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I was driving home just the other day down the expressway in Chicago. There was plenty of room to pull into the left lane, I used my signal and the cab driver pulled up and drove onto the shoulder of the road, and purposely hit the rear quarter of my car.
I pulled over into the other lane and he proceeded to go forward. Then he got in front of me and started to drive slow (remember this is a highway) slam his brakes, etc... At some point I was able to get past him, and he caught up to me again and continued to provide gestures...
The driver did scratch my car and I am filing a police report as well as a report with the city of chicago and Yellow Cab...
These guys are frick'n crazy!!

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      Dec 06, 2012

    I took a cab from Midway airport the other night and I told cab driver the address where I wanted to go and the same time I just wanted to make sure that the driver knows how to get there. So I asked him do you know how to get there? He said you tell me how to get there then I started him showing the direction. I don't know for some reason he got offended and started yelling at me saying "I am driving cab for so many years and If I don't know the address I have this much big GPS with me you sit and relax ###ing customer". I got pissed off and I also started yelling at me, my wife was with me so after some time i kept quite. After that he started driving reluctantly, we thought of getting of from that cab but we were one the highway in the cold night. So we thought let's continue with this cab. At last we reached home and I didn't pay him the tip. Then he started shouting at me and threatened me that "he knows my address now and he will see me some day". I got surprised how cheap these cabbies are the don't provide good service and they expect tip. I filed a complaint to consumer services. I don't what will happen now but hoping for good.

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