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Hey. My name is katrina, I used to shop in zara every week. But for right now I changed my opinion about this store. It’s all because of my sad experience.
Security rudely stoped me by the entrance. Without of telling me the reason. Asked me for the recipe for my shoes which is I purchased the day before. I said that I don’t have a receipt with me, because I purchased my shoes yesterday. Like I understand the reason of why he stopped me it’s the short black thread on my shoes. While I been standing there he was talking to me very rude and disrespectful, like I really stole this item. He told me to take off my headphones so I can hear him the end of this, I left store very disappointed. I almost burst into tears. I had a lump in my throat!!! I love zara, but for right now I can’t even go to the store. Now I have depression and psychological trauma on the basis of this. Not sure if I ll ever do shopping again in zara. Thank you for reading this.
It’s happened on saturday, october 14, 2017. 8:55 pm. With the security guard kory. On 500 fifth ave, ny, 10110

Oct 16, 2017

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