Wish.comdaily giveaway

Hello, as far as the low prices and discounts on Wish, I am unhappy and having an inconvenient time on Wish.
"Why?" You may ask, it's because of the, "Daily Giveaway."
My sister gets free items every night.
There are SO many items coming for her... but, while she's
winning items, i'm stuck because i'm a computer user.

Computer users can't win the giveaway which SUCKS!
For me, i'm sad and wished that Wish would just let
computer users win the giveaway too!

Some of my friends are even mad and recommended me
to not use the app anymore, but I feel like if I tell Wish.. they'll
fix my problem.
Other computers are probably having a inconvenient time too!

Please fix this problem for the better of your company,
Thank you.

Dec 12, 2018

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