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Yes i am also victim to this web access and membership from wuyi tea how can i stop them taking any more money.


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      Nov 17, 2008

    Website claims you receive a free trial and then signs you up with 2 other companies that automatically bill your credit card monthly, for diet tips you didn't ask for. There is no small print regarding this when you go to pay, it is hidden in their long page add in fine print. What a scam!!!Beware!!! It takes many phone calls to end the charges and you never get a refund from the other two companies. Plus you pay to send back the tea. Dont do it!!!

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      Jan 31, 2009

    I noticed my credit card statement with a 19.95 dollar charge. When I call the number listed in my statement, the CR stated that my card had been charged since February 2008. I believe I purchased the tea on 07 and cancelled before the 30 day window. Beware!!! This is obviously a scam. Anyone interested in pursuing this company legally? Post here

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      Aug 12, 2009


    I think they are the same company as ACAIBURN, What do you think Addie M. from india, check her replies!!!

    I'm afraid it is authorised, check their terms and conditions hidden at the bottom of their website this is what I did as of the 09/08/2009:

    The CANCELLATION problem in the UNITED KINGDOM, do as follows:

    1.For Membership:

    Have your Order ID: Number, your telephone number, your address by your side
    Telephone [protected] (This changes regularly, check on ‘livechat’)
    Obtain a Cancellation Number
    To avoid the $79.95 -> within 21 days of order return the Trial to:


    BTB Mailflight ltd (This changes regularly so check when you contact)
    2B Viking Industrial Estate
    Hudson Road
    MK41 OUB

    this address also has a c/o WuYi

    On the outside of the package write clearly your Order ID: Number
    Keep a note of your Tracking Number (from Postal service uk cost about £4-6, depending on weight, automatic insurance on special delivery)
    2. For Insider Secrets:
    Telephone [protected](This changes regularly, check on ‘livechat’)
    Obtain a Cancellation Number
    3. For eBook:
    Telephone [protected] (This changes regularly, check on ‘livechat’)

    I also obtained their employee numbers and names and i recorded the telephone call, stating at every opportunity that they will not be billing my credit card in future and that auto shipping has been cancelled, they confirmed with a ‘yes’ I’d like to add that I was suspious about my email address given to them as the email 'livechat', did not get sent, but luckily I printed a version and sent it to an alternative email address and low and behold it went through there, I only suspected that there is some block so you cannot email proof of conversations, also I contacted everyone in my address book as I suspect that acaiburn will hack into it and sent spam to everyone, so I immediately sent a message about them to everyone on my mailing list, just to cover that, I read the terms and conditions and they state that they can give our details to third party companies, so I’m expecting a barrage of calls from telesales! I will only answer the phone with a caller id now.

    I think I covered everything, you need to be shrewd with these people. collect as much information about your cancellation for your credit card company, this was all done within 3 days of filling in the registration form, so I don't expect any comeback!

    btw any call from the up please be sure to PHONE BETWEEN 1pm AND 2 am or the call will come back as 'temporarily disconnected' I have also contacted the consumer program 'Watchdog' I WILL WATCH THIS SPACE, AND KEEP YOU INFORMED OF ANY CHANGES

    The credit card company will have to honour any subscriptions, please get proof of cancellation, cancelling your credit card may not be enough!!!

    I would like to add there is an opt-out option at the bottom of their web page, check their privacy policy, it says if you opt out they will not give out your personal information so please unsubscribe I did this and also did it through 'live chat' specifically requesting that they remove my email address and telephone number, whist I copied and pasted the opt-out/unsubscribe details within their privacy policy, again I emailed a copy to an alternative address and printed a copy as proof.

    Something very interesting.. i emailled them, as to why i did not recieve a phone call within the hour of me signing up for the trial as stated in their Advertising Practices & FTC Policy Compliance

    'Order Confirmation Calls
    We call all of our customers within an hour after they place their trial order. We do this as part of our fraud prevention efforts in order to ensure that none of the orders placed on our site are fraudulent in nature. This call helps customers understand who they ordered from and helps them understand what they will receive. They are provided information about how our trial offer works, so that they understand both their rights and obligations. We believe that his helps to create a good relationship between our company and our legitimate customers. During the call we also explain to our customers how they can cancel their trial offer in the unlikely event that they are not satisfied with our product '

    my email
    On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 2:41 PM, wrote:
    Hi I have since cancelled all autoshipping, other charges to my credit card including the insidersecrets and ebook subscription, also I have requested and confirmed that my email address, personal details and telephone number will not be passed onto third parties or used by yourselves, please can you inform me why I did not receive a telephone call at all let alone within an hour of placing my trial

    their response:-

    We call all customers when they place an order. May be they were unable to call you due to some reason.


    take a look at the return email address
    James Norton [[protected]]?!!WTF

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      Sep 03, 2009

    I too am having problems with AcaiBurn. I returned my product on 19th Aug 09, (Bedford address, as above) got a receipt and today (4th sept) they have billed me for another shipping fee and "elite pack" all for £5.65. Unbeknown to me I was still paying for the, which I did not know I had subscribed to that in the first place. Although I returned my goods well within the time, I have been informed tonight that there is a pending charge of $79 due to be debited from my account on 6th sept if they do not receive the goods...BUT I HAVE RETURNED THEM!...I was going round and round in circles with them tonight (LIVE CHAT) telling them I am not paying for something I have already returned. I also told them I want my money reimbursed that was debited today and to stop that pending charge. Live chat informed me I had to contact phone support [protected] and they deal with the cancellation processes but I spoke with phone support and they informed me that they can not prevent the $79 from being processed, that I will get a refund when they receive the goods...BUT I HAVE!!!...AARRRGGGHHH!!!...How can I stop this payment going it worth my while phoning my bank?...can someone maybe get back to me on [protected]

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