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Conexis Complaints & Reviews

Conexis / dependent care flexible spending account

Carol Huang on May 15, 2017
Your app server is not responding 9 out 10 times that I tried. Your customer service representative are lack of empathy and patience. Their standard is everything takes 5-10 business days. The claim office behind and overwhelmed. There is nothing they can do. Please provide some customer...

Conexis / reimbursement offset

JMHop on Apr 5, 2017
Was told I could offset unverified copays if I sent in copy of out of pocket expenses I made at another medical provider. I sent in a receipt from a chiropractor that showed I made over 5 copayments out of my own pocket. Just because the copayments were listed by the word massage they said...

Conexis / cobra scam

kristeejo11 on Mar 24, 2017
I've paid my premiums on time each month and they do not alert uhc so I can't use my insurance. UHC says they can't do anything until they alert them and this POS company will only say they have. Their cuxtomer support reps speak very poor english and are like a broken record. They simply...

Conexis / fsa

Gina Geoffrion on Mar 4, 2017
Account was deactivated d/t not submitting claim. Paid amount from checking account and money taken out and not reactivated. Call customer service at Conexis attempting to find out what was going on. Called 3/2 and spoke to A.Duran @wageworks who told me she was looking into it and I would...

Conexis / fsa reimbursement

Dean Neese on Mar 1, 2017
Conexis was meant to reimburse me for $2, 500 for health related expenses. They rejected a valid claim due to a misspelling of a name on the form. When I resubmitted the form, they told me that the claim period had passed. It is frustrating to learn that Conexis took money from a...

Conexis / cobra insurance

Karen Cone Hoffman on Jan 31, 2017
I paid my Cobra after leaving my job. It took Conexis 60 days to notify my insurance company of coverage. When I cancelled I never have received my refund. It's been over 4 months. Every time you call you get someone that can barely speak English and you can't understand what they are...

Conexis / customer service

Katiep17 on Jan 31, 2017
This is the worst company EVER. I am on disability and submitted my FULL payment last month only to find out they "mixed up the dates" I received a new bill stating I only made a patrial payment. Where is my money Conexis? Now my insurance is at risk of being dropped because of your POOR...

Conexis / cobra service very very poor and possibly fraudulent

Mike Whirlingmerc on Dec 20, 2016
I promptly paid my cobra and weeks later blue cross has no record of being contacted by conexis. I spoke to 3 conexis phone support people, not one offered an expediting process for me to use although blue cross did The main think conexis did was dodge accountability, provide excuses and...

Conexis / cobra

Mats Sjoberg on Dec 16, 2016
As of december 16, 2016 I have not received any plan information for 2017. I don't know the coverage nor the cost for 2017. I have spoken with conexis customer service and they cannot tell me. The customer service reps during my phone calls are not providing adequate help. I have also...

Conexis / cobra coverage

Lucille Tancredi Spallone on Nov 29, 2016
I have COBRA coverage through a former employer. I pay CONEXIS $515.49/month. I have a grace period. So each month, I make sure that the payment reaches before the first of the following month, which is the grace period. i.e. for November, I just paid last week, and will be postmarked...

Conexis / cobra insurance

Raed E. on Nov 29, 2016
Conexis has been collecting money for COBRA payment yet I have no coverage from Aetna for this month of November 2016. Their customer service is the worst I have dealt with, poor English no Supervisor ever, spend hours and hours going in circle. They say check with Aetna, Aetna say they...

Conexis / conexis made a billing mistake that resulted in my loss of kaiser health care coverage

erichi on Jul 12, 2016
Conexis made a billing mistake that resulted in my loss of Kaiser health care coverage. It took several months and much persistent inquiry for them to realize they had made a mistake, and then several more months before they could figure out how to fix it. Ultimately, their “fix” was to...

Conexis / cobra

Nancy Dobbins on Mar 10, 2016
I've been trying to get through since March 1, 2016 because the wageworks site will not allow me to log in. I've been sent reset passwords at least three times and when I try to log in with them either the site will fail when I try to reset my password or it will lock me out. I've been on...

Conexis / billing

Reviewer53049 on Jan 19, 2016
April 2014 removed my son from coverage. Instead of removing him from my account, Conexis created another separate account without my son listed. Beginning in May I started receiving bills for both account numbers totaling 1700.00 dollars when in fact I only owed 368.00 dollars. It took...

Conexis / paid in full — delays and noncoverage

Reviewer72328 on Dec 9, 2015
Conexis is the provider (Actually payment processor is the better term) for my cobra. I was told that all I had to do was sign up and there wouldn't be an issue with my coverage following my end date from my previous employer. My last day of employment was october 9, 2015. When I received...

Cisco / Conexis / customer service

Kristin Chambers on Apr 28, 2015
I have been trying to get a reimbursement form for med flex benefits and cannot get into my personal benefits account which is managed by CONEXIS. When I wrote to them with a description of my problem, they sent me an encrypted message using the Cisco Registered Envelope Service. This ha...

Conexis / fraudelent activities

Robo9er on Mar 16, 2015
If your company ever decides to use Conexis for your medical Flexible Spending account, run !!! Do not use them. They are the most fraudulent company out there. They will make you spend hours and hours justifying every dime that you use the benefits card for, to the point where people give...

Conexis / worst customer support

Disgruntled in California on Jan 29, 2013
I am scared. For 30 days, I have been active from my 2 insurance compnaies (Aetna & Medco) BUT, I have been rejected for prescription pickup as the pharmacy said I was not covered. I would contact Aetna and Medco only for them to tell me I am covered but that cobra (conexis) has to ensure...

Conexis / cancallation of cobra

shelly codner on Aug 31, 2011
I have been paying Conexis for Cobra since June 2010, my payments were always paid a month early. Aug 6th I receved a letter dated 8/1/11 that my cobra would be exhausted as of 9/30/2011. 8/16/11 I received a letter that my insurance has been cancelled for non payment. Knowing I alway...

Conexis / cancelled cobra

Conexis is a joke on Feb 25, 2011
I quit my job in the end of November 2010. I received the COBRA information and signed up for insurance on Feb 12th. I did this on the last day allowed but had to do it through their online system because study were snowed in and no one was at work. The system took my payment and the...

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