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You pay the money and then no service. I went via all the main sites and settled on WIX as at least their bugs were the easiest to deal with.

Problem with WIX is you edit the page, save and go back and it didn't save. So you start again the pages you found last time are not available or in the same place as you remember before, so you make a new webpage and save. Then WIX duplicated the entire site, so you have two of the same name. So you read both and work out the one you want and delete the other one. Go back later ALL GONE! WTF, start again save, save and save again. Change format home page and publish. Still showing the older page on line? Hmmm load video to site. Six times I tried to load it. 6 x 45 minutes for a 210MB MP4. Failed, Failed, but why? The page won't tell so you can troubleshoot. So after many frustrations you finally find the support page and lodge a ticket. WIX gets back to you two days later with a page of links to watch? Great! more crap to decipher and their videos don't show the bugs that you have. So I uploaded the MP4 video on Youtube in 3 minutes and attached the link to the WIX page. So much for Premium service. I am on a month by month contract and recommend you do the same before committing to a 12 month subscription.

Jul 25, 2018

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