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[Resolved] Yes Communities/independence Station / manager/tyrant

1 301 Sue Ellen Independence Mo. 64056Independence, MO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 816-796-0600

Do not move here. The manager is a tyrant. You can't fix your car in your own driveway. Your kids can't ride bikes/skateboards in the streets or even have toys in the yard. You can't let your cat outside or she chases it around and tries to haul it off if she catches it. If your grass gets any taller than 4 inches you get a letter giving you until immediately to mow it or else. You put a basketball hoop in your driveway or a kiddie pool in your yard even if it is out of site. She drives around the trailer park in a huge 4 wheel drive truck almost running people off of the road and then going to the persons home and cursing at them/blaming them for being in the way. She has done this to me, my visitors, and other people that live in the park. Last summer we had some trouble with teenagers and were told we were not to call the police no matter what [because I did]. We were told to call her and she would handle it. My family has lived here for years, [long enough that our home is paid off] and haven't had any problems until the present manager started working here. She is the third manager since we have lived here. It costs at the very least $ 2000.00 to move a mobile home. So if you can't afford to move your home DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! If you do your stuck And you will regret it. I do.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • YES! Communities Customer Care's Response, Jul 26, 2013

    YES! Communities prides itself on providing affordable, community living for families of all backgrounds and walks of life. YES! follows all Equal Housing Opportunity guidelines and is proud of the diverse nature of their communities. YES! Communities enforces their Community Living Guidelines equally amongst all communities and all residents; these guidelines must be agreed upon by each resident before moving into a community. YES! Communities guidelines address items such as vehicles being parked only in designated parking areas, restrictions on vehicle maintenance in driveways, late fees and other repercussions for late payments, and the resident’s responsibility to keep their yard in compliance with all guidelines. That being said YES! Communities operates 181 communities across 17 states with over 46, 000 home sites and we encourage all residents to reach out to our home office customer service at if they see guidelines being violated by other residents. YES! Communities has been voted the Manufactured Housing Institute’s Owner and Operator of the Year for four consecutive years and we take pride in this honor and will continue to improve and provide excellent service to our residents. If any resident has a concern that they feel their community office is not handling properly we encourage them to contact the home office at and they will receive a prompt response in order to reach a resolution as soon as possible.

  • YES! Communities Customer Care's Response, Apr 13, 2016

    To the prospect that was considering moving into Independence Station but reconsidered,

    We are sorry to hear that the complaints of anonymous residents that refuse to provide us with information and details around their issues have detoured you from looking into our community. That being said we always encourage residents with issues or concerns to reach out to our home office customer service department with details and information that we can use to look into the issues further and work to resolve. Unfortunately many of the residents that post on these types of online complaint boards have no desire to get their concerns resolved, they simply want to voice frustration in an anonymous fashion. At YES! Communities our #1 priority is listening to our residents and working to resolve any concerns or issues they have, but unless we have specific details and information we are unable to do so. We wish you the best of luck on your housing search.

    Thank You!
    YES! Communities

  • YES! Communities Customer Care's Response, Mar 06, 2017

    Concerned Ang,
    We are sorry to hear you are unhappy at the community. That being said, the community manager simply enforces the Community Living Guidelines per our company's policies and procedures. All residents are required to read and sign the Community Living Guidelines in agreement prior to moving into the community. We understand that community living is not for everyone and that it may not be a fit for you, but we stand behind our management team at Independence Station.
    Best Wishes, YES! Communities

