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If you are unfortunate enough to get injuried while working, and stuck going here, we can feel your pain.

If you filed a workers comp claim, watch out. The medical providers here are very rude and unprofessional, do not gave a %^& about you or your injury and will say outright lies and nasty comments in their report to them, even though their is no proof to their comments.

Get an attorney if you need to go here.

They will also try to get you right into their physical therapy with 2 PTs to 8-10 patients where you are left on your own for 45 minutes. The PT that you are assigned to has 15 other patients that day also.
I wonder how much they charge for this?

They get an A+ in rudeness and unprofessionalism. They don't get a damn about you, just the $$ they make off of you & the kicks they get telling lies in their reports.


  • An
    antimo Sep 24, 2015

    Also had very bad experiences at 2 different concentra locations in pa. ne philadelphia and Plymouth Meeting pa. Was there for 2 different injuries and they mest me up both times 1 for wrist injury told me it was sprained when it was broken. Another time for a laceration and stiched through a nerve in my thumb and then would not remove the stiches early to save the nerve ended up with permanent nerve damage in my hand. Also both places are filthy and u could find better customer service in a prison. Do not visit any concentra urgent care unless you dont care about your life or health. Ps if you go there bleeding you will likely bleed out in the waiting room because of the horrendous wait times both in the waiting room and exam room.

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  • Al
    Al Wright Jan 14, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Concentra (Medical Center - ha ha ha) should be listed on Terrorist List. Concentra is the most perfect example (I know about) of what's wrong with the U.S. Medical Industry. My first ever experience with Workers' Comp Commission (a scam, a shame on all taxpayers) sent me to Concentra after an elevator failed to align with the first floor IN A HOSPITAL, St Vincent's/CHI, Little Rock, AR.
    I arrived, completed a self-administered check off medical history, then was asked by a QUACK the nature of my work-related injury, and was ORDERED (Rx) 3 sessions on a reclining bicycle. Next, I saw another QUACK (Concentra finds them somewhere) and was discharged. Dumbfounded, I asked QUACK #2 what I should do when more treatment is needed. QUACK #2, a certified fool, GRINNED (really, a fake GRIN) and told me to go to my own Primary Care Physician. So, (wasting my time) I asked QUACK #2 to clarify: was I to go to my PCP and pay co-pays an deductibles for a work-related injury? Well, QUACK #2, really put on a show - the damned fool GRINNED (fake grin) even BIGGER than his first (fake) GRIN.
    Well, I did what any self-respecting PSYCHOTHERAPIST (worked inpatient psychiatry) would do - I filed complaint against QUACK #2 with the State of Arkansas Medical Board. SURPRISE, QUACK #2 got rather p---ed-off.
    My story ends by saying I was finally seen by a real orthopedist physician, was examined and found to have a 19% whole body disability.

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  • Cl
    Claude Keith Dec 14, 2014

    A month into a workers comp injury case and the only true care I have received thus far is from the ER.
    I had an MRI showing a Hillsachs fracture, as well as a Bankart lesion from a posterior shoulder dislocation and tendon tear. With the conclusive report/codes etc...Documented. The primary physician and her "on call"fill in both say 90% for having surgery Finally I see their surgeon (cough *quack*) He tells me that due to my age, another dislocation is highly unlikely (I'm 38). His report states "shoulder dislocation and pain". Refers me to PT and gives me Ultram...I am more than frustrated with their unproffessionalisim, wrong address, saying I missed an appointment when there was none scheduled, no medicinal pain treatment, and lack of communication within treatment facilities (scheduling PT at 2 different locations, when only 1 facility was authorized). Double scheduling PT and primary drs visits. And making me drive 18 miles to certain facilities, when there are several much closer to me. Oh, and I completely failed to mention that one of the drs took it upon themselves to LIE about MY medical history.
    In a nut screaming the other direction. Concentra in Colorado is a joke!
    I'm glad I retained an attorney.

