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Ymax Communications Corporation / Fraud and rip off!

223 Sunset Avenue #223,Palm Beach, FL, United States Review updated:
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I received the product today in the mail. I attempted to set it up, it is supposed to be plug and play. It never worked. There is no contact number, no address, etc. only a chatroom. I attempted several chatroom conversations with two representatives from 6 pm to 9:50 pm PST. They did nothing, ignored my requests for help and said, there's nothing we can do. I kept reiterating that basically too bad. I asked for a manager, I asked for an address, I asked for a corporate number, they refused and disconnected the chat conversation. I researched the company information, they don't exist at the address they indicated, it belongs to a woman.

When you call their so called 800 that I found after researching the web, it rings to a non-existing number that goes to a circuit busy. When you check their domain registration, they do not list a name or contact, they registered as private. When you research online, they were denied in the state of Alaska, showing networth of $1k. I believe they are a scam preying on people and taking their money not providing any kind of service that they claim.

I saved a copy of the chatroom conversations with the 'so called technical reps' who for almost four hours, did nothing and basically said, 'Oh well.'


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  6th of Nov, 2006
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Communications with corporations - Faintly-extremely hard to understand
United States

As many times as I call on the telephone business companies about the business, that is how many times I get bum communications, i.e. the person on the other end of the telephone:

Sounds very faintly-extremely hard to understand. I hang up. No communication with the company I do business with. Will avoid such companies.

Speaks too fast, and.....

Everyone, man or woman, has an accent hard for me to understand. I repeat: I avoid doing business with these companies. Alas it is not very possible. Almost all companies in America do it. When are we going to start being Americans, instead of being the slaves of the allmighty buck and loose our identity in the name of this unpatriotic bad habitf?
  13th of Apr, 2008
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YMax ... magicJack

Customer Rebuttal Report

My initial 'chat' service contact with magicJack was very unsatisfactory with a wasted time and no correction over a 2 hour 21 minute period. I shared the same frustration and anger that this comoplaint duplicated by an anonymous 'Want Justice - A Town, Kansas' ' at [redacted]er and expressed 2 June. However, it is only fair and honest to rebute that YMax and magicJack is NOT a RipOff nor Scam.

My initial contact was also useless and I understood the system better than customer support. Representative additionally often kept asking the same question over the 141 minute period that I had already replied. I have since discovered, prior to my follow-up with YMAX/magicJack that proactively that agent no longer works there.

Besides the endless waste of time and poor service, the one 'fix' suggested 100 minutes into the call caused worse problems. Not only was the VoIP HW & SW unreliable, if I turned it on it could freeze my computer and give me a total lock-out.

I allowed a couple days to calm down and then also googled the corporation. I found sufficient contact information and politely messaged a senior manager and copied executives. My correspondence summarized my issues and included a copy of the original contact 6 June.

In less than an hour I was contacted by their technician with a fix that took 10 minutes to complete. I would bet that a complete re-install will correct most problems once the initial account is correctly set up. I had tried to re-install serveral times, yet it appears that the secret is deleting a hidden magicJack directory in the Application Data section of your Windows ID under Documents and Settings ... e.g. C:Documents and SettingsUSERIDApplication Datamjusbsp Remember that unless you are set up to display hidden/system files you won't find MJUSBSP.

I deleted the directory and reinstalled. It would harm no user to do the same although you would lose any data/logs/phone numbers you might have. Since that quick fix, I have had ZERO problems - all systems have worked very well. I used both regular phone and PC headphone to make phone calls to throughly test magicJack. Audio quality is outstanding, far better than my experience with other VoIP services or cellphones (global GSM carrier).

The frustration is real - the initial customer service was digraceful, BUT YMax is not a scam nor ripoff and service can be excellent. I am in no way associated with YMax or magicJack. Just thought the record should be accurate.

Now I have free calls to US and Canada prepaid for 5 years at $12.50 a year after inital investment. I do a lot of international travel and it will save me hundreds of dollars if not thousands. And I really like the flexibility of being able to use either PC or regular phone to initiate calls.

I am now a very delighted customer.

