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Unknown, United Kingdom
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Failure to deal with complaint. Having ordered at 9.29am on Thursday I eagerly anticipated my new chest of drawers on Friday. It didn't arrive. Ok I thought, it's the weekend now so it possibly won't arrive until Monday. Annoyingly the link from the email for tracking the order didn't work. So I waited in again on Monday. Surely it would arrive then. But no, still didn't arrive Monday. So again waited in on Tuesday very aware that if I wasn't home when they tried to deliver I would be CHARGED for a RE-delivery. Surely this wasn't normal service. I tried to contact them. No phone numbers anywhere. So I submitted an email via their website. An automatic response told me they are busy and would reply within 72 hours. Really? Should I wait in another 3 days in the hope it arrives. What if there is an issue with my order I thought. I asked for more information and chased for 2 days. With no luck I tried to raise the issue with the member of staff but was told it would end up with the same person anyway.

Oct 12, 2016

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