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  • Ad
    Adam Daren Dec 10, 2014

    Well well well, I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who has had a horrible experience. I was sent to Concentra after a work injury... needless to say that they took x-rays of my wrist and found no fracture so they ASSUMED a wrist sprain and sent me for therapy for 6 weeks. After my therapy sessions I was in worse shape than before the initial visit. You would think that if my rehabilitatin was geting worse that they would consider other possibilities. But NO!!! "this is normal" they claimed. I went for a second opinion and other test and found that I had ruptured ligaments. I don't think these Concentra Medical Providers have a clue as to how to treat or diagnose. They are professionals at delaying the referral process until they make as much as they possibly can at the expense of their patients pain and discomfort. I guess that explains why these people represent the majority of malpractice lawsuits. They are the worse, unless you go there for a headache, stomach ache or standard immunizations. Outside of that they are SH**!!!

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  • El
    elvis medina Sep 29, 2014

    I started going to Concentra here in northeast Philadelphia. And wow I was praying and asked God to reveal to me if I was being childish with my way of thinking about these peoples attitude and passive verbal abuse and lies. I suffer some injury in my wrist and they tell me that the only way to heal it is to keep working on what injured it to bring down the inflammation. But yes I'm going to get an attorney and see what is going to be their next step in this corrupt business Concentra and workers comp have going on. If I have to I will file a complaint to the my state representative and beyond. But people like these need to be exposed to the light!!! You can reach me if interested in starting a class action law suit against Concentra at [email protected] class action.

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  • An
    Angel K Nov 14, 2013

    This comment / complaint is directed towards Concentra's location in Berlin VT. I was injured at work and was directed by my employer to see the Dr. at Concentra. My experience there was sub par. They are very unprofessional. After my visit with the Dr. the receptionist was unfamiliar with a particular office code and argued with the Dr. right in front of me. The receptionist has a bad attitude. The Dr. wanted me to see their Physical Therapist. After my first visit, the following day I had bruises on my body. Upon my next visit I informed the Dr. of my bruises from the P/T and the Dr. stated that bruising is common after a P/T session. Concentra is the most unprofessional Dr. Office I have ever been too. I would NEVER let touch me again.

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  • Li
    Listeri69 Jul 24, 2013

    I had an accident in work which resulted in a torn meniscus on the right knee. I had to have surgery on this knee and i am still in recovery from it. They push me far to hard in 3 one hour sessions a week which leaves my leg shaking like the sort you get when you rest it on a nerve and it jutters this lasts for 20-30 mins afterwards, and i am told by the physio oh this will stop when we ice it it never does. I am often still shaking when I get in the car to be driven home by medical transport provider, who have often commented on it. i get home and my wife points out that my knee is swollen much larger now than it was when i walked out of the door to go there, the surgeon said to get some very gentle physio to help with the motion and to keep the muscles from stiffening up. this is aggressive therapy with the notion to get me back in work faster than is healthy for me, concentra, walmart who i work for and the insurer responsible for them have all phoned my house because my surgeon put me on a 4 week lay up after the surgery, and they all phoned asking if it would be possible for me to sit on a chair, walmart even went so far as to say i could have a stool to rest my leg on whilst i performed greeter duties at the door. they even asked me to come in to concentra so their quack doctors can evaluate my restrictions. I just refuse until i see my specialist surgeon who is appauled by the amount of physio and the exercises im doing and gets them to change it to a more moderate routine of stretching. I sense that none of the staff like me they are and have always been rude. including to my wife who phoned up today for the complaint below who was only trying to find out where I was because i hadn't come home at the usual time

