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Windows USA / Total Schemers!

1 AL, United States Review updated:

I just sat through the Windows USA incredibly well rehearsed and plotted sales pitch... talk about ruthless! During the pitch I thought it was kind of funny how everytime I said no to their sky high prices they salesman, who couldn't even get his printer/scanner to work properly, would call his manager and they would "punch the numbers" and come up with some special promotion or secret discount to throw in if we would sign today. But my amusement soon turned to anger as I came to realize their intentions.

I had them measure for 10 windows and a sliding glass door. He conveniently left out the cost of the sliding door in the original price. So, "MSRB" on 10 windows was 9897.00 or so, but their special price was 7999 - minus a 500 dollar gift card, -a 750 discount, - minus another 500 dollar special comparison deal, - minus ANOTHER 500 dollar promotion giving a price of some 5250 smacks for windows... then I convinced them to add in the sliding glass door which he'd forgotten. I had to talk to his "manager" like 5 times! He even talked to my wife on the phone as well, trying to convince her how great an opportunity this was and how great and nice a family we have and how much better their windows are than any other manufacturer and how we deserved the best. It was completely ridiculous how rehearsed and over the top their conversations with each other were... NO SHAME AT ALL!!! The typical conversation when like this:

"Mark, we have a really great family here that has a unique situation and really need some great quality windows... Yes, I know... But can't we work something special out for them?... I'll do whatever it takes to make this sale... GREAT! I'm sure they'll jump at THIS offer!!!"

I gave them a flat no and the salesman proceeded to put me on a guilt trip about not buying from him and that this is the ONLY day that I had a chance to buy their windows at such a great price... About how he had been a sincere guy and was trying to work for US, how he was on OUR side trying to make us a deal! SERIOUSLY!!! The longer I thought about the preceeding schpeel the madder and more irrate about it I became. Seriously, these people have Some GALL insulting my intelligence like that. I REFUSE to buy any product from a company that thinks that they can use guilt trips and low down sales ploys and enticing (via their little 100 dollar referal incentives ) to sell me a product. Show me the product, tell me WHY its better that what I've already got, then give me a competitive price!!!

You see, I had installed 10 other windows three months earlier with Window World windows. 10 Windows... 2700 bucks with tax and installation, 50 year transferrable warranty. NO pressure, NO hassle, much faster installation time, on top of getting the tax credit. I told the Widows USA salesman that I simply can't fit windows of their price into my budget, and he would keep reminding me how efficient their windows are and keep reminding me how great a deal this was and how he just can't give me a better price, but would then make call after call and fax after fax, wheeling and dealing with his "managers" trying to make me a special deal... Pathetic! I'll stick with Window World for my windows next time around as well... Their product may not have ALL of the nicest features of Windows USA's, but their windows are great quality, and they are much better people with a much better price. Please don't give Windows USA the time of day to try to CON you out of your money!!!

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  • Do
      25th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had the misfortune of a Windows USA "presentation" that began at 4:30PM and ended with me asking the representative to leave at 9:00 PM so we could go to bed finally. Although the sales rep was very polite and made a good presentation, every complaint I have read on the internet matched my experience exactly. It is sad that a very nice product is overshadowed by 4th rate sales tactics designed to prey on the vulnerable after wearing them down and providing very limited information. If you insist on allowing these folks into your home, pose the following questions and reflect on their responses. Where can I review an independent study of your product proving its' value? How do you determine my current windows are less efficient than yours without testing my windows? Where is the copy of the contract we will both adhere to (not the 1 page paper asking for my signature) throughout the terms of this agreement? Where is the detailed financial sheet showing how you arrived at your prices? On what are your finance terms based (interest rate, number of months etc.). They will offer a "monthly payment" without showing you any real numbers, just "discounts" to make it look as though you are saving thousands (please note the price is super inflated before the discounts and after). How do you determine how much I will save because of energy efficiency unless you can offer a scientific comparison of your window to my windows ? The mere fact that a decision MUST be made immediately to get the best price is their biggest RED FLAG. As I told our salesman, no reputable company, with a reputable product requires a potential customer to sign on the dotted line or lose access to the "best price available". That is a standard of practice used by the dishonest. Buyer, don't ready to RUN them off your property.

  • Jo
      3rd of Nov, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I had Windows USA put windows in a couple years ago. I had them come back last week to redo the trim on the inside of the window. They gave me no problem about sending a service tech out and the tech did an neat job leaving no mess or anything. They do stand behind their guarantee, I love my windows but beware, do not buy unless you pay cash or have your own financing. The finance company they used should be illegal with the rate they charge. I would recommend the windows if you stay away from their financing.

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