Worldremit.commobile money transfer

M Sep 15, 2017

Unreasonable rate hike.

I have been using world remit for a few year now. In general their service has been good. However, they have gotten greedy over the last few months. At first, there transaction fee was 0, then it went to 2.99, today it was 10.99 for 200 US.

Talk about taking something good and ruining it. I have used their service for hundreds of transaction to my family overseas. What was good about it is that I could send small amounts from the comfort of my computer. Now, with this rediculous rate hike I will no longer being using them except in extreme cases. They have done the same stupity that Money Gram did and I think they will pay the price for it. I know, I will no longer use them except in an emergency.

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