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My xbox got the red rings about a year after purchase. I took out the extra warranty so I was able to return it to them without paying but they sent me back a refurbished unit which wouldn't turn on at all. Well to make a long story short, I've sent back 4 Xboxes in 1 yr. Each time they sent me a refurbished one and the red ring came back within days. I called and supposedly spoke to a supervisor and told her I do not want refurbished units anymore and to send me a new one. She said they can't send me a new one until I returned the unit over 4x. Well, the 4th unit did not work and now they will not replace it.

Bill Gates should be made aware that this is a piece of crap. If you want to send a petition, count me in!


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      Jul 30, 2009

    Red ring for me too. after alot of online research best i can tell, microsoft knowingly put out millions of units they knew to have faulty and shoddy soldering and with a heat cooling system they knew to be inadequate - in order to beat sony and nintendo to market with the 1st second-gen console. then they refused to acknowledge it until they got so many complaints and so much bad press that they had to admit there is a problem and begrudgingly fix the units. they do seem to like to drag their feet about the fixing and there are many additional complaints about their techs doing poor work and the units just breaking again. microsoft really does ruin everything they touch. between my 360 and windows vista bill gates has made my technology life rather miserable the past couple of years.

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