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I purchased a gift certificate for Valentines Day (back in Jan '10) and as of today (Aug 27 '10) I still haven't been able to redeem it. It's only valid for 1 year. I've been trying for 6 months to take the Lunch Train and I haven't been able to. With each request I provide 3 dates I'd be open to, and EVERY TIME they have "canceled" my request. On top of canceling my request, they do it without notifying. I get an email when I put IN the request, but conveniently for them, they don't notify me telling me it's been canceled. The 1st time this happened to me I called them politely and asked what happened. They said that my dates weren't available and that they sent me an email notification regarding the cancellation. I insisted I got no such email. They insisted I did. A month later I tried again. For 4 days straight I put in request after request for every weekend in the summer. Each and every time I got a cancellation. Within just a few hours.
Even tonight!! I tried again. I put in a request at 8pm PST with 3 different dates ranging from Oct-Nov-Dec and by 9pm PST the website was showing my request canceled.
I sent them an email via their website telling them that I think they're scammers... They're dragging out my certificate until I hit the 1 year mark of having it so they can say I didn't redeem in time and then keep my money.

This company is a fraud and is just taking people's money. These guys should be shut down. They need to be put out of business.


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  • Al
      Jun 18, 2012

    Just wanted to say BEWARE of this Company, I am the one who gave a Gift Certificate to my friend for nearly $2, 000 and he never could use it, BECAUSE as per this Company IT EXPIRED!!!, even though at the time of purchase and now it says all over their
    "Gift Certificates do not expire and can be redeemed at any time
    allowing the gift recipient the freedom to enjoy their experience at any time
    in future." does it sound? Promising, right?

    BUT this company took my money and over the phone they keep telling me that the rules have been
    changed almost right after I have purchased one?!?!?
    Now, who likes to be ripped off just I like was and look in front of your friend, whom you gave a
    gift of a lifetime experience, like a lair, or which ever you can be called for
    such a "joke-gift".

    BEWARE of this company!!!

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