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This program is a scam. Me and additional players recognized a pattern in which the same person was winning over and over--and not b/c they were good at the game. For example, you can't come up w/ the answer to a Wheel-of-Fortune answer unless you reveal at least a FEW letters. However, they were doing so with many of the games in the program at When you try to cash out your account, it ends up being closed & you're never refunded. Not only did I go in debt due to this, but I was also required to pay taxes on it for the year 2008.

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  • Wi
      Feb 04, 2012

    they say i won i get email stating i won but they havent given me the money i won also i only played 30 dollars and my bank called me and asked if i purched 20 and 50 dollars from this game i said no only 30 i contacted them and they said there is nothing they can do about it and when i withdraw money and send me a letter stating they put it back in my account i havent gotten any money in my account for them

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