    anyhow this isnt the real nature of my complaint i can handle that level of incompetance for the most part, but today saw me hiring a lawyer because i was asked to do an exercise on a stool with wheels I was to scoot the stool sat down with my good leg tooked under the foot rest bar on the bottom of the stool whilst my bad leg pushed me backwards a set distance then pulled me forwards. this stool was on carpeted flooring which ment that the resistance was quite fierce I scooted backwards which hurt a bit but nothing untowards, it was going forwards when the problem started the stool is hard to drag forwards due to the carpet and it gripped on the carpet and flew out from under me sending me flying forwards, I landed knee first on the floor, my good knee. naturally and in accord with the previous complaints I was unnattended at the time. they have 5 rooms and enough patients to fill 10 at any one time I ended up in hospital taken by the Ambulance I asked them to tell my driver what was happening, they said they had done. they didn't I got a call after I got home from these people and I had to appologise for abandoning my driver which annoyed me to put it politely The director or manager of concentra then had a go at the paramedics because they had put their stretcher infront of the door. this was the only place they could put it but she said they had to move it, fair play to the paramedic who just looked at her and said lady we will put it where we can best help our paitent. they then refused to help the paramedics with lifting me from the wheelchair I was now in. im no lightweight i am 300lbs and im 6'3 and the poor paramedic had to hold me up all by himself whilst the other paramedic shifted the stretcher underneath me. I was now in serious pain in both knees the director of concentra then said oh it looks like you've just sprained it. I refused to sign her paper as I couldn't see it which annoyed her even more their doctor was telling her that oh hes not fractured it because he can put weight on it. no I was being held up by a very nice paramedic who was 3-4 inches shorter than me and about half my weight and I was screaming. the paramedics asked the physio if they had an ice pack they could borrow to place on my left knee which by now was swelling up like a grapefruit. she said 'oh erm yes but we BETTER get it back, looking at me she said its your responsibility we get it back. I know I've torn the meniscus in my other knee the pain is the same as it was for the one I got surgery on, only an MRI can show you this though. the hospital did Xrays and told me near enough that not that I had torn it but that I will have to see my own doctor to get an MRI because it looks that way. Concentra phoned me up when I got back from the hospital and told me oh you've got a contusion and the Xray is negative you've not torn anything. so now Im contacting my lawyer incase the doctor tomorrow decides not to send me for an MRI.

    this place isn't a medical center its a place full of people who only work for the company your employed with they couldn't give a damn about you, or your health they can't even be bothered to give you personal attention. during PT sessions its always oh do 10 of these or 15 of these then they walk out of the room or away from the equipment. you can tell they are not watching by the fact they always ask oh are you done yet, or what number are you on. well this time i was on the floor in agony. I want a new doctor, new physios and I wouldn't recommend this place to my worse enemy

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  • Fo
    Fortytime Jun 21, 2013

    Ive been to Concentra about 3-4 times & every time I go there no matter what time of day it is there seems to be an extended waiting time no matter what your going there for. Today I went for a drug screen for a new job, I was told the wait time was 45 minutes. There were only 7 people in the waiting room. I waited over an hour & a half for a procedure that took less than 5 minutes to complete. Two people who came in after I did were called ahead of me which did not make sense at all. When I finally got up to go to the front desk the nurse says I'm next but at the same time I was after all next to the last person waiting. Ive been to several place to do drug screens & all of them are in & out procedures, nothing ever lasted over 15 minutes. Concentra is the worst place to ever have to go for anything. I will never choose to go there on my own. I checked in at 4:20 pm & my sample was collect at 5:40 pm. Once I went in it took less than 5 minutes. My experiences with this place is simply ridiculous. Hate is not the word for how I feel about this company..

