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01/06/17 6:45pm When I first walked in and went up to the counter I could tell the lady was unhappy, she was rude in telling me to sign in. (Zero eye contact) then I was greeted with, you'll be here for at least an hour, fill this out and come back up to the counter.. I waited for two hours to be seen, for a simple e screen drug test for my soon to be job. After going up to the counter again and explaining that I need to use the restroom, I've been drinking water all day. Finally a woman comes out to get me. She told me wash your hands, she was still being kinda rude. I felt like she didn't want to deal with me. I went into the restroom where the floor was wet, toilet paper was also on the floor, garbage can was full. I did my test came back. She said no I don't see a green dot, smiles at me you're going to have to do this again. I was confused, but said OK can I get some water.. She said NO we have to check with your employer to see if they want to give you another chance. Walks out the door with my sample. Then she grabbed another piece of paper and tells me to sign it and If I come back to retake my test, someone would be in the restroom to watch me and I would have to remove my blouse undo my bra pull down my pants...�what�... I said absolutely not, i have anxiety. I didn't understand what was going on and why. So at that time being everything she would say to me was no with a smug smile I figured we were done. I then took my I.d, paper and left she was so extremely smug, disrespectful and rude.. Unwilling to explain to me what was going on and why I was denied a retake. I couldn't believe the way I was treated and how I was disrespected.

01/09/17 Just received a call back from what could've been my employer she explained the lady administrating my test wrote in my report I walked out of the clinic and I refuse to retake the test which was a complete lie... I asked for water to retake my test in which she denied me that.
She even told my employer she offered me water and I declined it, that didn't happened, she then explained because of this I'm no longer a candidate for the job and with that a one-year no hire report. The woman (I don't know her name) also wrote in the report I was unruly. Not true, mind you my job is a job in customer service. She wrote In the report i walked out, not one person told me to stop, even as I was leaving I tried asking questions as to whats the next step. her reply to everything was no. I was thinking it was a error no big deal. So from my understanding we were done, there was nothing else to do. I would have to come back after she calls my employer. To my surprise, I was denied my job opportunity with a added 1 year no hire report. I feel so wronged by this place. I don't understand why she would do this to me. I feel something should be done. I was so cheated, disrespected, disregarded and lied about. What's also upsetting about all of this is what could of been my future employer explained that it wouldn't be a problem for me to go back and re-test. That it happens all the time. Unfortunately because she wrote in her report of me that I walked out and was unruly there was nothing they could do. We can't hire you for at least a year. I feel I didn't get a fair and just opportunity, all I'm asking is to be treated like a person not a burden. Because of the encounter I had with this woman I don't have a job today.

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Update by Rosef425
Jan 12, 2017 12:02 pm EST

Oh I'm sorry we're you there. Yes she was being very rude. The only nice person I met there was Kelly the woman I told I need to use the restroom. The woman that administered my test was the opposite. Never did I refuse anything nor did I asked to be coddle. Never did anyone explain to me anything pertaining to verifying a collection. She left the room with my sample, and dismissed me like I didn't matter. Shouldn't people in the medical field be more willing to explain what's going on. I'm not a medical professional but I do know mannerisms should be a must. If someone explained to me what was going on (kind of like what you just did) instead of lying in a report about me being unruly and walking out. Offering me water saying I declined it (which never happened). there wouldn't be an issue. I would've went back and retook my test no problem. Thank you for your comment. ~ Wine Is Good

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They have video cameras. You should request a supervised viewing of the date and time you were there. That should substantiate your case.


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