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Donot waste your time and money. No matter how smart, fast, calculating or good you are as a gamer on any other site, you wont be on worldwinner. Even when you have an outrageously high score, for some reason that competition takes an additional 3 hours before its completed. And guess what? That last person who entred wins by 5 points. Or if you happen to re enter and say you are the last person to fill the last open slot and youre getting an outrageously high score, oops youre disconnected. Even if youre hard wired. Explain how you get disconnected when youre not using a wireless connection? And another site you also happen to be gaming on isnt disconnected? Thats how worldwinner does it. You get to win maybe 2 out of 30 times. Forget that when you play the free tournaments you always get an outrageously high score and win every single time. This site so blatanty rips you off.

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  • Vi
      Aug 26, 2013

    I have lost big time there... no matter how good you play, they will find someone better for the last spot. You win just enough to keep you coming back and the more you get addicted and put in to it, the more obvious it becomes that they are ripping you off. stay clear of this site or lose it all... there is no such thing as winning.

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