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  • Mp
    mpow Feb 16, 2013

    I hurt my back at work on July 30, 2012 and I was sent to Concentra in Colorado. What an ordeal, I was diagnosed with a lumbar/sacral sprain. I'm not quite sure how they determined that because they never did any xrays. Even though I have an Xray/MA background I thought that was foolish.The Concentra doctor put me on Celebrex on 8/6/2012 and I started having some problems I developed a bullous phemighoid on my right hand which is a form of lupus that my mother had and I started having numbness and tingling in my right leg. I took myself off Celebrex around 8/27/2012 and the Dr. put me on Tinazidine for what he thought was muscle spasms. A week and half later I ended up in the ER because I thought I was had gallstones. I was in serious pain particularly in my right chest area and I had pain running down my right arm. It took the ER 4 hrs. to get an IV started and take blood. They finally took an Xray. Instead of finding galstones they found that I had bi-lateral pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in the lungs). My pulsox was at 84% and I ended up staying in the hospital for four days. To make a long story short blood clots can be caused by medications like Celebrex and hormone replacement drugs, they can also be caused by immobility from injuries and surgeries. If I had to do this over I would have gotten my own doctor, instead of the doctors for workmanscomp. The doctor who I saw released me back to work 3 weeks after I was diagnosed with pulmonary embolisms. I had just been to the ER again the night before having problems. When I went home from the hospital I was on Oxygen, I had to inject heparin into my abdomin 3X per day to thin my blood I had lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks. I am still on Coumadin and maybe for the rest of my life to prevent more blood clots. The Dr. at concentra said in his reports when he released me that I looked well hydrated and my skin looked good and I was breathing well. He never checked my lungs and my skin or my back. If he had he would have seen the huge bruises from every poke I had in the last three weeks. He falsified so much information in that report. These doctors are not there to help you, if I had to do it over again I would definitely got my own doctor. I almost died, if you question about a doctor you need to go to the board like DORA in Colorado and you can check on them. If you have a problem with them you can file a grievance and hopefully if your case is strong enough they will take action.

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  • Af
    afett Aug 02, 2012

    Concentra in Troy, Michigan is thee worst place on Earth. First, I went in for pee test and was told that it was a little to warm to be an acceptable sample. OK, withe nothing to hide I asked if I could do it again. The Nurse (if that's what you'd call her) told me I could wait up front until I was ready to go again & just not to leave thee Medical center. I decided to call my wife & stepped into the hall way on the other side of the BIG WINDOW as the place was getting crowded & hard to noisy. Still in complete view of the front desk and staff never leaving thee building. The so called nurse approached me & told me that the hallway is not considered part of Concentra. She told me they considered that leaving and had to write it as a positive & report it to the Employer. Concentra you cost me a FU(king job & slandered my name and for what? Fu#k you Concentra! I passed your waste of time physical, didn't actually test positive for drugs but got accused of being a drug addict for stepping in thee hallway to call my wife!! Someone put it best on a previews post when the said "Concentra is a joke, their like fast food meets health care"

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  • Mi
    mineli Sep 07, 2011

    I am so suing CONCENTRA KANSAS CITY MISSOURI the stff is rude and they greatly inconvenienced me by delaying with my results and lying that they mailed it, after 5 days went there, they gave me the results and to date 3 months later what they claimed had been mailed has not arrived! And now shock of all shocks I find out the results were wrongly explained and I needed them for immigration purposes! Now everything of mine is on hold thanks to their unprofessionalism.

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  • Ro
    roseyk Jan 18, 2011

    The exact same thing happened to my husband!!! But his was for cocaine... He has never done drug in his life! He just got promoted at his job and they day before the promotion went into effect he was fired. We were even denied unemployment benefits because of his reason for dischage was call "gross misconduct". I tell you what is gross about this whole thing, is someone else out there that is a drug user, has a job or still does because my husbands speciman was mixed up and we are suffering greatly for it!!!

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  • Sh
    shortemt1 Oct 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to Concentra for a random drug screen. I have never done illegal drugs. They told my employer that I tested positive for marajuana. I was fired from my job because Concentra made a mistake and mixed my specimen up with someone elses obviously. I had my own test done at another facility and was as expected all clean, and still lost my job. They are reckless with their patients and specimens. Watch out!!

