Zenni Optical - Eye Glasses / rude behavior

United States

I ordered prescription glasses from Zenni Optical. After 2 weeks that had not arrived. E-mailed company. Was told they had recently been shipped. One week later, (a total of 3 weeks) still no glasses delivered. Called company . Man answers phone . I tell him that glasses were not delivered and give him order number. He states that his records show that they were delivered to my address by post office. I tell him that they have not arrived. He states in an abrupt snippity fashion: "I'LL GIVE YOU THE TRACKING NUMBER AND YOU CAN TAKE IT UP WITH THE POST OFFICE."
I am now in process of checking with postal office. I have found many similar complaints online about this company. I am hoping that someone from Zenni will READ THESE COMPLAINTS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PROBLEM, IN PARTICULAR THE RUDE BEHAVIOR OF THIS EMPLOYEE. I HOPE THAT THEY GET THE GLASSES TO ME.

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