SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Arbitrary review board removes you from tutor list with no good reason.

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My wife is a fabulous Madarin Chinese tutor. She has written books on the language for publication, taught numerous classes and is well respected in her classes and in the community. She has her own tv show on Mandarin with Chinese children. She works in all fazes of media, and communication, and cultural events and sponsors Chinese international film festivals.
Then she finds a part time job and decides not to complete the profile that they had sent and supposedly say they sent numerous mails, which we never received. Then they have the gall to remove her totally and keep her from responding regarding tutoring. I sense a scam dealing with bias against minority Chinese, a review board that doesn't understand what it takes to teach foreign languages, and a bias because of her email address and jobs she has had with students on her own. I would recommend moving to anyone else and the complaints keep piling up.

May 15, 2017

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