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  • Yo
      16th of Mar, 2010
    -2 Votes

    your lease may prohibit the repairs of motor vehicles on site. not only is it dangerous, but unsightly. you should know better and should have read your lease and ask questions prior to signing. any type of pool has always been against policy. the liability alone should deter anyone from placing a wading pool or other swimming containers in an unsecure area. nothing wrong there. as for the toys, when your children are through playing with them, put them away. in a shed or the home. and your cat should not be allowed to roam. who wants to hear cats screaming and frighting. who wants to smell their urine and poop. be considerate of your neighbors in that regard. as for her driving around in her hugh vehicle, and her unprofessional behavior towards guests and residents, report her to the corporate offices. do this often enough and they will listen. it is your right to contact your local law enforcement agencies should you need to. she can not limit your communication. as an adult, you should be able to make decisions for yourself. and after making those decisions, be sure you can live with them. i have been a property manager for many years. i have never treated any resident or guest in an unprofessional manner. change can only be broought about by concerned persons that are willing to actualy take charge and make change happen. did you know you have the right to hold and establish a neighborhood watch? do you know that you have rights? they were established by HUD and they do include home owners in mobile home communities. do some research, know your rights as well as your obligations. then you will have a stronger voice when the time comes to complain.

  • Se
      29th of Mar, 2010
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    I also live here it is a nice community well kept yards nice clubhouse, pool, basketball courts great neighbors.. How ever the are some HUGE issues going on here . I have spoke with many of my neighbors and they have spoke with theirs as well and these are some of the things I continue to hear and experienced myself. The water bills here are a big area of concern they bounce wildly ranging between $20 per month to well over $200 per month. Many of us have questioned this only to be told "you must have a leak somewhere"for those who rent a maintenance person never arrives to "check" it out tenants are just stuck with the bill. For those of us who own we have called plumbers and paid the fee to have them come out only to be told there are no leaks. When you call the office to let them know the results they tell you" they are wrong and must have missed something" the next month you get a normal bill huh I guess we having fairy that fixes our leaks while we sleep..The next issue is getting maintenance to do ANYTHING if you call you are told "they are to busy getting their rentals ready" I'm sure their are many because people are moving out left & right due to the above mentioned problems as well as the manager being a tyrant. The manager dos ride thru here in her big red truck I have heard and seen her yelling out the window at people going to doors getting nasty she is on a power trip. some homes have only enough room in the driveway to park 1 car if you have a quest stop by and they park on the street prepare for a butt chewing she wants them to park at the office and walk to your home..And if they own an older car and have to push the gas pedal to start it they will be banned from the park . The rules only apply to some and not others & prepare to pay hell if you are the one she targets she's like a pitbull on fresh meat. Now if you sent your Husband or boyfriend to the office you can expect a better outcome because if you put a man in her sights she drips honey. I agree we need to pull together as a community to get Ms, Dictator out of here
    but to stand alone to do so means her sights are on you next.. I am hoping this forum may help us ban together to get something done.(I am still researching our options) Here are a few numbers for Yes communities main office. 303 483 7300 & 303 483 7172 their fax line is 303 468 0525 also we all need to locate our water meters and keep an eye on them our selfs I will be giving this link to our neighbors and friends and keeping an eye on this sight any suggestions from any one would be wonderful

  • Re
      1st of Apr, 2010
    +3 Votes

    If we can get enough people to write complaint letters we can probably get rid of her. I will guarantee she will be causing problems this summer. And i'm not talking about pulling a motor or having your car up on jack stands for days. I'm talking about a simple oil change, changing a battery or a headlight. And as for the kids toys they should not have to put them all away while they come in for lunch, to get a drink or use the bathroom. And as for the cat, you can't keep them inside 24/7. You should be able to let them out occasionally for a little while. You can't make a move here without fear of eviction. It is held over everyones heads. SeekingTruth if you can get anyone to write letters I will include them in with mine. They don't have to be signed. I will explain in my letter that people are afraid of retribution and don't want to give their names without a written guarantee that they will not be evicted. If you can do this I will let you know how to get them to me.

