Wish.comlack of information

I use wish local. I received a message saying that my item was taken down with no explanation other than prohibited. Which part of prohibited is it. Name? Pics? Smell? Taste? Color? Fake? What?! Other? I would appreciate a response as to what is wrong with the listing. You can't message this company as they do not provide customer service or anything else except for account issue. It's not stated where they are located. No phone number. So if you have a problem your screwed. Help me tell them to get their [censor] together before I petition to get rid of them. It's unfair for companies to be so irresponsible. They get your money then it's screw you sucker!!!

  • Updated by mwcat, Jan 29, 2018

    I want to speak to a real person. Recorded line doesn't get it.

Jan 29, 2018

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