Zynga - Farmville 2no delivery, no support, no recourse

Farmville 2

The thread in their peer to peer support forum is closed. My issue is resolved according to Zynga.

Except it isn't.

I purchased an expansion pack on December 18th. When it hadn't shown up by the 21st, I looked at their known issues thread and found it was being dealt with. I went on vacation for two weeks. When I came back it still wasn't available. I figured it wasn't fixed yet. When I reached the level that qualifies me to expand on my own, over a month after purchase, I looked again, only to find the issue "resolved."

Funny, but I still can't get the expansion without paying my Favors and Farm Bucks and then completing an interminable task. The purpose of the expansion purchase is completely defeated.

Is there a way to contact Zynga by email about this? No. By support ticket? No. By phone? No. I am simply referred back to the "Help Options" link in circles, which only leads to a peer to peer bulletin board. I am livid.

The largest gaming company in the world should not have "limited resources" to the point they are unable to correct an issue involving real cash. Zynga should be embarrassed to carry such abysmal (and well earned) customer satisfaction scores all over the net.

If I were making money hand over fist, I think I'd rectify this ASAP so that I continued making money instead of losing cash paying customers in droves. Apparently, retention rates are inconsequential to this behemoth. There's always another sucker waiting in line.

Jan 22, 2015

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