Windstream / overcharge

I signed up for the Merge Windstream bundle of 12 mbps internet, phone, and DISH America's Top 120 for 54.99 a month. Since the first bill arrived I have been charged around 90-115 dollars a month. Everytime I call they try to tell me the charges are taxes. Well, I am sorry, but taxes do not equate to an extra 40-60 dollars a month added to your bill. They are liars! When I signed up I asked the customer service guy atleast three times to quote the TOTAL price to me and he kept telling me it was 54.99 plus taxes. I asked if I would have some "PHANTOM" charges on there and he informed me the only thing extra I would see were taxes. Well, this month I received a bill for 230 dollars. I contacted them and 115 dollars was credited to my account because they were incorrect charges. This does not explain, however; why I still owe a bill of 116.18. Like I said in the beginning, my bill should ONLY be 54.99 a month. They falsely advertise their Merge bundles. I HIGHLY regret leaving Time Warner Cable, who I was with for over five years and NEVER had even one billing issue. It isn't right what they are doing to hard working Americans...especially when many of us are struggling just to put food on the table. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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