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Ordered items during christmas sale and at the time the items were showing "in stock". The order was not delivered and instead I was told to wait a month because the items were actually not in stock. I agreed, however having checked on the website it transpired that the item was in stock, however at a more expensive price. Phoned to ask what was going on, and was told that it was a mistake on the website. Waited a month, only to be told that the items were still not in stock, and asked to wait another month. I agreed, despite the website still showing the items as in stock at a higher price. In about two weeks I asked a friend to order the item to her address at this higher price, just to check. The item was delivered immediately. I was about to phone the store to ask what was going on, and why other people get their order fulfilled but not me, when I received a third message saying that it is unknown when the item will be in stock, and that the store refunded my order. On the website, the item continued to show as in stock. Phoned the store to ask why was I treated with such dishonesty, and received a reply blaming the "supplier", that it is the supplier who sells and who honours the orders.

Feb 23, 2017

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