YooxNon arrival of goods and failure to repay amount!

On 27th Nov 2016 I ordered a coat from Yoox. On 5th Dec 2016 their courier UPS sent a notification that they had delivered it to Liverpool, UK. IT was not so and I never received it. Yoox promised to investigate with UPS and said that would take 8 working days.

Today is 18th Jan 2017 and they still say they are investigating. As for UPS twice they have called to say they will attend the place of delivery, themselves. I went to meet them and on each occasion they did not attend.

Yoox's contact centre is useless. They cannot advise where the investigation is. They will not give you the investigation teams number and no one contacts you - you have to phone the contact centre. And I am 200 euro out of pocket.

Jan 18, 2017

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