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Ok, I'm big, and tall. Combine those two and finding pants, let along jeans that fit is almost impossible. Until I found this site. They have a five pocket tall jean that fits me like a glove. Awesome! I have been buying several colors of these. Took a few tries to nail down my size, (their size charts are all but useless, best to call.) But once I had my size I thought I was good forever. Just order more when needed.
Well… once I got a few colors that I couldn't even get into. "Stretch" denim at the waist was not stretching at all. Customer service was great, seemed very concerned, said different manufacturers make different colors and this was a problem they would address… thanked me and so on. Fine.

Well last Nov. I ordered two more pair. One came and is fine, the other backordered. Then it was simply lost. They reshipped, and when they showed up, they are a good two inches too long. Dragging on the floor too long. Customer service reordered (charged my card again since refunds take weeks.) But the replacement pair is just the same. Two inches too long. When asked if I want to order a different size, I said no, I ordered the correct size. These came two inches longer than described. WHY would I order the wrong size?
I offered to have them taken up somewhere local IF they would pay for it. Only costs 12.00. I have spent hundreds on here so far, BUT they will only issue a 5.00 credit. NO GOOD since I ordered the right size and they shipped me the wrong length. I would think they would be happy to keep a customer rather than take back something that is wrong and can't be sold as something it isn't. But no. SO they will get them back again. Meanwhile I have NO way to know what factory is making what. I could just order some other color if I knew which one to try. But I don't, so will they not fit, be too long, get lost! This is no way to run a business. Where is the quality control? Oh wait…. manufactured in China. That explains it right there. Priced for America but made in China. Hit or miss with what you'll end up with. These are going back and I'll be searching for a new place to shop.

Jan 31, 2017

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