World Health Calgarycannot be trusted

August 2016, beginning of my term, I gave them the void cheque. Couple month later, they start calling me for banking information, saying the information they entered is invalid. I never change my bank info because my mortgage and all other monthly pre auth charge are on the same bank account. Apparently, they lost my cheque! So i told them i cannot trust them anymore, i will be paying cash! Uptill now, i never miss a single payment!
Today a lady called me again asking for banking information. I told her what happened. She said I have to provide the information again otherwise they will charge me $8 more biweekly for the statement.!
I asked her, "your employee lost the cheque I provided, or incorrectly entered info, whichever one, instead of going to your employee, you are going to the customer and try to charge the customer more??"
she said yes!
Totally disappointed! i never miss a single payment, and they lost the cheque! now turning back to get me more trouble!
I even just bought a 24 classes personal trainer session!
Now im being forced to cancel the gym with this BAD customer service!!

  • Updated by lv000 · May 03, 2017

    This is a rediculous business! As a service industry, they do not customer sevice department!
    Thinking about calling and putting a complaint?? they will just keep asking you to pay!
    They do not think about to solve the problems on the customers end, all they want is collection!

May 03, 2017

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