn't answer. Each question prompted the "buy the latest version" pitch. I did it once and it didn't solve the problem.

    Once I did receive a call from support that partially answered my question. I have no idea how that happened, but I was extremely grateful.

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  • Ma
    Mad-Mats Sep 21, 2009

    Back when you had problems with Corel you could at least contact them through their website, be it without getting responded to. Now this useless avenue has been closed off too - I have an issue I am waiting for response to and it is impossible to contact Corel. Their software seems to be as useless as ever - I'm having issues with Videostudio.

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  • Ac
    Active 1 Jul 14, 2009

    I to, have issues with Corel, and mine is much simpler than most, in that I downloaded a free trial, and after a few days decided I do not want to use their product, despite trying to get a reply from them, that they would not automatically charge my account on completion of the free trial period, I get no reply, no acknowledgement, of receipt of e-mails, and no way to put a stop to this, short of closing my account, there is NO unsubscribe link, and emptying my account will only result in my gaining a bad credit reference if this charge is presented and rejected, I am now going to spend several days of my time re doing all my personal account info to avoid this happening, Thanks for nothing Corel, but never again will I even consider looking your way if I ever need to source any product or service...Your Product may be lovable, but your service STINKS, and that alone, is good enough reason never to even consider you as a provider of service or goods...

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  • Km
    k_mears Mar 12, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I bought a painter X wacom bundle direct from Corel. Within two days they were selling Painter 11 (before they had even shipped my version 10 upgrade). It turns out they were already shipping the 11 version when I ordered the version 10 - the website was apparently not quite up to date.

    Anyway, I write to Corel and ask:

    "I just ordered and received a Painter X upgrade/Wacolm bundle. Before I had even received the product the Painter 11 upgrade is available on here. Do I have to buy the upgrade again to get to Painter 11?"

    Their response:

    "Response (Jeremy) - 03/12/2009 02:18 PM
    Dear Mr/ Ms XXXX,

    Thank you very much for your e-mail.

    It is an option for you.
    You may or you may not.
    Depends on your decision.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions.

    Kind regards,
    Corel Customer Support"

    My response:

    "Hello Jeremy

    Thank you for contributing so succinctly to my blogging endeavors with your 'oh so casual' response. It is rare that a large company allows such obvious disdain for their customers leak out in official correspondence. Your response forces me (and apparently the readers who are commenting on it) to imagine Corel supporting a standard of customer service bordering on the opaque, unhelpful and insulting. Certainly from the question, most would discern the problem of selling upgrades to one product when the next upgrade is already available, or to be released within days. To offer the "latest" version for a price, in the full and certain knowledge that the product is no longer the "latest" version is generally referred to as a "bait and switch", a term that even you might recognize. When the final version of Painter 11 began being produced, the sales for version 10 should have ceased - at least, thats what an ethical company would have done. Of course, you might not have a job at an ethical company, mightn't you?

    I have heard of companies doing this, of course, just never a company of any quality or standing. It is true that Painter is a terrific product - despite its long legacy of bugs and interface issues. It is also true that the upgrade may well be worth the price. But it is ridiculous to be selling that "upgrade" when you are already shipping the next version. If you have no actual information to offer besides a snide comment, well, actually, any response would be appreciated - the bloggers love your first one - maybe you can top it.

    It is also just peachy that I am an owner/buyer for a screen-printing company with an option to continue working with Corel or switching to Adobe. I thank you for your help in deciding to become an Adobe Service Network Provider.

    A former Corel Customer

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  • Ae
    aebleskivers Dec 03, 2008

    The support is pretty much non-existant and after calling 2 numbers and having to listen to a phone bot urging the self help that I had already tried -the bot referred me to a new number which I called and a message came on that the phone number is new please call 1-900 bla bla bla.
    I thought I have already waisted X amount of $ on a product I am unable to use because they did not give me a key to unlock it. E-mails detailing problem were answered and told me to enter the key in confirmation e-mail THERE WAS NO KEY anywhere.
    Product support is important. You should not have to hunt it down. I have returned my product and there is a quicker response for returns that to get help, if I actually get my money refunded in 6 weeks is another story.

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  • Ro
    Ron Pumpkin Nov 11, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Recently, I had an opportunity to purchase Corel's Video Studio X2 Pro. I began with a trial of the product, and decided to purchase it after giving it a good test drive. At the time of placing the order, I found the Customer Service agent to be very polite, knowledgeable and he even found me a promo code to save me a couple of bucks on the order. When I received the product, I needed some help to get it all installed on my computer. I called the Corel Tech Support, and they were very fast, friendly, and they didn't charge me.

    Two thumbs up, Corel!


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  • Pa
    Pat Sep 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Today 9/17/08 I purchased and downloaded DVD XPack to integrate into Windows Media Player to that I could play DVD's.
    I cannot get it to integrate and I have tried for several hours on the Corel website trying to find a resolution to my problem. I finally resorted to calling and was told the product that I JUST purchased was no longer supported by Corel and that they could not help me.


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  • Ta
    Tammy Aug 07, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I worked in a call center before and got issues like this all the time.

    It sounds like you received some free software from Dell, and it didnt work. Then you called Corel for assistance, but since you did not purchase the full retail version, you did not have access to their technical support services.

    I think that makes sense. Technical support services should only be available to customer who've purchased the full retail version.

    It sucks that you didnt get a supervisor. I can tell you though that it most likely wouldnt change a thing. Supervisors have the same information as agents and they are ussually not techinicians so they wouldnt be able to trouble shoot.

    So, in short, for everybody out there calling a customer service / tech support call center, just listen before you ###.

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