"Not all those who wander are lost" - J.R.R Tolkien
  20th of Apr, 2008
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I just got out of my latest chat session with Magicjack and have been told the same thing I was told 3 weeks ago in regards to my refund. They received my returned item on 03/27/08 and I have been getting "jacked" around since. My Magicjack wouldnt work and I went thru all the steps suggested by tech support which even included me spending more money. They have acted as if you cant get a replacement and like they havent received my returned item when I have a delievry confirmation showing otherwise. If the owner is such a rich guy why does he have a problem refunding for a defective product? I was looking forward to using this and referring others to try, but right now I am speeaking out against it in all ways as I have experienced for myself. I dont recommend anyone to buy this for at least another couple years and maybe they can get things in order if the company lasts that long.
  21st of Apr, 2008
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I have paid for, and never recieved my magic jack order for two units. I have spoken to the support team on four separate occasions. They have quite a bit of difficulty speaking and/or writing. They have done nothing but give me the run around and I have spent over four hours of time regarding trying to find out what happened to my order which was done and paid for on February 11, 2008. I have not recieved anything as of this writing and I am totally frustrated. My take would be for those who might be interested in this type of unit to look elsewhere. This is an operation that is in dissarray and shame on you if you consider ordering one of their units. If you still choose to order a unit "caveat emptor" - buyer beware.
  22nd of Apr, 2008
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The thing that the Magic Jack people don't tell you is that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) MUST HAVE TCP PORT #80 TURNED ON.

Many ISPs (including mine) have TCP 80 turned off because it is one of the most popular routes for viruses to be introduced into systems.
They also disable it because it is used for peer to peer networks and uses up a tremendous amount of bandwidth.

The TECH HELP person kept saying "not to worry. just ask your ISP to turn it on and they will.)
No they won't!

Also, after the MAGIC JACK TECH HELP people had me mess with my computer trying to get the thing to work my USB ports appear to be non-functional.

I sorta' smelled scam or bullsh*t when I saw the ad on TV and their website doesn't make me feel very good either.

I have already sent in the info for a RMA and I want a refund.

The Magic Jack is TOTAL PIECE OF SH*T!
  4th of May, 2008
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Company contact that consumers may use for complaints or inquiries:
Toll Free:


Company Services

YMax Communications Corp.
5700 Georgia Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Phone: 561-586-3380
Fax: 561-586-2328
Email: peter.russo@ymaxcorp.com

Customer Contact:
Michael Shippey, Customer Service Manager
5700 Georgia Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Fax: 561-586-2328
Email: michael.shippey@ymaxcorp.com
  4th of May, 2008
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"dotto" to everything above!!! not only can I not reach any one to send this back, after the 3rd day of using it ..i finally got my credit card statement where they charged me a whopping $133.70 !!! what's going on with these infomercial bandits! what's being done, and how do i get my money back?
total ripoff...I need answers...HELP!!!
  4th of May, 2008
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received magicjack within 2-3 days. at first it would not install onto my computer. after a friend backed up some files in on my computer magicjack worked perfectly. If you are having problems email or call me at 3058960151, swcworldwide@bellsouth.net
  5th of May, 2008
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IF you are having any REAL problems with ANY provider of a PUBLIC UTILTITY Service... which Magic Jack is doing ... just forward your written complaints to the Public Utility Commission (PUC) in your State. Then CC a copy of that communicaitn directly to some the companies executives (like those shown below) and then wait for the phone to ring with them jumping through their corporate butts to help you OR... if they don't, THEY COULD LOSE THEIR JOBS because the PUC is going to shut down the company IF they do not better serve the Public.


Public Utility Commission
CLEC Report
Tracking No: CL060004
Type: Corporation Status: Active
Approved: 02/02/2006 Relinquished:


Provider Type: Facilities-based & Resale Cert Serv Area: Entire State of Texas
Local Call Svc: No Service
Dome. Long Dist: No Service
Inter. Long Dist: No Service


POTS: No Service ISDN: No Service
ADSL: No Service HDSL: No Service
SDSL: No Service RADSL: No Service
VDSL: No Service OPT SVCS: No Service
T1 Pvt Line: No Service T1 Fract: No Service
56K Switch: No Service Frame Relay: No Service
Wireless: No Service Long Dist: No Service


Service Area Notes: Entire State of Texas

Mailing Address


Primary: Mailing / PO Box
P.O. BOX 6785

WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33405-6785
Main: 561-586-3380
Alt: 888-230-0060
Fax: --
Email: russop@magicjack.com

Agent for Process

DALLAS, TX 75201
Main: 214-979-1172
Alt: --
Fax: 214-754-0921

P.O.BOX 6785

Main: 561-586-3380
Alt: 888-230-0060
Fax: 561-586-2328
Email: russop@magicjack.com

XX, FL xxxxx
Main: 561-586-3380
Alt: 888-230-0060
Fax: 561-586-2328
Email: russop@magicjack.com

PO BOX 6785

WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33405-6785
Main: 561-586-3380
Alt: 888-230-0060
Fax: 561-586-2328
Email: russop@magicjack.com

Company / Physical

Main: 561-586-3380
Alt: 888-230-0060
Fax: 561-586-2328
Email: russop@magicjack.com

