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My church St Christopher's Episcopal Church of Lubbock Tx was sent a grandiose itinerary Dec. 2014 for a trip to Italy. Landed in Milano, tour Verona, Padua, a full day in Venice, 2 nights in Montecatini Terme, a full day in Florence, tour Pisa, farm lunch and tour San Gimignano's towered city, 2 nights in Assisi, half day in Perugia to see Etruscan ruins, St Francis' Church, St. Claires' Church, farm lunch and wine tasting on the way to Rome, the market, Sistine Chapel, The Vatican, The Coloseum, the forum. It was pricey but I loved the itinerary--The Contract. I paid in full in advance. I paid $199 for trip insurance. 18 months no change to the itinerary, no notice of problems. 4 days before departure we were informed the Day 7 half day in Perugia was DELETED. I immediately PROTESTED. In route in the 2nd airport Verona was canceled. I paid for those tours: I paid for Verona, I paid for Perugia. I have asked for a refund from WorldStrides for 1 day's activity equivalent, $200. They have refused. The Program Leader received compensation of $10, 600 and does not qualify for a refund: Deacon Melissa Wafer-Cross refuses to provide ANY assistance for her 2 FREE tickets for herself and her husband David Cross. I am left to battle for my due refund. I paid for a tour of Verona. I paid for a paid guided tour of Perugia to see the Etruscan gates, the history of the city and the feel of Umbria. WorldStrides lies, cheats, swindles, robs, steals. They are unethical and dishonest. WorldStrides poor provisions almost killed 4 of our tour members with COPD, disabilities, dragging them up the extremely steep hill from the hotel to St. Francis' church. NEVER travel with WorldStrides. I won't.

Jul 19, 2016

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