  • Se
      4th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have yet to get back out into the neighborhood i have been so busy let me work on that and will get back with you

  • Re
      6th of Apr, 2010
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  • Ha
      15th of Apr, 2010
    -5 Votes

    I love the park!!! I have only lived here for a year, but they have Christmas parties, Easter Egg hunts and other fun functions for the people that live there. I find that following the rules, just might keep you out of managements way. And unless you have ever been a manager you have no reason to talk bad about this one. She is very friendly and helpful ( the whole staff is)!!! I must say that this winter the park was kept clear of snow and ice and this spring the flowers and the lawns have already been taken care of. I would never second guess moving here... best choice we ever made... VERY HAPPY!!! Most of my problems occur with people like you living next to me. Drinking and yelling and fighting and acting like children!!! So if you want to live in a nice place and have nice things around you, maybe YOU!!! Should clean up your ACT and ACT like ADULTS and not children!!! Again the manager and the staff are GREAT!!! 2 thumbs up and 5 star service!!! Thank you YES! for doing your part in keeping a clean and SAFE place for me and my family to live!!!

  • Se
      16th of Apr, 2010
    +3 Votes

    She obviously has not set her sights on you yet . Further more I don't drink or fight. You have no clue who I am or what I have done for a living so it's not your place to judge me only GOD can do that. You must not have got a real wopper of a water bill yet either. Do you have huge pot holes in front of or around your home ? Oh I know now they have huge circles around them now, but they have been there for 3 years. Talk to me again when you have been here a few years..

  • Ha
      17th of Apr, 2010
    -4 Votes

    Independence Station is a great place to live. Not sure what the deal is, I have been here 10 years and have never had any real problems. Water bill is normal, I see the potholes, but slow down and drive around them. I enjoy the park. I think the manager is a good person and a great manager. She does have a nice big truck, but who really cares... I see a alot of people driving crazy and feel that more speed bumps are needed.

    There is no street parking, no broke down cars, nice lawns, the cats should be kept in and so should dogs. Some people have very mean dogs and they have been taken way, to keep the park a safe place to live. The road are cleared in the winter. I own my home and would not want to move it out of here, no reason too. I do my own work on my house, because I am a home owner.

    In ten years I have had 2 problems. My shed and Christmas lights. But I understand and took care of the problem in a timely manner. I don't want to live white trash and see cars broke down or up on blocks of weeks or months at a time. Or smell cat or dog poop or pee.

    I think she does her job and she does it very well. It is nice to know she makes some mad or upset, that meens she is doing her job. We can't all be happy all the time.

    And here is my husbands comment:

    When I work on our cars ( which is in the drive way) I have the parts that I need and before anybody has a chance to complain I am done. Everybody wants to ### about something, maybe you should just shut up and leave. If this place is that bad and your broke A** can't afford 2000 bucks ( that you said is needed to move your home) to get out of here, then you are the white trash that we don't want here anyways. Go move to Manchester and I-70 you POS.

    As long as we pay our bills and keep our house maintained we have no issues. As a for the comment about her dripping honey, I was very offened as a man. She is respectulf to both my wife and I.

    Get a life or put in an application to see if you qualify for the job...

    God Bless and Have a Great Day

  • Ha
      17th of Apr, 2010
    -4 Votes

    Some of my neighbors don't have email or internet... The 10 year homeowner posted under my name and We will call them. " man and wife" as for me I am still a happy home owner.

    My comment to Seeking Truth...

    God is the only person judging you. And you should be ready to take the good with the bad. I think there are a number of people that are happy to live here... I say 20 to 1, I can only say that after talking to others that live here... So I must not live on your street, because I talked to everyone I live by. As for the potholes, REALLY??? Tell me something we don't know, as for them being there 3 years, that is just silly. They should have been fixed. But drive anywhere these days and you will find potholes...

    So are you ready for this? I have been a manager for 10 years and here is the old saying "If you have one bad thing to say to or about someone, you should be ready to have 3 good things to say" So what are your 3 things?? Do you like the pool??? The playground?? the park parties??? Do you like the fishing pond?? What about the snow removal??

    I will be more than happy to talk to you or anyone else anytime.

  • Wh
      17th of Apr, 2010
    -4 Votes

    Been here 5 years... I like it hear. And feel like I have nothing to complain about.

    like the staff and the area.

