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The products are generally what is stated and cheaper than a few other sites, but BEWARE. 1. You have to wait FOREVER & often packages arrive late, damaged or just get lost. 2. I have used them more than a few times, & 5 out of 11 products ordered were damaged or broken. I did receive partal credit or refunds on a few items after hours of back n forth with their very limited Email Support. The others I actually had to send back for a refund. Overseas shipping from the u.s. to China was way greater than the entire cost of your order, so you're stuck just throwing the item away. 3. Their New Customer /friend referral codes are fraudulent marketing - they don't work & are not honored. All 7 of my friends & Family were unable to use the upto 50% off Refferal Coupon. I felt so bad for talking up Wish, I even found other valid codes (online) & they failed too. "Support" was NO HELP. The introductory coupon is only good for your 1st purchase, but any Codes entered are cached to your Account & once the fail there is noway to fix it according to their Support team". Even the "discount" code I got after spending over $100 only applied to one item under $20. 20% of $20 is $4 NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE. Their "Customer Support" is client (in-app message based) & frustrating at best. 80% of the time, I or my perps just canned responses. If your looking for cheap products from China, willing to wait 30-90 days, & gamble with your time and $$ Wish is the place for you. A few of their merchants offer expedited shipping & while it is expensive and you may get your item sooner, all the above still applies. Use Tophatter, Overstock, Zulily or just plane Amazon & save your sanity & ensure product quality!

Jun 09, 2017

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