Authorized Rep

Main: 407-740-3031
Alt: --
Fax: 407-740-0613
Email: sthomas@tminc.com

Associated Names



Identification Numbers


Certificate: 60744
Date: 02/02/2006

Date: 01/23/2007
Note: AMENDMENT - Contact/Address Updates.
Filings: Other
  5th of May, 2008
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There service was a ###ING JOKE . The techs could not find ther ### with an instruction manual.
These are the things which don't work
1. International calling
2. 911 Service
3. putting money into an account for international calling.
4. Getting questions answered such as can I use my origional phone number for magicjack?
5. how do you fax with this piece of ###!
7.changing info on 911 service doesn't work
8.They hire ###S for service agents
9.how can 3-way calling be done on out-going calls?
10. These ### CAN"T afford to buy a telephone
11. The guy who set up the company needs a major enema
  9th of May, 2008
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Danny Brown:
I'm using Verizon DSL, which blocks port 80, but MagicJack works fine.

All others:
First of all, we get what we pay for. But MJ gives more than the money, IMO. $40 for the first year, $20 per year after -- for unlimited call in US/Canada is worth a shot, and it's working great for me. I sometimes hear static noise, but it's better than other VOIP I experienced, and...it's freaking cheap. Installation was extremely simple on my Vista Home Premium.

I'm in technology industry. Developing and getting products out for dirt cheap price is one thing, and supporting is another thing -- it's very very expensive. When you talk some support person for one hour, that cost company a lot -- not worth for $40 product.

Think about it. If they sell it expensively, I'm sure you will get very good support from them. Anything with dirt cheap product, don't expect high quality service/support from any companies. I'm sure small percentage of people are not happy -- due to their service, and due to the product itself. From companies perspective, unfortunately, especially with dirt cheap product-start up companies-- investing to satisfy that small percentage just don't worth it. If 80+% is happy, then it's good enough. And this product is getting so popular, I'm sure the volume of calls/emails they're getting is increasing rapidly, and they can't handle it.

- International call works fine.
- They don't guarantee FAX. If you know technology, you'll know why. I don't see many VOIP company support FAX.
- At many companies, support/service agents are not different from you. They get trained, and read scripts on their computer. They probably make much less than you do. We'll end up talking to support people in foreign countries -- India, Africa, Singapore, etc. You want high quality product, support, smart support agents? Pay more. And any one who is "experts" will not answer your calls, but probably manage those people who answer your call
- There is "unofficial magicjack forum" -- user supported community board stuff. That's the trend these days, folks. Supporting each other, company keep the cost down, you get dirt-cheap product.
- This is NOT public utility company.
  13th of May, 2008
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I had issues with error 3, my isp does not block or turn off ports..I resolved the issue, but I had to do it a certain way..the magicjack is awesome..if anybody needs help call 914-930-0049, I will do my best to help you get it to work..

The majority of issues are peoples PC's, not the magicjack...

If you call ask for the Doctor..so I know you need help
  15th of May, 2008
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I completely agree with Danny Brown's comment -- you get what you pay for! I ordered 2 MJ units and received them within 3 days. I've installed both, one on a desktop and one on my laptop and they work great! Sure, they may be a bit choppy at times and may not be as clear as a traditional landline, but they are also hundreds of dollars less per year than standard landlines or cell phones!

I'm amazed how many whiners there are out there! Perhaps the documentation isn't as complete as it should be, but I'd be willing to bet that the folks who complain the most are the ones who don't bother to read the instructions anyway.

My compliments to the MagicJack developers and their staff. This is still a relatively new company and as the customer base grows, I'm sure improvements will follow. I bought my first cell phone in 1984 and the service was spotty and unreliable, but look at it now!

For all you whiners and complainers out there, find a friend who knows a little bit more about computers than you do and have them give you a hand getting the product to work if you're having problems. For all the folks who are contemplating purchasing MagicJack -- Give it a try! For the $39 initial cost including a year of service, you won't be disappointed.

Yes, Danny Brown's comment above is right on the money -- most of the problems are either related to your computer or your Internet Service Provider. The rest of the problems you may encounter could probably be resolved if you just read the instructions!

Great Product -- I give it a 10!
  15th of May, 2008
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Btw, I'm "Keith" :-) I was replying to Danny.

Some info for who's having problems, especially about noise, statics, choppy sound:

- You should have broadband service that is fast enough, and if you're download a lot of files or using p2p in the background, it'll use up the bandwidth that MJ needs.
- Look up your router manual. I've played around a bit with it, and it's better than before. You'll find an ideal setting for VOIP.
- Callee complained a lot that my voice was so low: select MENU -> volume/headset control. Then adjust volume for mic.

I LOVE IT. It's even better now.

