Xcel Energy / turned off electricity in hot weather with no notice

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Daughter just lost her job, but is struggling to keep up. Has auto pay for her bills. Her card expired, she didn't realize it, got no notice in the mail or in person, and Excel shut off her electricity in 90 degree weather. She lost all the food in her freezer and frig, can't feed the kids, kids are now sick from the heat. Excel double-charged her a couple months ago, and refused to refund the money, which made her over her limit, cost her a penalty etc. But they can just shut off her electricity without notice and ruin her life even more. I hope these ba$tards burn in hell forever...they are a monopoly in this area and are so corrupt. I wish they would get nailed to the wall by the utilities commission!!! She was also trying to keep her head above water by selling Mary Kay, had 3 parties lined up, but had to cancel due to these SOBs!

Jul 6, 2015
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      6th of Jul, 2015

    Why isn't your supposedly mature daughter doing her own complaining? Why would she have to cancel her Mary Kay parties, the last I heard they were always in the home of the person that had booked the party. You daughter should contact your local Public Utilities Commission and see what they say whether or not Excel Energy could legally shut her electricity off without notice.

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      6th of Jul, 2015

    Obviously redhatterb71 you don't have a clue, so what business is it of yours? Mary Kay parties are held at her house all the time, so you don't know what you are talking about. She has contacted the PUC, but I am still her father and will help her fight these worthless thieves...which isn't any of your business either. She has enough problems losing all her food etc. and I am helping her all I can.

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      7th of Jul, 2015

    Gary Lynn, I used to do modeling for a Mary Kay dealer, by demonstrating what colors of make up worked for you and the clothing that you wore. I did this without pay, she would reward me with some small Mary Kay item. When she did this type of show she would use a banquet room in some public place and make it an open house type of show. People were free to call her and make arrangements to go to her house to pick up some item that she had in stock. I have had Mary Kay parties and the dealer always came to my home, and any of the other Mary Kay parties that I have attended have always been have been in somebody's home, not the dealers. Therefore, if your daughter has Mary Kay parties in her home all the time, she is doing that by choice. As far as you saying I don't have a clue, you don't know what you are talking about. I am 75 years old and have been in similar situations. I managed to get my act together without any help from my parents, I had too much pride to ask for help. Has your daughter been looking for another job, if not she should be. When you need a job, you should spend eight hours a day going from business to business and applying for jobs. When you whine on a public complaint site, you might get remarks that you don't like, but that is a risk you take.

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