  • Se
      27th of Apr, 2010
    +3 Votes

    The park is beautiful neighbors are great she is on top of things I will say that. As far as the pot holes tell the neighbor kid who hit the pot hole on his bike and took a trip to the hospital to slow down.. I have NO problem with the speed bumps other than the one at the front as no matter how i try to cross it i always scrape the bottom of my car& agree we need more. I get along with every one here as far as being a POS I won't even comment on that, am not on here to make enemy's we all have to live here my complaint is the water bills.. I keep and maintain a beautiful yard & home. I don't have parties no fighting have no cars up on blocks. All I want to know is Why my water bill spikes a couple of times a year.

  • Ye
      15th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    You are allowed to change the oil in your car... that is in your may make minor repairs... (former employee) Yes! this company sux!

  • Do
      9th of Mar, 2011
    +4 Votes

    The manager here is a tyrant. I manage a company myself and she has no sense of management ability. She confuses numbers when drafting out of accounts and screams at us for her mistakes. I do not yell, fight or drive too fast through the community, yet she continues to have something to [censor] about. I have no room in my driveway to park two cars in the driveway. She tells me I need to park at the office and walk home or else. I specifically asked about this before I moved into this community and her assistant said it wouldn't be a problem. It is. She comes to my door red-faced and starts yelling at me for parking on the street on my lunch break from work and I clearly point out 3 other cars on the street. You want to know what she said to me? "They have permission." When I asked her why they have permission, "They just do, move your car." This woman is on a power trip and once she deems she does not like you, she will find ways to make you some sort of a target. It's immature to the max. I go to work everyday at 8am and go to bed before eleven. I'm not loud, disrespectful or obnoxious. Yet, she continues to treat me like I am. When you have a problem with your home, they don't come to fix it for weeks...we had a running toliet for 3 weeks. She says we need to fix this, but we are renting. Give me a break. The guy that came told us he hates her too. She's so disrespectful and full of hate. To "Happy Home owner"-I have no idea why you choose to use colorful language toward people and make assumptions based on people you don't even know because they have a problem with the way an owner is treating them, but I have a piece of advice for you: Grow up. As for your husband, he needs to grow up too.

  • No
      5th of Apr, 2011
    +4 Votes

    I totally agree, what kind of person says "God Bless" after insulting you and calling you "white trash" because of your opinion. I have never lived in a mobile home community before, I sold my home quicker than I thought and needed a place right away. The community appears nice on the outside, the pool is nice, and the snow removal is nice, but they only remove it from the street and block you in in 2-3 ft high mounds at then end of your driveway. I live across from a wonderful person. Now until recently I have not had to deal w/ the manager. Wow was I suprised, she really does cuss at people, then cusses at you while she tells you she doesn't talk that way. She definitely acts like you and her are in high school and about to get in a fight. But let me say, this was only over the phone, when I told her to stop talking to me like she was or we could have the conversation in person then she calmed down a little. She informed me how everything in the park was "hers'. The ponds are hers, the playgrounds are hers, the clubhouse is hers. I am pretty sure she just works there, does not live there and pays no money what so ever toward the upkeep of these amenities that we as owners/leasees are paying for and towards. Truthfully, anyone can be nice to lure you in, its how they treat you afterwards that shows how the person truly is. I will be leaving as soon as I can sign on my new home, but in the meantime, shame on you people who are acting so high and better, you all live in the same neighborhood, therefore you are no better than anyone else and I would much rather live next to someone who complains and seeks help than someone who sits back insulting you and thinking you are 'trash" maybe it was one of the employees themselves who wrote such a disrespectful comment.

