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Ti May 15, 2015 Review updated:

I was disappointed in the company I used their services, but these scammers overcharged me. I saw one price on the website, but these jerks asked to pay completely different sum. When I asked the rep why there was the difference, the rep replied that they provided some additional services. WTF? These people are scammers and liars, who tell a lot, but in result you get nothing. Please post your comments about this company.

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  • Rb
      15th of May, 2015

    Dear consumers
    This is another fake review from the same frustrated competitor (1-2 days apart). the reason they are blasting us is because we have better services (incredible packages) and offer the lowest prices; all done within 24 hours (you do not need to pay over $200 for a small claims filing + court fees + serving; this is why our competitors are pissed).

    Using a fake name with no real information or email address, this individual posted another negligent/fake review a day apart! why don't you file a complaint with the bbb, consumer affairs, or the attorney general? so that we can get your real information. why are you hiding behind this website and posting false comments knowing that you cannot be traced. our prices are displayed on our site along with all the information you need. we provide better services and services are guaranteed with an iron clad offer [full refund if we cannot file or serve your case (something no other company does - why because we get it down)].

    Why don't you provide us & people reading this fake review more details on how you were overcharged and call us 800-327-1031; provide us your information and we will personally take down this post and apologies.

    Consumer if you have any additional questions about our pricing/services, call us at anytime (800) 327-1031 and we will be happy to explain and gain your confidence. this is great advertising and publicity for us, so keep it coming.

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  • Km
      15th of May, 2015

    Also on the side note: you can tell that this review is fake because does not take credit cards online.

    Unlike our competitors, consumer and customer pay later after submission of the case once the case is reviewed. We save our clients time & money by reviewing the case first before they are charged. Once the case is reviewed the customer gets an invoice and they decide when they are ready to proceed.

    We know who this poster is (Southern california firm) and our attorneys are well aware

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  • Fa
      27th of Apr, 2017

    We are getting a lot of calls from customer claiming that they are noticing these reviews. We can assure them that these are FAKE REVIEWS UNFILTERED BY COMPLAINTSBOARD.COM and posted by our competitors.

    This site does not do any actual venting of reviews published, they do not remove posts once proven to be fake, and certainly do not provide the publisher's information. Anyone can place a fake review on this site with any real credentials.

    If you have a complaint, please call us and we will go the extra route to remedy the issue. You can also visit

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  • De
      1st of Aug, 2017

    My name is Bill Davis I am V/P for finance at Chapawu Properties a local aquisition firm here in San Antonio Texas.
    My company purchases distressed properties in San Antonio to fix up and rent out to the wonderful residents here in San Antonio.

    I have used for all of the lawsuits that we file in small claims court here in San Antonio.
    Robby has always been very expedient in returning my calls and answering any questions I may have.
    We are looking forward to many more years of service with Robby and
    Before contacting Courtlinked, com, our own attorneys who represent our cases wanted a grand total of 5000.00 for the very same
    services that courtlinked, com charges less than 200.00 for.

    If you do not wish to break the bank and wish to put a substantial amount of money in your pocket
    use for all your small claims court issues and any fine legal services they offer.
    Keep Up The Great Work Robby And
    Best Regards
    Bill Davis
    V/P Finance/ Managing Partner
    Chapawu Properties

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