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Not recommended website I used their services, but it was only waste of money and time. They took deposit and promised services and repair, but it was lie. They only tipped toed around the subject and told me ### about their services. Stay away from these scammers and post comments about your situation with them. As well as post comments about your things with them, it might be useful for other people.

Jul 27, 2014
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  • Ci
      Nov 03, 2015

    They scammed my 96 year old father and took his money but ruined the drivers side window panel. Not only was their so called qualified mechanic not qualified he was late every appointment, drove a rickety car, had no tools, I had to help him time our truck, ran to auto zone to get needed materials for him etc etc. This company is a joke and I highly suggest to everyone to stay away as they do not back up their mechanics work

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  • Ci
      Nov 03, 2015

    Here are photos of the great work yourmechanic does. Replacing a simple window pully resulted in the breakage of the control panel and armrest. Yourmechanic lied and said they would fix it but didn't !!

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  • Ci
      Nov 09, 2015
    Best Best Advice

    This is what they claim---- car owners can stay productive while a certified, insured mechanic repairs their car at their home or workplace. We enable car owners to avoid the logistical hassle of going to a repair facility. Since they are working directly with independent mechanics instead of shops and dealers, car owners can also save money

    working directly with independent mechanics. with a certified, insured mechant Lie!!! The mechanic they sent us didn't know how to time a truck or replace a window pully. His inability cost US money because yourmechanic decided to renige on their promise of FIXING their mechanics mistakes !!!
    Save money? Not when you have to go to a REAL mechanic to fix their mistakes and don't beleive them when they tell you they will fix any issues that their qualified-thats another lie and a laughing matter- made because they rather lose business then honor their promise

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  • Sa
      Jun 29, 2016

    What everyone is saying here is true? Beware of using - hey, if the job goes well then you are one of the few lucky ones but unfortunately it is more likely that something bad can happen. And now you are stuck dealing with a company thousands of miles away that literally does not care about how they damage your vehicle. We had someone from replace our brake pads. He did what mechanic's call "a slap job" meaning he just slapped the brake pads on, did not use proper lubricant, and did a poor job altogether. This resulted in overheating and warped rotors. He should have test drove the car and he did not...he should have recommended that we get new rotors or get them resurfaced at least and he did not. We, in fact, went out of our way several times to ask him about the rotors. He documented on the report that they were "excellent" - the next day and weeks later all we heard was loud squeaking from our brakes along with having to brake 300 yards or so before a light because the brakes were suspect. We got them checked at Meineke and they said he did a terrible job and quoted us $700+ to fix everything - this includes new brake pads AGAIN (not even a month after paying for new ones at YourMechanic) and now replacing the rotors too. Ridiculous! YourMechanic's warranty department is not interested in helping you, they are interested in paying the least amount and holding onto the least amount of accountability. They do not stand behind their service, they are not interested in making the consumer happy. This is not Uber, Uber almost never has an unsatisfied customer and look here - there are many unsatisfied customers for Stay away from this company, this is a bad business idea, and eventually someone is going to get hurt driving down the road on a car that was "repaired" by this company's mechanics who unfortunately operate with little to no accountability.

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  • To
      Aug 22, 2017 came to inspect grinding clutch noise and told me my car needed a new clutch but the company didn't provide those services, however, the mechanic said this is normal and his supervisor would authorize him to perform the job at his home. He said their towing company would pick the car up and that same day and have it fixed within a day. The mechanic came the same day and picked up my car and called and told me it was only a clutch plate that needed to be fixed and instead of $800.00 it would be a couple hundred bucks cheaper. The car broke 8 months later with the same problem as before and the mechanic had indicated the parts were brand new from Kia and that's warranty was one year. I called the company to get them to fix my car and they told me they could not find a service order for repairs (only the estimate) for $70.00. When explaining to them more, I was told that the mechanic (Kyle) was no longer working for them because he was caught doing side jobs and the warranty is not covered since I did not pay through This is someone that they sent to repair my car and somehow I am responsible for their bad hiring choices.My car is broken down in front of my house and has been for the last 30 days. I am a single working mother and spent over 570 dollars to repair my car that is now broken again.

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  • Jl
      Oct 22, 2018
    YourMechanic - Charging for services before rendered
    Mountain View
    United States

    I made an appointment for services and was charged a day before the service was performed. This was never explained as part of the business practice. I will not recommend your service for this reason.

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  • Cd
      Sep 17, 2019

    Horrible. They sent a mechanic to change my timing belt that did not have the proper tools and worse, never admitted that he did. Put my timing belt on wrong and left saying everything was ok. Took over a month of back and forths and extra charges before the company admitted to me that the mechanic did not have the proper tools and they finally sent someone else out. Now they refuse to refund me the extra money they charged.

    Appointment #3032745

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