  • Fi
      7th of Apr, 2011
    +3 Votes

    I hate living here. Several months in a row the manager has messed up our autodraft for rent and has still charged us a fee for her mistakes after admitting that it was a clerical error and not our own. My bank has even provided proper documentation to the manager's supervisor and she still insists that my bank has stated that there wasn't sufficient funds available despite the print outs from my bank stating clearly the opposite. She still continues to pick and choose who to enforce the rules to, for example parking on the street for a 10 minute run into my home and receiving a note on my car for a tow notice while I still see several cars parked on the street from other owners/renters and there not being a note on their vehicles. When you confront her she acts like she doesn't know what you are talking about. Also, my rent tends to be anywhere from $575-605 within reason including water, sewer, and trash, however this month for some reason my rent spiked for $650, while we were out of town several points during the month yielding a limited number of days using water. Seems fishy. For all I know we as renters are paying for the construction and water at the main office. When you call the manager, she will not return your messages if she knows that what she has done is wrong, and if she believes she is right she does call back but will be vulgar and rude and personally degrade you (or even to/about your relatives or roommates) and claim there's nothing wrong with that. I know that she will not have employment much longer keeping up this "Hitler" fascade she has so firmly embraced. I will not live here after my lease is up, and I have a gut feeling that my last month, which should be prorated, I will probably end up having to pay for the entire month's rent. Its honestly just sad and dispicable how so many people who live here turn their cheeck to the mobile Nazi and hide their eyes from the disrespect, abuse, and neglegence. I urge everyone to stand up, fight for what is right versus keeping quiet and miserable because it is easier. If we all did what was easier America wouldn't be here, slavery would still exist, women coudln't work or vote, discrimination based on age, sex, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, etc. would be much more firm and abusive than they are now. Ignorance truly isn't bliss, it is fear, and fear only keeps getting worse. Fight your fears and stand up for what is right. Don't be another kitten she throws in a bag and beats before she throws them in "her pond" for her fans to fish out and BBQ on their front porch while they park in the street with permission leaving potholes exposed. Thank you to those who are brave and smart.

  • Fe
      29th of Apr, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I have lived here many years, and am fed-up with her already. I think using what ever we have at hand start recording her in action. We can use cell phones, camcorders, what ever. we can get as much on here as we can, put it all together, send it to her boss. Or make a web site of it, use it to remove her. I have seen her treat people on one side of me really nice, and the ones on the other side really bad. The ones she treated bad are great people, will go out of their way to help anyone, the others, not so much. Always boxes of beer bottles out for the trash man, dog that chases kids. I have seen many, many things she has done, I only wish I could of thought to record them. Do this, make it happen, make it work. I myself own my home, I am tired of the extra $75.00 to $125.00 hike in the water bill every three or four months, among other things. And many of my neighbors are to!

  • Fe
      29th of Apr, 2011
    +3 Votes

    OH I almost forgot to reflect on the snow removal, yes they do clear the street. They clear it well, right into my drive, and everyone else's. They don't come all the way to the curb, and i have seen disabled residents that live here blocked in. Out there sometimes trying to dig themselves out, falling down trying to move the two foot high or better three feet wide packed ridge of snow from behind their car that was put there by the plow truck. Now what did they do to deserve that? They changed trash pick up. I see people after a holiday or any day that have a little extra trash, maybe a bag or box ( they had company and used a bit more then normal ) the trash service refuses to pick up what does not fit the container so i see it everyday driving thru the park home. Last summer the pool was closed more then normal, when it is open it is refreshing. The courts are nice, the play grounds for the kids are fine. The other members of the staff are wonderful. BUT THE MANAGER IS A TYRANT!!!

  • Li
      3rd of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Can believe I pay this people in the office to be so Rude!!!because we have lived in the same park for years and everything was fine until yes bought clayton parks...concerning the policies they were always there but never enforced seems like the do some like the no toys on the porch or the grass but the loud music, they dont care am tired every friday and saturday my neighboors have Loud music and its hard to sleep..but it pisses me off that their staff is so rude I even told the lady "I dont know why but you sound upset I just want to make sure my water bill comes normal again I dont have a car wash to multiply my usage 3X more than normal" but the lady was so rude al she said "well you have to pay because thats how much you used", I was so mad its only 3 of us in the house...!!! but I really want to move out!!!

