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Purchased a Vacation Getaway they wouldn't let me use or refund!

Telemarketer called saying we were eligible for a vacation deal because we had just stayed at one of their hotels - the only catch: go to a 2 hour presentation. Talked me into 'purchasing' a 3 night stay even though I mentioned we were in the middle of a move... "no problem, plenty of time to use it". When I finally called they said it expired and would not refund or let me book a vacation. Not even to sit through their hard-sell time-share pitch? They seem to be scamming you before they even try to scam you.
Will not even stay at their hotels now I know about their shoddy business practices and that I go on their telemarketing call lists: Boycotting: Days Inn, Ramada, Travelodge, Super 8, Howard Johnson, WYNDHAM, etc; and anything associated with TRENDWEST.

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  • C2
      Nov 23, 2009

    I had purchased into worldmark myself about 4 years ago. I was told at the time of signing that I could cancel my contract if I was unsatisfied. A couple of days after my purchase I tried to book a vacation to try and se how it would work out. Tha places I tried to book were all pretty much booked for the next 3 months. So I called the numbers provided to me in the nice little green owners briefcase they had given me. I found out that day this was going to be impossible to cancel so I went to the office I had signed out of and they wouldn't help me cancel. They gave me instructions on how to request my cancellation and since I was five days into the contract, I only had 2 days left to cancel. At this point I wrote them an e-mail through the contact us link on thier website, Told them of my situation and that I did not like what I had purchased and requested a cancellation of contract.

    Two weeks later I got a response saying that because the 7 days had already past I am no longer able to cancel my contract, a couple days later I recieved notice of payment due. I decided since not to pay and hoped It would all just go away since they have never collected from me and I did not plan on using thier service anyways. After four months my credit had plumetted due to them reporting and hurt my career in the military because I had a security clearance required for my job, I went under review due to the tarnish on my credit. So I made the back payments and since then have not fallen behind even with dues and fees that come about.

    I feel for all those who where lied too, during this presentation. In a way we were suckered to believe we could cancel, when in reality they do not tell you how many days you have from the time you sign. They do not make any of this clear during thier presentation and sales pitch. They don't tell you about the limit for roolover on credits and how they actually work. They sold me a basic package that I will be paying on for about 8 more years now until it's paid in full.

    I decided to pay for the contract in hopes that I would be able to sale and get out of it. I made 4 attempts in the past 3 years and have always ended up owing a large balance if I sold and would have to pay up for the balance in advance before it could be sold. So I say to all those who are interested look else where you will find the same thing for less from a time share reseller, and be able to stay away from a contract to if you are interested in credits alone... buyer beware!

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  • Bc
      Feb 17, 2014

    Totally agree and their Travel Share program is the worst part of the scam. They promised I could get various locations without any problem to include Hawaii and West Coast resorts. Totally false. I have tried booking reservations 3-6 months out and every location I requested was "sold out" or not available. I'm looking for a lawyer to sue for breach of contract and will join in a class action law suit if one is already initiated.

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  • Zc
      Dec 02, 2017

    @bcanada9 I am not sure if a 3 year old link is still alive, but they (Worldmark) are continuing with their promises, now they are breaking off availability and using those units, promised to credit holders, as rental units whereby removing the availability from our pool of options.

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  • Kn
      Jan 12, 2016

    Totally Agree, They are the worst! We were lied to during our presentation and the contract that they had us sign was docusign ( click here, click there and you are done.). They kept distracting us the whole signing process and before we knew it we were the proud owners of Travelshare. They opened a Paypal account on our behalf and took a $6500 upfront payment that they claimed would be interest free for 3 months. With all the flowery thoughts of wonderful vacations and memories we would have, we bought in hook line and sinker. We never knew that there would be maintenance fees that would never end even if you paid in full they keep going and increase every year. We never received our so called FREE trip that cost us $50.00 to Hawaii. We never have taken a vacation but have to pay because we are past our cancellation date. If they told us we had 7 days to review and cancel maybe we would have looked harder at what we signed up for. This has been a financial nightmare for us and only wish there was a class action suit available to sign up on because I would. Beyond the money it's the deceptive practice. I am so ashamed I have never told any family member I feel like such a complete fool.

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  • Be
      Feb 08, 2018

    Please message me with how to contact you guys. I too have issues with these people. We need to do something about this.

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