Yves Rocherpurchased a serum vegetal eye cream, once at home the tube was completely empty (no cream at all).

On Sunday December 2nd, I purchased 2 items from the Yves Rocher store in Fairview Shopping center; Serum Vegetal, "wrinkles & radiance ultra-smoothing serum" and "wrinkles & radiance, aluminizing eye roll-on". I paid with a Store gift card (around $67) and the balance in cash. When I arrived home, I removed the items from their boxes and threw it away with the bill since it was not on credit. Thursday morning, I go to try the eye cream, as to my dismay to find the tube completely empty (not a speck of cream, just air). Then I returned to the store today (Friday Dec.7) and spoke to the manager. She mentioned that without the packaging or bill, they cannot replace it. I have been a loyal customer for many years and have a point card (#[protected]), I cannot believe that there is no way of retracing my transaction at this store. Clearly this is a defective tube!
The manager emailed someone to see what can be done, but I have no news. Please honor your products and replace my eye cream.
Ann Begin

Yves Rocher

Dec 07, 2018

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