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Yellow Cab of St. Petersburg / Disgusting Cab Driver and company

1 FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 727-799-2222

I went to a baseball game, at a ballpark a half hour drive or so from my school. I missed the last bus, so I had to call a cab. No worries. My parents had put fifty bucks on a prepaid Yellow Cab card. I called both that city and mine to make sure it’d be accepted. They all said yeah. Then the cab driver called his dispatch and they said yeah. So we get to my school and he calls again and they say no, those cards aren’t accepted for that city's cabs! I don’t have the fifty six dollars in cash (that’s how much it cost, and that’s only because he left the meter running while he called the second time). I call the company and they say they can refund me, but I’ll have to call Monday. I tell the driver the situation ask if I can send a money order, and he gives me his address and agrees to the money order.
Friday comes and he calls me THREE TIMES while I’m in class, and leaves TWO VOICEMAILS. I call him back, and tell him that the cab company has to call me back, and I’ll get back to him. He calls me again, I answer. And then a FIFTH time. I answer.

Monday comes, and when I get out of class, there are TWO missed calls and a voicemail from him. I call Yellow Cab and they tell me they cut checks on Fridays, so they’ll drop my check in the mail then. Before I can call the driver and tell him this, he calls me a THIRD time, and I tell him the situation. He tells me that he needs the money sooner, because he has to pay his lease for his cab then. I tell him I’m going to see what I can do, and that I’ll call him back as soon as possible. I call my mom as soon as I hang up with him, and within two minutes of our conversation, he calls me a FOURTH and FIFTH time, and then a SIXTH, SEVENTH and EIGHTH time, and leaves a voicemail. The voicemail is a furious one, and he’s cussing and saying he’s been patient with me and he needs his money NOW. He says I’ve been ignoring his calls, and “if you don’t call me back in about fifteen minutes, I’m going to call the police on you”. “I need my [censored]g money. You’re [censored]g with me. I want my [censored]g money. I’m going to [censored]* call the cops and take you to court if you don’t get me my money. I’m going to come down to the university and call the [censored]*g police” The message is so long that it cuts off. Then he calls again and I answer. He is yelling, and my roommate takes the phone from me and calmly tries to tell him he’s going to get his money. He starts cussing her out and so my roomate curses back. My roommate hangs up. I tell my parents what he’s said, and they call the Yellow Cab company. My other roommate walks in and he calls me again. My roommate answers and tries to be calm with him. “Get me my [censored]**g money, b****!” he yells, thinking it’s me. My roommate tells him that I’m going to get him his money. “Who is this?!” He demands. My roommate tells him it’s none of his business and to stop calling. He tells them he’s going to call the cops. “Go ahead, and I’ll press charges on you for harassment, ” my roommate tells him. “Go [censored] yourself, b****!” He yells, and hangs up.
He comes down to my school and calls the police, but I've already gone to the security office. The police say I'm in no trouble, because of the miscommunication with the prepaid card. I get the money, give it to the police and they give it to this disgusting excuse for a human being driver.

Yellow Cab of St. Petersburg

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