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  • Jm
    JMM88 Aug 13, 2010

    I have something better than all of these complaints... I had to go to concentra for a new employment physical... After the physical was done they sent it off to TX to be evaluated by some doctor in Addison Texas. well that doctor failed me because I take a anti depressant! So Now I can not work until future notice. Ive had my doctor write a note upon their request
    so I could get this overturned and my doctor has written it and they have not done anything yet. My place of employment will only hold my job until like Tues or Wens of this week... they are doing nothing.

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  • In
    inkeddetroit May 27, 2010

    My first time going to Concentra back in Jan 2010 was when i slipped on hydraulic fluid landing on a truck hoist landing on my back. The doctor at Concentra said it was a Contusion of the lumbar region muscles at the level of L2 through L4 and sent me back to work. After that iv been telling my work that my back still hurts and i have been trying to get them to send me back after two mo's thay finally sent me back and got the same thing its a Contusion so at this time the doctor took me off work and gave me PT at there office after the first time being there the pain got worse. So i went to my own doctor telling them what happen thay right off the bat sent me in for a MRI and ill tell you what im so pissed off it was never a Contusion the MRI report came back as the L4-5 and L5-S1 shows small left lateral annuler tear.

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  • Th
    thortheviking65 Feb 26, 2010

    I recently took a spill at work and injured my knee.Was sent to concentra in grandview Missouri.
    the staff mispelled my name horribly and goofed on my address as well!how stupid. the clinician sees me and
    determines that the swelling must be a sign of an injury...she gives me an xray, some naproxyn and sends
    me next door for therapy! i cant move my damn knee, it hurts like hell and some idiot wants me to lie on my
    back while he twist my knee asking if it hurts! he then presses down on my knee trying to see how far it will
    extend...i told him to stop ;he did not so i doubled up my fist and told him again. after that he hooks me up to an electro therapy machine and proceeds to shock the hell out of me! WTF! i, m in pain you [censored]! I went and retained a lawyer the next day.

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  • Sn
    snowman359 Dec 14, 2009

    Wow, I feel I'm really lucky after I read all these comments here, because I only did my regular medical examination with them.

    I strongly agree they are rudeness and unprofessionalism. I was really frustrated when I left their office in east side of Madison. They made me drive 35 miles one way to just get a TB test shot and another 35 miles one way drive to get the result be read simply because they did plan well and let me had other medical test a day before. And I will need to drive there again to get my results. The other worst thing is they tried 6 times on my arms to get a test tub blood for testing, I consider myself a normal size person, and my veins are easy to find, for all my life I nerve had a nurse who need third try to get my blood out. However, they did, and they created my new record.

    If I had checked here earlier before I made an appointment, I would definitely not go there. So I post my experience here to hope people will not get my frustration again.

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  • En
    enemyoftheinept Sep 23, 2009

    Don't even get me started. I have been going to Concentra in Santa Rosa, since June for a work related injury caused by a bad fall and am not happy at all. My first visit they basically just tried to send me on my way with a "take two aspirin and don't call me in the morning" attitude. I had to insist on X-Rays. Many visits later after suffering Looong waits to be called and in longer waits being left in the "Doctors" office and many other idiotic and ignorant dianosis, they gave me 3 different pain medicines and a drug to buffer my system against the pain killers. The side effects were worse then the injury and the literature stated life threatening effects. The meds were given in-house and they would not prescribe what I asked for that I had experience before without adverse side effects.
    There have been numerous appointments were they were set and when the day came, they had no appointment on their roster. This last appointment was given to me last week to see a Dr. Alchemy, (yeah, spooky. Is that even his real name?) for some kind of "seperation" appointment where they try and get you to sign a sheet saying your need no more medical attention/ I show up and they tell me even though the appointment is set, "Oh, there must be a mistake, Dr. Alchemy does not work on wednesdays."
    These people are complete idiots and I have to wonder if they even graduated Medical school. Are they paid drones of the corrupt workman's Comp insurance or just the WalMart of medical services.