  • Si
      16th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    I also live in here and the manager is a total ###. She drives that big ### truck around here like she owns the place. every year my water bill goes from 9 dollars a month to over 300 and last year when I called she said " i can't help how many times you wash your hands" fact is the people she hates are paying to fill the pool every summer. I never leave my house yet she has come beating on my door, yelling at me and cussing at me, called me on a saturday morning yelling at me because I didn't change a blind she wanted changed quick enough " she demanded while cussing me the night before that it be done" I explained I'm disabled so I won't be going out at 9pm when she came banging on my door and also tried to explain it to her again at 7 am the very next morning when she called and I did tell her I would get it done asap but thats not enough for her. She threatened to evict me one day because some young man I'd never met stopped in front of my house to drop off my daughters boyfriend, she said if he even drove in the park again I would be evicted even though I had no clue who this was. I found out later it was her neices ex boyfriend and she's mad that he DUMPED HER. well, that is not my fault or my problem. I have no company other than my grown children and my daughters car was stolen from the parking lot she makes us use and when I called about it being stolen SHE LAUGHED AND SAID CALL A COP... When I asked to have someone higher up than her to speak with she said, I WOULD NEVER TALK TO ANYONE BUT HER... so, I called HUD on her ### and finally she's leaving me alone some. I am not going to pay someone to be a ### to me, I have family for that and they do it for free and as for the jerk that thinks because you don't have money to move. SHAME ON YOU, you have no right to say those things. I am disabled, living on barely enough to survive so to just move isn't easy for us all. I AM NOT WHITE TRASH NOR DO I KNOW ANY WHITE TRASH OTHER THAN THE MANAGER of this park. She lives in OAK GROVE MO and has no right to set her sights on certain ppl. I am sick of her and sick of this place and will be going without food for the next year so I can SAVE TO MOVE OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE. And I will be watching closely to see the ### get whats coming to her... NO JOB!!! SHE DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE DEALING WITH PPL... she has no skill in the art of communication and she's just plain NOT NICE... I'll be happy to see her JOBLESS in the near future... My yard isn't a mess, I have no toys out front and when I moved to this hell hole I was told we COULD park on street for a "few hours" at a time but ONLY CERTAIN PPL can park on the road. I've taken pictures of her stopping at one house to yell at them and then she passes the next house up... when she yelled at me for my son "with newborn" parking on street I said, well, across the street there are 2 cars parked on the street. I was told " were not talking about them were talking about you"... she's a horrible bitter old woman trying to get closer to her son while driving his BIG OLD RED TRUCK, blocking the roads to yell out her windows or to get out and yell at ppl for no seemingly good reason. Im sick of her and the BIG ### TRUCK SHE DROVE IN ON... I was so happy to see this site. Maybe the powers that be will see it and get rid of her ### before the whole damn park moves out...

  • Th
      28th of Aug, 2011
    -2 Votes

    I just know that I saw the add for this place, and was seriously concidering moving there. BUT... I know who I DON'T want to live next to... the self righteous mouthy husband of Happy Home Owner . I can tell right now, that I would end up cutting him down to size about the first time he would ever talk to me the way he spouted off on this site ! I have been a manager, and IF the one you all have now truly acts the way you say she definately need to complain and get rid of her. There are rules, sure, but she better also make sure she pays attention to the tenant, landlord handbook too. from what I am seeing she is in violation of quite a few of the rules she is suppose to follow also. So Ms. Tyrant, better straighten out her power trip. I have a dog, and I will be damned if he would have to stay inside just to make people like Mr. & Mrs. Happy Home Owner happy, or anyone else. He gets tied to a tie out because like anyone else, he does need excersize too. If he barks at you, well then it's because he conciders you a bad person who means him harm, other then that he loves everyone . I clean up his poop when he's done. But if that's how that manager is, I know i want no damn part of even moving there, because she and I sure would tangle for sure, and that first thing that would happen is that she would be having that BIG RED TRUCK stuck up her butt !! No thanks, I'll just buy the house I am already in !

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