You get your local phone number andvoice mail for $20 per year? The voice mail comes in my gmail box as in WAV so I can listen to it anywhere -- this is GREAT! I really hope they stay in the business for long time.

I also use free fax services (there are several, but I like this service that sends me in PDF format via email; incoming fax for free), and there's this free outgoing fax service with advertisement on first page, and 5 faxes per day (per email address; they send confirmation email) -- I'm really thrilled to have cheap voice phone/voice mail, free fax services, free email from Google... I'm very happy. :-D
  16th of May, 2008
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Sorry about that "Keith" !!

Regarding your comments on the router -> I, too, tweaked my router configuration and it has made a noticeable difference.

Also, for those having quality problems, go to "http://www.dslreports.com/tools" and use the "Tweak Test" tools to analyze the TCP/IP configuration on your computer. Not only will it help with the MagicJack quality, but will improve your overall internet connection speed and reliability.

By the way -- I am in NO WAY connected with the MagicJack company, or any of its employees. I'm just another satisfied customer who has already recommended this product to several people!
  21st of May, 2008
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I ordered this, got it and they took the money 4 days before I even got the item...I didnt like it sent it back and god knows there was no phone number to call and you cant get customer service online...so I sent it registered mail., , they got it 3 days later...then today I was looking in my checking account, and they took another 49.00 out of my account...I am filing a law suit against them...they are theives...now they are stealing money from people...they wont answer calls on the service on the internet...and there is no phone number to call and complain...my bank is standing behind me on this since day one...when they took the first amount so now they owe me over 100.00 and I better be getting it back into my account..I have news connections and I am sure they don't want to be slapped over the tv...which I will do if I don't get what is rightfully mine...This company is a joke as far as I am concerned...My husband is an attorney so I know he will agressively go after this...
  28th of May, 2008
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I just received it but have not installed it.

First off, I tried to exit the 'order comfirmation' page (after having filled in the card account number) by simply using the 'close' button (you know that 'x' button) but their system flashed up a message saying 'order confirmed' before the page dissappeared. (I had decided to check out Skype first.)

Essentially, I consider this a deceptive practice but, none the less, I am interested and will try the product.

Wish me luck,
  10th of Jun, 2008
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I just received my MagicJack and it installed flawlessly. But to my horror it has just dawned on me that my next door neighbor will have to pay a long distance charge to call me. I had to choose an area code out of my state as my state is one that is not on the setup list. How are you folks getting around this fact of life or are you just accepting it?
  10th of Jun, 2008
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I ordered the Magic Jack on 5/15/08 after seeing it advertised on TV. The ad on TV stated that you may use it for 30 days BEFORE your credit card is charged. My bank records show that my credit card was charged the exact same day (5/15) as it was ordered!!! Of course I called the toll free number where I ordered it and it was an automated call center. I then went online to www.magicjack.com and there is not a telephone number for customer service.

The Magic Jack will NOT work on my computer and it has been almost a month now. I finally located a toll free number which gives a recording to go a website and click customer service if you need help. That does not work for me because I do not have a password!

I want a refund in the amount $47.90. This is a total rip off... should have realized it! How do they receive any type of award or recommendation, endorsement, etc.?
  9th of Jul, 2008
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It sounds like this company is a real class act. I do not have any experience with their product or services. However, I have started an "investigation" into this company to try to resolve a different matter. I, and apparently hundreds of other people, have been getting harrassing phone calls, mostly on cell phones. The scenarios are all the same. One of at least these 3 phone numbers, (all 3 have called me)
305-848-1247, 916-706-5324, or 614-754-0176 call. If they respond to you at all, they start out saying that they are calling in reguards to your credit card ending in XXXX. Since you have been such a good customer, you qualify for a free gas card, then want your personal info. They have been known to call people up to 10X per day many calls being after 10pm. Some people have been affected by these "terrorists" for up to 6 mos. I myself have been dealing with them for 6 wks or so. If you tell them to remove your number from their list they become very beligerent and rude. If you ask to speak to a supervisor they cuss and swear at you. If you cuss or swear at them, they hang up and put you on redial and can call you up to 10x in a row if you let them. There seems to be no escaping them. They are in the truest sense of the word, harrassing you. I call them terroists because they all have a heavy mid-eastern accent and that is just what they are behaving like. I finally got fed up with it all last night at 1100pm and googled the phone numbers. They all trace back to Ymax Communications Corp. owned by Daniel Borislow aka MadJack. How very disappointing that corporate America has succomed to such tactics to terrorize it's citizens in such a childish yet totally frustrating manner. If anyone knows of how to deal with such shananigans, please look up 305-848-1247 on the internet and answer some prayers. I myself am turning in complaints to the FCC, FTC, BBB and the Florida Attorney General: Bill McCollum.

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