SUBMIT A COMPLAINT, they taking money from my bank without my permission

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I don't really know where they cached me, as I do shopping online often, maybe argos, primose, secretsales... The question is then I never gave them my account number and neither I gave them permission to take me 15 pounds a month from my account, whats the point if they offer 10 pounds free discount, whats the point on paying. This people take your bank details from other companies, wich allow them to do it, that is a scam, internet need more rules, more safety for people, this is not legal, they sneaked on our bank, with a confusing information, even lying!, internet needs so much to improve, they toke from me 75 pounds, I went to the bank, as I don't trust this company anymore if they are capable to trick in that way (But the bank ask me to contact them, so I will do it), I explain everything, they gave me the money back and I think the bank will deal with completasavings, is horrible how completasavings works!. I asked the bank don't make any payment coming from that company. You have to be very carefull!!!


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      Jan 19, 2016

    I have just received my Barclaycard statement with £15.00 payment to these people I have never to my recall
    have signed up to this site I want my money back please

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