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Wirefly / Scam and cheating

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Okay, here is a new one I have not seen. Apparently our friends at wirefly have a new scam going on. Back in December, I purchased 2 phones from wirefly. They sent me 1 phone and informed me that the other phone was on back-order. A couple of days later I received a call from a wirefly rep asking if I would consider a different phone. I took what they had and I thought all was well. When I went to use the phones, I realized I did not have a local phone number on either phone. The wirefly rep was called and they told me to call my local phone company to get the number added to the local calling area...

I work close to a T-Mobile store so I took the phone to them. I figured they would know more about the problem than the joker on the phone. The t-mobile guy said I had 3 lines of service on my account yet I only had 2 phones. He also said the SIM cards were set up wrong and he swapped them out for me.

A couple of months go by and I receive a letter from wirefly saying I've canceled a phone and I was in violation of my contract. As it turns out, they are trying to get me to pay $250 for a phone they never shipped. On top of that, I never received the $250 rebate on either of the phones I did actually receive. I have no intention to pay wirefly for something they never sent to me.

BEWARE OF Lesson learned. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...

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  16th of Jun, 2008
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please stop charging my credit card i do not play pog and i have asked this for over a year and pogo keeps charging my capitol one credit card 5.99 every month and i have yet had any luck im about ready to go to the news about this if my credit card is charged one more time. I have asked you and asked you i cant even log in on my account and i never have been able to you cant check and see if i have even plyed any games on line with pogo
please reply to this .
Sharon Dudash

  15th of May, 2009
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These guys still owe me $100 in rebates from 2 years ago. They go bankrupt. I get no rebates and they are back in business. DO NOT USE THESE THEM!!!

  21st of Sep, 2009
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Yea, I just went thu the same thing with them:

Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...Please be sure not to refresh your browser or hit the "back" button during our session.
You have been connected to Pranita .
Pranita : Hi Mark. Thank you for contacting our chat support group. I'd be glad to help you with that.
Pranita : Thanks for your patience, I'm still checking on the details of your order.
Pranita : We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced.
Pranita : I have reviewed the order details and see that we activated your phones with mobile numbers 772-410-6070 and 772-410-6615.
Pranita : Could you please specify the area code you are looking for?
M D: It should be a Atlanta
M D: area code
Pranita : I do understand your concern.
Pranita : May I please know the area code for your area?
M D: 770
Pranita : Thank you.
Pranita : Please bear with me while I check what best can be done.
Pranita : Thanks for your patience, I'm still checking on the details of your order.
Pranita : Thanks very much for holding, I'm sorry that took so long, and I appreciate your patience.
Pranita : Area code 770 belongs to Georgia.
M D: correct
Pranita : The area codes are assigned based on the billing address we have on the order.
Pranita : The billing address is xxx xxth Ave, Naples, FL 34120 on the order as per which the mobile numbers are assigned.
Pranita : Unfortunately, we are unable to assign you a different state area code than the billing address we have on your order.
M D: Well that is not where I live. I live at the shipping address
Pranita : I'm sorry but the area codes are assigned as per the billing address not as per the shipping address.
Pranita : In order to get Georgia area code, the billing address has to be of Georgia state.
M D: So you cant change it?
Pranita : Unfortunately, the area code cannot be changed.
M D: Is that a T-mobile thing or your company policy?
Pranita : We work on the carrier systems and we are unable to change the area code outside the billing address.
M D: So it is T-mobile?
Pranita : I'm sorry for delay in response.
Pranita : We are authorized dealers for T-Mobile and work on their systems and unfortunately, we cannot override the systems and assign area code outside the billing address.
M D: So your saying it is T-mobiles policy
Pranita : Unfortunately, I'll not be able to comment on that, I can just provide you the policies and procedures followed on orders placed on our systems.
M D: so I guess you can not help then?
Pranita : I'm sorry for the trouble caused.
Pranita : Could you please confirm your decision as to what you would like to do?
M D: I will call T-mobile to see why you can not help.
Pranita : If you contact T-Mobile and get the area code changed to GA area code directly through them, it will be considered as violation of contract and you'll be charged $300 equipment discount provision per phone from our end.
M D: Well then you fix it
Pranita : I'm sorry but we cannot assign a area code that belongs to a different state than the billing address we have on your order.
Pranita : You may contact our Sales team at 1-866-324-9445 and place a new order with GA billing address to get 770 area code.
M D: No leave the order as is. I doubt T-mobile will charge me 300 to change my number
Pranita : That charge is not through T-Mobile and will be from our(Wirefly's) end.
M D: you are saying that you charge 300 to change a phone number
Pranita : If the area code is changed to a different state code than the billing address we have on your order directly by the carrier, you'll be charged $300 equipment discount provision per phone from our end.
M D: so if I moved to california in 6 months that if I tried to change my # to a cali # you would charge me 300?
Pranita : Please give me 2 minutes while I check that for you.
Pranita : Thanks very much for holding, I'm sorry that took so long, and I appreciate your patience.
Pranita : In case if you move to different state and change the billing address with the carrier, then you won't be charged however in the case that you've provided different billing address and shipping address, we are unable to assign you GA area code when the billing address belongs to FL.
M D: OK, that is what is happening here. I am moving to GA and have not yet changed my credit card. So you are saying that a move is ok to change the #
Pranita : Well in that case, I would recommend you to place a new order by contacting our Sales team at 1-866-324-9445 and place a new order with GA billing address to get 770 area code.
M D: Once again I have not changed my card yet so I cannot give you a billing address of GA. Just leave it as is and I will change the number with T-mobile to my change of address after I get the phones.
Pranita : We sincerely regret any inconvenience you have experienced as a result of this issue but you might be charged $300 penalty per phone in case if you change the area code directly through T-Mobile.
Pranita : I do not want to provide you any incorrect information.
M D: But you just said I could change the number on a move!
Pranita : For moving from one state to another the billing address needs to be changed as well.
M D: It will.
Pranita : I would like to inform you that the credit card address and billing address on the order need not be the same.
Pranita : You can surely place a new order with GA billing address so that you can receive local numbers and avoid any kind of penalties.
M D: Just leave it, I will take care of it. goodbye
Pranita : I would request not to make any changes in your account in order to avoid any penalties.