    I am hiring a lawyer.
    These people need to go.

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  • Do
    downtrodden Jul 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was injured at work in September of 1999. I went to see my doctor because of excruciating pain in my lower back that was so severe I could not stand. In four weeks, I went back to work voluntarily but was not able to perform many of the more physically demanding tasks associated with commercial HVAC service. The end result was surgery in January 2005, which was finally paid for by the workers’ compensation insurer. The road was a long and painful one I do not enjoy recalling. I was told by these Concentra hacks these were just the aches and pains of everyday living and normal for a man 44 years old.
    When I was only able to gingerly take short steps with one foot and drag the other even with it, all the while holding my breath until finally a misstep would knock the breath out of me and send me to my knees, the Concentra doctor (a medical [censored] for the insurance company) wrote in his report that my gait was “normal.” He said I had reached maximum medical improvement. That was not a fact but a prophecy. If you don’t do anything, I won’t get any better. Since you won’t, I guess I have reached MMI.
    These are the people that workers’ compensation insurers send workers to in order to BUY an opinion that no treatment is needed beyond rehab exercises. In all but the most obvious cases, that is their opinion. I required major surgery to fuse the three lowest disks and put titanium rods in my back but would never have gotten it in this network. I had already been denied further treatment countless times over a period of five and a half years. Concentra wrote the book on procedures to deny legitimate claims. Not one doctor outside their network agreed with their findings and I saw more than twenty.
    If your injury does not include gushing blood or protruding bones, it is best to lie about where you were hurt and turn it in under your employee health insurance plan. You need a doctor who is on YOUR side and cares about YOUR health. You do not need a doctor who is bought and paid for by the workers’ compensation insurance companies. His sole function is to get you back to work as soon as possible, regardless of your physical condition. He is paid NOT to be concerned about you or your rights.

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  • Ha
    havaseat Mar 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    your lucky, , i was refered to wanna be hand surgeon, inappropiate an done wrong unneccessary surgery followed by ligature, dead hand, 3 corrective surgerys over two years, an 8 mo therapy followed by drs resignation letter, , via mail, , lot more to, still beat up as result, an dying breath will be condeming them, to others

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  • Ks
    kscrwd Feb 21, 2009

    I agree 100% with your view of Concentra. After seeing a local physician for my work related hand injuryand was initially diagnosed as carpal tunnel, I was told by my employer that I had to go to Concentra, their panel physician. The front desk personnel or PT were ok but the physician? She asked me if the injury was caused from work and I responded yes I think it certainly is after 10yrs of repetitive keying at a computer and she cut me off and rudely replied "Don't tell me what your opinion is!" I'm in my 40's and shes talking to me like a kid? Well the malarkey didn't stop there. When THEY sent me to their guy to get an EMG he declared no nerve damage but I still have pain, numbness, tingling along with pins and needles sensation. So guess what after only 4 days of treatment, already approved for Worker's Comp I got to see another doctor I'd never seen before who decides I can go back to work with limitations. There are no limitations with my job as I work from home and have no access to the office which is 5 hrs away. There's only a second demotion, pay decrease if not able to keep up to speed and/or termination! Something I was threatened with when I was unable to keep up my production the first time due to the pain that later evolved into numbness, etc. Now if I go back I run the risk of performing at minimal level which in turn is not acceptable to this company. We won't even discuss how my vision has been affected. I got on the phone yesterday and spoke with an attorney who advised me to see another hand specialist because by law I was supposed to be able to select from a "panel" of six providers. not just the one option of Concentra. The attorney knows them well and he stated it is their business to get the injured party back to work regardless of the circumstances or ability of the patient to perform their duties. What a scam ! Now I believe the stories that the employer, insurance company and medical facilites like Concentra are all in this together!. Thanks for your story at least I know my complaint is valid!

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