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I bought a black puffy winter coat from Zara NY in October. Didn't wear it until November, when it started to get cold. After wearing it not more than 5 or 6 times, the zipper popped open in the front one day when I was unzipping the coat! It was completely broken. I was in D.C. at that time, so I went to Zara D.C. to return it. Since it was past 30 days, they wouldn't give me a refund but told me I could exchange it for something of GREATER value only. So I paid $20 extra for a longer, warmer puffy winter coat. I was pretty happy for about one week, until the front zipper got stuck at the bottom! I was able to pull it down, but part of the stuffing of the coat came undone in the process. Of course, after that, it gets stuck at the same place every time I unzip the coat, and the stuffing gets worse each time. Only two weeks has passed at this point. Then one day, I tried to unzip one of the side pockets to take out my phone, and the zipper got completely stuck so I had to wriggle my phone for 5 minutes to get it out of the jacket pocket! The zipper pocket is still stuck to this day. I took the coat back to Zara D.C. again and was told that "I need to be more careful" because this is the second time it has happened to me (!!!) The manager told me this is Zara's bestselling coat and they haven't had other complaints. They also would not give me a refund because I had exchanged the previous coat, so they said they could only let me exchange coats again. This company needs to be investigated for poor quality clothing. A jacket that lasts three weeks is unacceptable, and to blame customers for not being "careful" is almost comical (I have had a Northface puffy jacket in the past and NEVER had a problem with the zipper). Will not shop at Zara again.

Dec 04, 2013
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  • Nc
      Mar 31, 2014

    I live in UK and have also had same problem with zip splitting whilst wearing it. I took it back and they sent it to tailor for re-inforcing. Got another three weeks out of it when it happened again. Finally took it back yesterday and got a full refund. Apparently it is a known problem. Whilst there someone else was returning a different coat but with the same problem. Hopefully they can get this fixed before next season as I loved that coat!!!

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  • Er
      Oct 19, 2015

    My wife bought a Baby Boy Zara in the Chicago store last winter for our near 1 year old to grow into this winter as he approaches 17 months. She's been having zipper issues since he started wearing it 10 days ago. Well, today it broke. It's mid October and the jacket has been worn maybe 20 times. I managed to get the slider back onto the zipper because I have an awesome set of tools and skill-set. Then I realized the teeth were missing. Garbage. Don't by this stuff. Save your money or buy something else. Waz in Detroit

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  • Cs
      Feb 24, 2016

    I have a jumpsuit from them that I hadn't worn more than 5 times and today the front zipper broke while I was out. Luckily I was close to work and could wear a uniform home (while putting on the jumpsuit backwards until I got to work, glad I had a jacket with me too) since all the stores were nor closed in NYC. I won't be shopping at Zara again as they make too much money to have such shoddy zippers.

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  • Nl
      Apr 01, 2016

    Yes, I am from London. I love the style of Zara jackets but two different jackets also have zip problem, although the zips look smart they don't close after a short while.
    Zara need not to save money on this vital details.

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  • Ar
      Jan 26, 2019

    I am a big fan of Zara, but what the heck is wrong with their zippers? Almost everything I buy there, pants, skirts have defective zippers from Day 1. Usually the zipper goes up about two thirds, and stops right there. No amount of flattening, pulling, ironing helps it pass that point. And it is not because I buy a small size. Nope, sorry. Their zippers are defective, period.

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