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I purchased a case of twelve (Johns world tour) bottles of wine.The promo code #SM148 said two bottles each of the selected wines (all imported). When I recieved the case there were only two of the described wines. Then it gets worse. I returned the wine at a cost of $47.87. They said they had not recieved the wine although I had proof from ups including who signed for the returned product. If you go for their trial offers STOP THERE. These people are not to be trusted.


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N  16th of Sep, 2009 by 
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I placed an order some time ago for two mystery cases with free shipping for each case.
The order was for one mixed case, 6 reds and 6 whites, the second case was for 12 reds.
I have not seen any confirmation of receipt or shipping data.
Order to be shipped to: Eldred P. Gilmore Jr. 1565 Maplewood Dr. Harvey La.70058
Phone # 504-367-5870 Please confirm e-mail egilmore5@cox.net
N  16th of Sep, 2009 by 
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Checking on order above.EPG
N  16th of Sep, 2009 by 
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What is the problem here????I am checking onthe order as stated aboveEPGJr.
A  27th of Oct, 2009 by 
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I placed 3 or 4 orders with Wine Insiders over a period of a couple of years without a problem until March 2009. I order a "Wine Lovers 12" and they substituted 8 bottles out of the 12. Substitutions were not even close to what I ordered. All I wanted to do is ship it back at their cost. No dice. I was treated abruptly and even rude when I called. I registered a complaint with our state attorney general, and it took a few months but I got a full refund and kept the wine (which I gave away to others who would enjoy them). They seem to encourage you to order via the phone because I think if they substitute you have no avenue to complain (example: BizRate allows you to make comments about on line orders that others can read, but not for phone orders). Reading the on line complaints the biggest is delay in shipping. Yea, they are waiting to ship the wine your ordered so complaints do not show up on on these forums. If you order on the phone you take your chances!
Don't order from them! There are plenty other reputable companies out there that will send you what you order at competitive prices.
N  18th of May, 2010 by 
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I was not satisfied cancelled, then they sent more and won't accept return fed x charges called mgr.(susan forestster) told order was sent same day of cancellation, then why wasn;t I told? then. Yolanda, stated the same sales gimmick, Stillwaiting for return fed x number ? cancelled 4/5/10 sent more wine 4/10/10. unless I get return info, soon I will contact consumer protection, Iadvise, others to do the same. with all these complaints listed. acct.#s 353357220.
N  3rd of Sep, 2010 by 
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Bought 6 bottles through a Groupon special. After two weeks, the order was still not shipped. I was advised that it would not ship for at least another week, making deliver a month after I ordered. What kind of service is that? We'll see if they ever arrive. Customer service was not apologetic - said it is not unusual for it to take a month to ship. What???
A  13th of Sep, 2010 by 
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I too ordered a groupon deal and too have seen no movement on my shipping status. its been two weeks and all they can say is my order is "Waiting to be released"!!! MyWinesDirect was much faster. If they want new customers then maybe they should focus their attention to the new customer they received through groupon instead of making them wait a month for their orders. I will not buy anything from them anymore, one and done!
A  23rd of Sep, 2010 by 
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I ordered wine through a Groupon on 9.5.2010. It still has not shipped and no email explaining the delay. I called a week ago and the "customer service" agent laughed and said she could not tell why it had not shipped since she could not call the warehouse. I emailed customer service today and the email bounce back to me so I called and was told 4 out of the 5 wines was out of stock but that my order should ship by 10.1.2010. That is all fine, but maybe they just should send out email notices explaining the delay and whether you want to reselect or wait. We shall see what happens...Stay tuned.
N  28th of Sep, 2010 by 
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Help--Groupon people! I ordered a coupon through Groupon as well, and when I enter my coupon code in the gift certificate box and click "submit" nothing is deducted from my Grand Total. I'm nervous to complete the order for fear that I will be charged for the entire cost without the coupon being used. All my e-mails and message submissions to Customer Service have bounced back as well.
Did those of you who used your Groupon coupons see a reflection of the coupon in your grand total before completing your orders? Thank you.
N  28th of Sep, 2010 by 
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The Groupon GC will only be shown deducted from the total amount after you submit your order. It will be seen on the confimation receipt. You'll notice that when you try to enter your groupon twice, it will say that it is already added to the order (though you cant see that). It worried me too but I just submitted my order and all looked good, hope it gets here sometime this yr haha.
