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They have been harassing me since I got the loan, on may 22nd 2009 they called my next door neighbor looking for me, I just moved in. I don't even know these people it was my daughters prom nite. Yesterday on june 22nd 2009 they call my landlord saying they need to speak to me. They are rude told my daughter they were going to repo my car, called my job told them they were gonna repo the car. I need legal help


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      Jun 24, 2009

    Legal help costs money, and you don't have any for some reason (even though you profess to have a job.)

    -cancel cable tv
    -cancel all cell phones, including your daughters. Explain to her that although she may think she is a princess, times are tough, and mommy can't afford it right now.
    -cancel internet services
    -decide that even if you might not want to, you will not by any new clothing items until you are caught up on your payments.

    -shut off the AC (buy fans). Sweat.
    -if your daughter is old enough to work, start charging her rent.

    Cut off ALL luxuries. If you won't die without it, stop paying for it.

    After all this, you may have enough money to pay your real bills.

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      Jul 06, 2009

    Obviously the other commenter here works for CPS. This company is disgusting.

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