  3rd of Nov, 2009
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Im glad I didnt place my order through them. I wondered why they offered free phones for a verizon plan when verizon isnt even offering it free right now. I was just about to place a order and I was looking for coupon codes and I seen this. Wow watch out wirefly because im sure this blog has scared a lot of customers away. It made me not want to do business with you. They offer cooler phones free then the actual company. To good to be true. Thats why its so great they have these blogs so when one person is screwed they can post it and warn people and the companys will suffer and hopefully be shut down for there scams.

  31st of Dec, 2009
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I ordered through wirefly for phone service on 12/17/09. Without the order being approved they already changed my card $92.98. I told them to cancel my account and refund the money they have taken from my account, they constantly tell me over and over it has been replaced which as you can guess was a bunch of crap. I am beyond fustrated, I have already filed a report with the better buisness bureau, customers do not need to deal with aggravation from a merchant who decides they need to scam the people out of their hard earned money, something needs to be done. The world needs to know they are heartless scanners.

  13th of Jan, 2010
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To D2373, I work at Wirefly’s HQ in Reston, VA, and I would like to investigate what happened with your order if you will let me assist you. To fulfill orders quickly, we electronically reserve (authorize and pre-approve) funds from your account soon after your order is placed. If your order is cancelled during this process, your financial institution will automatically dismiss this authorization within 24 business hours. (Policies vary, but most banks will remove authorizations within 24 hours -- for details about your account and what policies apply, please check with your bank.) Something appears to have gone wrong here, and I would like to find out why so it doesn’t happen again. Please send me a PM or send an email to All I need is your order number and I will see if we can resolve your concerns! - Wirefly_Kim

  22nd of Feb, 2010
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hey Kim I was scammed for over 100$ from wirefly a long time ago you could probably bring it up thru a name database any help appreciated will email you thx. G

  10th of Mar, 2010
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I was in the process of getting a phone and they asked me some questions that do not pertain to me in any way and I answered accordingly and the the lady on the phone told me that I had answered the questions incorrectly and is now asking for me to make a copy of my driver's license and social security card and send it to her. Heck no that ain't happening. Which phone company asks for a copy of your social security card and drivers license ?
This smells funny people.

