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I bought a condo in Newburyport where Window World Boston (out of Woburn, MA) installed the windows. Since I wasn't aware and, apparently neither were the previous owners, that the warranty needed to be transferred to me within 30 days of closing, the windows are no longer covered under their “lifetime” warranty. So, ok but I have a broken pane of glass and am willing to pay for it to be replaced. So far I can't get them to fix the window. They don't call back as promised. I was told that the owner (Eric) would call me. Didn't call. I called back and left voice mail with the Service Manager (Gayle, I believe), no call back. The warranty situation feels like a "clever" business practice and they provide very poor support of their product as far as I can tell.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Woburn, MA The service manager recently asked me to see if I could get the factory to repair the window under a factory warranty knowing full well that they'd ask for the paperwork to prove that I was the original purchaser of the windows or that the warranty had been transferred to me within the 30 days. This seems to be a stalling tactic. I’m writing this complaint in hopes that buyers will be cautious when doing business with this company. It will cost me a few hundred dollars to get the window repaired but by posting this, they may lose thousands in business and don’t seem overly concerned about the reputational damage it will cause to the company. Notice on their website they have plenty of testimonials regarding sales and installation but only one video regarding the warranty which I could not get to view as it will not work. Also, I don’t think any of the positive testimonials pertain to Window World in Woburn. Some good may also come of this post if someone selling or buying a home, who may have overlooked the window warranty, will remember to transfer the warranty. Buyer of Window World Windows beware. Buyer of a residence with Window World Windows beware.

Dec 23, 2014

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