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Lithonia, GA, United States
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My aunt and four of my sisters were shopping in the Stonecrest location, Sunday, February 19th, around midday. My aunt selected several jewelry items she wanted to use with her coupon, while my sisters and myself looked around the store.

As, the sales person was ringing up the sale, she went to address the manager with a question. But before the salesperson could even ask for the manager's assistance, she stopped her in mid-sentence and screamed across the store, "I am NOT HERE." She then rolled her eyes at all of us and kept doing what she was doing as if we were not in the store.

This store manager is very rude and this is not the first time I've been in the store to encounter her behavior of this matter. If she didn't want to help me as the customer or the salesperson, why is she even in the store? The manager is the lady with the red spiked hair and the two-inch fingernails. She was wearing a black jogging suit on this day, and a ton of jewelry.

The tall light-skinned lady was our salesperson, I think her name was Kathy. However, after the manager NEVER did come to assist her, she walked out of the store and didn't say anything.

I don't understand how a reputable company could allow a manager to be so disrespectful to the employees, as well as, us (the customers). I felt so bad for the employee after I left the store, where she has to work in a hostile work environment, I will be shopping at other locations going forward.

Feb 23, 2017

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