N  5th of Oct, 2010 by 
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To Newuser2: I too had a groupon coupon and did the exact same as you, and got cold feet when it said "submit order" since it didn't show a deduction. I ALSO tried 4 times to send an email to them and it immediately came back as "failure notice" of sent email (a bad sign). I have not called them yet, but from everything I've read so far, I'm very wary of...1) getting my order...and 2) getting even remotely 'quality wine". From now on, before I purchase a deal at groupon, I am researching the hell out of the company first!!
N  7th of Oct, 2010 by 
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I checked the website and it states in the Fine Print "Allow 1 month to ship" so I don't know why you're upset when it states wait at least a month. I understand about wanting the wine now because I'm in the same boat as you. But because there was New York, Las Vegas and other cities that were included in the groupon, you have to give them time because they're a small company. If they were big, I'd expect them to deliver. But because I looked at the company before purchasing, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.
N  7th of Oct, 2010 by 
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To AnnMarie380. OK, missed the fine print. It has been more than a month now and no communication. Perhaps if that at least kept their potential future customers informed about their order status then it would be more acceptable and would think about ordering from them again in the future. The lack of communication is frustrating in a world where we are used to electronic status updates. BTW, I was told on the phone that order ship in 2 weeks and this was on my order confirmation "For most orders, please allow 5 to 10 business days for delivery (AZ 2-3 wks)". So, which is it 2 weeks or a month?
N  8th of Oct, 2010 by 
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I bought a Groupon for Wine Insiders and ordered my wine on 9/20 and 9 days later it arrived at my door. I had nothing but good results from this deal and the wine was exactly as ordered. The only problem I had was that I never received an order confirmation.
D  12th of Oct, 2010 by 
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I also ordered through the Groupon offer, and I received my wine within 2 weeks. The wine was better than expected based on the above reviews. I am happy with my experience, and would definately purchase from them again.
D  14th of Oct, 2010 by 
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I had a great experience with Wine Insiders! I used my Groupon to buy 2 six-pack sampler packs and only had to pay $1.19 extra PLUS got free shipping. So I only payed $26.19(this is including the $25 spent on the Groupon) for 12 bottles of wine...crazy! I was a little nervous at first because like others have said, they don't deduct your Groupon until after you have submitted your order but everything was fine. I received my wine in under two weeks and have already tried a bottle and it was better than expected. Definitely would purchase from them again!!!
A  14th of Oct, 2010 by 
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I bought a groupon as well and ordered my wine (6 bottles). I was tracking the shipment and saw that it had been damaged by UPS. Over a month went by before I finally called and asked what the status was. She informed me that a new shipment was placed one day prior and I would receive a new tracking number. Two weeks go by and nothing. I called and she informed me that is was waiting to be shipped and the order was only just placed two days prior to this call. She informed me that it takes 1-2 weeks just to process the order and ship. I did receive my wine (finally) in one piece. However, my concern is that I received zero communication from Wine Insiders about my damaged order and my new order. It took me calling about 4-5 times to get information. I was very displeased with the service.
N  6th of Nov, 2010 by 
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After waiting a little over 4 weeks and not receiving my order, I called to find out it hadn't yet shipped and they had apparently been holding it because one of the 4 bottles I'd ordered was out of stock. I was a little perturbed that they never tried to inform me or allow me to select a replacement--and even more so once I discovered that they weren't planning on restocking that bottle anyway. That was several days ago and no email notice or anything yet, but we will see. I've got to say, w/out a groupon-like incentive I see myself driving down to the wine store for my future wine needs.
A  11th of Nov, 2010 by 
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I just placed my order. They said they do not give confirmation orders which I found very strange. They said it would arrive in two to three weeks. Very disappointed about such a long time frame. Yep, did not read the fine print. Sales Agent said if I do not get it in three weeks to call back with just my name. I did not have a good feeling with this call. They did not ask for email address so I'm assuming there is no record this call was ever placed. I am going to check my credit card to make sure it immediately reflects the deduction. Very strange. Will write in three weeks to see if I ever get that order. Groupon people check your customers before you give deals.
A  24th of Nov, 2010 by 
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Wine Insiders will be out of business soon. Customer Service is everything and if you don't respect and acknowledge that, you time is around the corner.

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