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United Kingdom

On 13th September I ordered 6 dresses on line (for choice) paid for them, delivery was fine, only kept one dress and parceled others up and returned. When I received my email confirming partial refund only 4 dresses where on, I sent an email asking why the other one wasn't on (the most expensive one of £65.00). I received an email saying it would be looked into, had to chase up for an update, received another saying they where still looking into it, chased up again only to be told that the dress in question was not in the parcel and "would advise to double check at home to see if the item could have been missed." I messaged back saying that this was a complete insult, If I hadn't of returned the dress originally why would I be asking why I hadn't been refunded. I have used mail order for almost 30 years and never have I had an experience where something has went missing from a sealed parcel. I will continue as £65.00 is not something I am prepared to let go

  • Updated by Racnal, Oct 19, 2017

    Update:- After a few more emails Yours Clothing have paid me back the money as a "gesture of good will" which I am extremely happy about, however I did tell them to keep an eye on stock levels of this dress as it was most definitely returned - overall happy with outcome but will not use service again - I will return it to nearest store

Oct 16, 2017

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