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T Dec 15, 2016 Review updated:

I bought the reborn baby doll on a day they were on sale for $2. At the of the night the price went back up to it's original price of $108. When they told me it was shipping I was excited. Then I received an e-mail saying that the order was cancelled. I found the baby back on the site after they said it was not available anymore. Seems that they care more about the profit than honoring their contracts. They did the exact same thing to my sister.
I'm also wondering if anyone else had the same exact experience when purchasing the reborn babies?


  •   Dec 16, 2016

    Stuff happens. Get over it.

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      Dec 16, 2016

    I also bought a number of reborns between $1.90 and $4.00. They have been marked as shipped 3-5 days ago but today I have received a refund - which it says I requested due to fraudulent activity. Seems they just don't want to honor the deal. Will be interesting given mine were already marked as shipped days earlier. Surely if marked as shipped then this shouldn't be done until they are posted! Rather annoyed as we were looking forward to these dolls.

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      Dec 16, 2016

    @Cheri O'Connell Yes the same thing happened to me it was marked as shipped and the refunded. I cannot get a direct answer from them. However I have sent an email to get Gephardt. I wonder if enough people message him about what they did if maybe he'd go out for them.

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  •   Dec 17, 2016

    I looked at the site and all of those dolls are well over $50 each. It seems to me as though a glitch in the system or a sale error caused the price to be so low. When they realized the error, they canceled the orders. They are allowed to do so. The law does not say that any business must honor a mistake. I think that is what happened here. You got a refund, THAT is what the law requires. So they did what they were supposed to do.

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      Dec 17, 2016

    I received an answer from wish today saying that they have refunded all outstanding accounts for this person as they have stopped working with wish. Wish have no way of knowing if they actually have posted the items and then stopped being linked or if they removed themselves as they can not for fill the orders. Therefore our money has been refunded. So I guess there is still a small chance that we will receive the dolls

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      Nov 14, 2019

    I purchased a doll from Reborn, August 4, 2019. it is now Nov 14 and still no doll. I got every excuse in the book from them.. " delay in shipping, parts need to be ordered overseas, not enough employess to make the demand.. 3 weeks" well still no doll.. after numerous emails, NOTHING any suggestions? TY

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