  16th of Apr, 2010
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This entire company smells fishy !!! I would NOT give them any CC # nor info they are completely nuts . If your selling phones for profit fine do that dont be stupid and ask for SS# and drivers license numbers are you totally insane . Be on your gaurd with this company . I have been a member with verizon for 12 years + and wanted the droid but not from these people it is probably cheaper to pay the 149 to verizon than to get scammed with ident theft from these people .

  21st of Apr, 2010
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@completelydumfounded - I work for Wirefly's headquarters and we have put in place multiple levels of physical and electronic security to safeguard and help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data security, and correctly use the information we collect online. These measures include secure web pages, VeriSign SSL certificate ensuring the privacy and security of order information, and HackerSafe certification, representing the highest security scanning standards of the U.S. government and all major credit card providers.

All information submitted is protected by our secure server, which automatically encrypts your personally identifiable information so that it cannot be read while traveling over the Internet.

If you would like to place an order but are reluctant to provide this information online, you may provide it to us by telephone during normal business hours. For wireless products and services, telephone agents are available when the Order By Phone button is visible on one of the shopping pages of our site. Simply click on this button to speak to an agent and provide your information over the phone.

  6th of May, 2010
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they sent me the wrong phones, then I sent them back. There were 4 phones. I never received the replacments, but did get billed $1200. 4 months, and that billis still unresolved.
I should have spent the extra $ and went to my local AT&T store in Duluth!

  24th of May, 2010
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I should have noticed they were full of it when they posted Nextel plans that haven't existed since the merger years ago with Sprint. But since I wanted the cheapest deal, I went for it. After filling out a fairly legit seeming order online, I was contacted by some stereotypically thick Hindu accented people who needed to verify my info. After about twenty minutes of banging out the difficult details (like how to spell the word "light", ) The man said they couldn't verify my "security information". So he said I would need to answer four multiple choice questions, then everything would work out. That's where they lost me. Seriously!? so he spends another long while attempting to generate the four multiple choice questions, which apparently just didn't happen for me. After all this, he says the system just doesn't have any of those multiple choice questions that are somehow paramount to my nextel plan. The only way I can go forward now (drumroll) is to send them a copy of my passport and social security card! *CLICK*

  24th of May, 2010
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the upgrade deal on at&t is rrrrrrrrreallllllly tempting but the application process set off alarms, don't know why, called customer service to find out what they need the c.c. info he told me they would put a 1 dollar hold on it till the phone was delivered ...?...aha. Going with my gut straight to bestbuy in the neighborhood.

  24th of May, 2010
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better safe then in a hindu hell

  22nd of Jun, 2010
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i just recently called and they only took $13.47 from my account that they said they will refund since I cancelled my order but believe me if i do not get my refund or if they take more money from my account they're hindu [censor] are mine! and i dont give a [censor] if you reading this ill read it to you and put yall no life having [censor] outta business my father is a lawyer so step yo game up

  7th of Jul, 2010
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Wirefly - Misleading information
United States

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR - ABSOLUTELY THE WORST FOR SURE, BUT NOT NECESSARILY THE CHEAPEST. Their sales department is completely disconnected with their order processing department so it is impossible to follow up on mistakes of the sales department that lead to errors in processing. They completely disown responsibility for any mistakes and you are left holding the bag. Customer support department will only give you canned answers, they have no authority to make any intelligent decisions.

  7th of Jul, 2010
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Um, Wirefly went bankrupt like 3 years ago, what do you want?

  12th of Jul, 2010
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thank you very much for this insight i was wondering or not to go trougt with this company seen as they had pretty good deals. But after reading a few complains i change my mind thank you... sooo much

  14th of Sep, 2010
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I work at Wirefly's HQ and what you are describing does not sound right to me. I would like the opportunity to review your order and see what happened and what we can do to resolve this for you. You should not have gotten some of the messaging that you did, and I would like to correct this. If you would please send me your order number to, I will review your order and address your complaints for you. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  11th of Oct, 2010
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I was charged and my order was cancelled...

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