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I really need help in resolving a transaction issue with WorldRemit wherein i have become entangled.

I sent 2100 CAD to my parents from Canada to India. But it's been more than 12 days the amount didn't get transferred.

I talked to WorldRemit customer care, but they say their system shows it got credited to the recipient bank account, while i checked with recipient branch, they say no such transaction happened.

Two days back, the WorldRemit customer service asked me to wait till they get any reply from their local partner/agent. However, no update so far.

Now, i received a mail from worldRemit saying my recipient account number is incorrect thus they can't process it. While i checked the recipient account number so many times, and again cross checked that it's correct.

Consequently, they cancelled my transaction and says that they are refunding my money ; it will be refunded in 1-3 working days.

I asked them for transaction-ID to track it with my bank, but they denied to give.

Now, i am having no clue where my funds is and whether or not i'll get it back,

My parents are really in dire need of this money as they need to pay their medical bills and rents.

You are my last hope to convey my case to the concerned person.

My case details are :


Case number : [protected] [With WorldRemit]

Transaction number : [protected]

Please help me !! Hand-folded request to you !

Anoop Kumar

Jul 13, 2016

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