World Health CalgaryCancelled membership but they won't refund me even with a doctor's note

World Health on Macleod Trail is terrible (to say the least). I signed up for personal training. My trainer decided to leave and then was assigned another one (a terrible one at that). In the midst of it all, I put my back out. My doctor gave me a doctors note stating that I have to discontinue. I told them and they said they had to make a decision. Finally I asked what was going on and they said that they just launched a big promotion and that everything else was taking a back seat (which included me). They finally decided that I can cancel the membership; however, would not refund me any money even though they decided to sit on this for two months which shouldn't be my issue.

They are one of the worst corporations to deal with. I phoned head-office and they guy was extremely rude and curt with me and then actually hung-up on me. all I can say to that.

I have no problem with paying for what I actually used...which was $700 of personal training...they in turn charged me over $2000 and said I'm pretty much out of luck.

How does a corporation get away with this crap? I can't imagine working for an organization such as this...and I'm an actual Personal Trainer myself.

  • Updated by vmellof, Mar 02, 2017 they wanted me to decide whether or not I wanted to use the Pt sessions that I got roped into paying for, they charged my credit card another $30. THen when I signed the cancellation papers, they had the nerve to ask me how I 'd like to take care of another $100.
    Oh I should mention that about 2 weeks ago, they charged my credit card another $483. I was told that, that would be refunded; however, it's been almost a month now and no refund.
    The corporation is all about money...they don't care about the people or the staff as far as I can not waste your money.
    Keep with the community centres...such as Trico Centre or the least you're treated fairly and like you mean something.

Jan 25, 2017

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