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I placed an order of two bikinis at the end of January (29/1 ), on 15 of January I received a shipping confirmation email, which was affirming me that one of two bikinis I ordered "had been shipped" while the other "was remaining to be shipped". Speaking to the quality it was poor, which was expected - its rare to find a company that combines both low prices with high-quality products. The point is that it is 20 of march and the product that was remaining to be shipped has probably lost its way to me, I haven't received any other confirmation email about it since then and I've stopped hoping of receiving it. However, I 've just sent a message to them on facebook about my situation claiming that their customer care service is awful and that their shipping times are also slower than a Lada of elephants going uphill.

  • Zaful Customer Care's Response, Nov 02, 2017

    Dear Elena, 
    Thank you for notifying us of your complaint.

    Sometimes, due to the stock issue, we will send the order into dofferent packages.
    We sincerely appreciate your understanding.
    We at Zaful offer standard or express shipping, which vary in shipping times. We will always do our best to meet the customers shipping needs. 
    For more details on shipping methods, please click here:
    All of our products follow strict quality checks and we always aim for our products to meet our customer's satisfaction.
    Kindly see here for details about our warranty and returns policies: 
    Please offer us your order number or you can email to [protected]@zaful com titled as "complain from Complaintsboard".

    Thank you very much for your collaboration.
    Best Regards
    Zaful Customer Service

Mar 19, 2017

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